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Acupressure is acupuncture with no needles, so it removes the discomfort that some people have with acupuncture without taking away any of the benefits that acupuncture offers. This 5 week program is customized to your body, taking into account the unique needs that every person has to provide the best care for your body that can be offered. Acupressure can take away chronic pain, swelling, and aches without having to use needles. You don't have to deal with any more pain This method only takes the pain away! You will also get guided meditations to help connect your mind and body and aid the healing process. You will get a few useful bonuses as well You will get a trick to give you youth, using a process that is centuries old. You will also learn tips to lose weight using these advanced techniques. You don't have to deal with pain with this system All you do is get rid of pain.

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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Medical Chi Kung for Healing

Of all the groups studying Chi Kung in China, the doctors have been at it the longest. Since the discovery of Chi circulation in the human body about four thousand years ago, the Chinese doctors have devoted a major portion of their efforts to studying the behavior of Chi. Their efforts resulted in acupuncture, acupressure or Cavity Press massage, and herbal treatment. In addition, using their medical knowledge of Chi circulation, Chinese doctors researched until they found which movements could help cure particular illnesses and health problems. Not surprisingly, many of these movements were not unlike the ones used to maintain health, since many illnesses are caused by unbalanced Chi. When an imbalance continues for a long period of time, the organs will be affected, and may be physically damaged. It is just like running a machine without supplying the proper electrical current - over time, the machine will be damaged. Chinese doctors believe that before physical damage to an organ...

Problems Encountered In Selfhealing

Many healers sometimes find it difficult to heal themselves and I am no exception. I do not hesitate to take medication whenever necessary, consult a medical doctor, get an acupressure massage or seek the help of another healer when I do not feel well. There are also times when I prefer to rest and let the other healer do the healing.

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Acupressure or Qigong Massage is also commonly used instead of needles to adjust the Qi imbalance. This is done mostly by Qigong experts who are able to use their body's Qi to adjust the patient's Qi through touch or acupressure. This is seen in Chinese Qigong healing practices and Japanese Shiatsu massage. 3. Prolonging Life

The Universe and I combine together

Qigong is a study of the energy ot the whole universe, which includes physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine. We focus on medical Qigong, the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and has been shown effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases. Today tens of millions of people in China practice Qigong because of its great power of healing. Yet unlike acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, or tai chi, Qigong remains a mystery to most Americans. This ancient discipline combines mental concentration, breathing technique, and body movements to activate and cultivate our vital energy as it flows through the invisible channels of the body.

Types of internal martial art power

Metallurgy Taoism

When mingjing is correctly practiced, the student naturally begins to develop more advanced internal levels. It is a process of tuning oneself to a once common state reminiscent of deep connections to nature, where mankind walked with a fluid, natural gait, effortlessly developed by walking on natural, not artificial, terrain. Our bodies were designed for uneven ground, not smooth, flat surfaces. Variable pressure resulting from the foot stepping on uneven ground has a profound impact on health and power because of the way the body receives and responds to the force of the step. This is the basic principle behind foot acupressure and various other foot therapies in the present day. Even today people who live close to nature, climb trees, and walk on unpaved ground naturally develop the connected power of mingjing. To regain natural power, civilized

Backward Pull Forward Push

Aligning the forearms should then enable you to turn your palm downwards to get the upper hand, literally placing your hand on top of your partner's. Only when you get the upper hand, will you be able to proceed with a Forward Push directed at your partner's head or throat. Without getting your hand on top of the partners hand, he or she can easily regain control over the situation. While your left hand goes to your right shoulder, the right hand can apply a little bit of pressure on the small of your partner's back (Ming Men acupressure point). Decisively taking one or two Natural Steps forward will allow you to throw your partner on his or her back. Practice the same method of self-defense with the right hand as well.

What is Chi Kung

Most Chi Kung research has focused on Human Chi. Since Chi is the source of life, if you understand how Chi functions and know how to affect it correctly, you should be able to live a long and healthy life. Many different aspects of Human Chi have been researched, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal treatment, meditation, and Chi Kung exercises. The use of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and herbal treatment to adjust Human Chi flow has become the root of Chinese medical science. Meditation and moving Chi Kung exercises are widely used by the Chinese people to improve their health or even to cure certain illnesses. Meditation and Chi Kung exercises serve an additional role in that Taoists and Buddhists use them in their spiritual pursuit of enlightenment and Buddhahood.

Massage and Rubbing

Acupuncture Points Arm

The therapeutic effects of massage are known world-wide. The Japanese have used acupressure, which is derived from Chinese massage, for centuries. The Greek upper classes have used a form of massage slapping the skin with The second category is massaging the acupuncture points. These same points are used in Japanese acupressure, with the addition of a few other points. The principle of massaging the acupuncture points is the same as in acupuncture theory to stimulate the channels by stimulating cavities that can be reached easily by rubbing or pressing with the hands, rather than needles. In acupressure, some non-channel points are used to stimulate minor Qi channels to help circulate energy locally. Figures 4-7 through 4-12 show the common acupuncture points used in massage.

Aligning the head

Tibetan Qigong

Head alignment also entails awareness of the top of the head so that it actually is the highest point of the head. The center of mass of the head corresponds to the location of the atlas - the first cervical vertebra. The head can balance effortlessly on the bone structure of the neck when it is in a neutral position. It happens totally naturally as long as the top of your head (Bai Hui acupressure point) is literally on

About Taiwan

The prevailing notion that anything involving the idea of qi was superstitious, a folk belief of a bygone era, is significant since qi was the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the basis of the traditional internal martial arts. Thus, teachers who taught about training the body's internal energy were most often dismissed as superstitious. I remember teaching courses on acupressure in the early 1980s and having to offer alternative explanations of how acupuncture and acupressure worked so as to make it palatable to Westerners. I referenced acupuncture and white-blood-cell-count studies, nerve blood supply theories and other acceptable Western approved explanations as a way to convince students that there was something to be said for acupuncture and Chinese medicine and that this healing art was not restricted to the confines of magic and superstition. In Taiwan few educated martial artists persisted in their study of an art that was not only based on superstition...

Medical Qi

This category of medical qi includes acupuncture related health practices that have the goal of inducing change upon acupuncture loci and meridians. These health techniques include therapeutic gymnastics, stretching, breathing, acupressure massage, herbal therapies and other means.