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Guide to the Acupuncture Points used in Cosmic Chi Kung

Accupresure Points Forskin Problems

The following is a detailed description of the acupuncture energy points used in the Cosmic Chi Kung practice. It is necessary to know the exact location of the points to do the practice well. However, you do not have to know the traditional Chinese medical functions and energetics of the points to do the practice. These are included in this appendix as an item of interest.

Section Three The Relationship between OutgoingQi Therapy and Massage Tuina and Acupuncture

Zhou Qianchuan, the eminent qigong master and scholar of traditional Chinese medicine, says in his Diet Therapy and Deviation-rescue Techniques in qigong, Definitely speaking, all the well-known masters and seniors of acupuncture, bone-setting and massage of various generations have consummate attainments in qigong, or at least know qigong . He repeatedly explains the relationship between qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, especially the close link between qigong and massage, bone-setting and acupuncture. These wise remarks are conclusions made on the basis of his rich experience and No doubt, outgoing-qi therapy, massotherapy and acupuncture treatment are all important means of prevention and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. In outgoing qi therapy, diagnosis or treatment of diseases is confirmed or performed through emitting qi , and its prominent feature lies in qi regulation while in modern Chinese massotherapy and acupuncture, the treatment of diseases is obtained...


Four Season Jing Five Elements

In this section, we will discuss how acupuncture is used, and why it works. Since Qigong exercises and Qi circulation theory are based on the results of acupuncture research, this summary will help you understand the theory of Qigong exercises. In order to understand acupuncture, you should know what Jing ( & ) and Luo ( & ) are. Then you should understand their function in the body, and their relationship to health. Acupuncture theory classifies the internal organs as viscera and bowels. According to this theory, viscera are the organs that store essential substances for the body's use. The viscera are the lungs, kidney, liver, heart, spleen, and pericardium (Baoluo, &&). The bowels are organs which do not store substances, but eliminate them, being essentially hollow. The bowels are the large intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder, small intestine, stomach, and triple burner (Sanjiao, ft ). Viscera are Yin, and bowels are Yang, and they are grouped in pairs which are closely...

Introduction to Fusion of Eight Psychic Channels

You will open and clean the Great Bridge and the Great Regular Channel. Both consist of a Yin and a Yang Channel. All together they form four channels (Yin and Yang Wei and the Yin and Yang Chiao Channels). They are the last Extraordinary acupuncture (psychic) Channels to open. The others are the Governor (Du Mai) and Functional (Ren Mai) Channel of the Microcosmic Orbit and the Thrusting Channels (count as one Channel, related to the Chong Mai) and the Belt Channel (related to the Dai Mai).

Second Gua Extend energy through middle basin

Correct position opens the urinary bladder meridian in the back and the kidney meridian on the front of the body (the urinary bladder meridian couples with the kidney meridian). While performing these exercises, stretch and activate the adductor muscles (on the inside of the legs). The ascending yin meridians of the leg pass through the medial (inside aspects) of the legs. Correctly performed, the effect of this exercise can be equivalent to an acupuncture treatment to reinforce and nurture the kidneys and kidney energy. Another advantage is that through the stretching and pulling by the adductor tendons onto the pelvic region, hip flexibility is maintained or improved. This is a good treatment for certain types of lower back pain.

Life as an Undesirable

But, I also learned a lot about traditional Chinese medicine during those years. I learned more about how to use herbal medicine and acupuncture. This was the only kind of medical care the peasant farmers had. It served them well. That and my Qigong and the poisonous snakes I sold for food are what kept me alive.

Concentration of Mind

1) When practising the first method of respiration, the mind should be concentrated on the Shanzhong point (at the centre of the line drawn between the nipples) of the middle Dantian, or on the Baihui point (at the centre of the line drawn between the ears). One of these two acupoints can be chosen. Concentration means that the attention should be concentrated on that position from the beginning till the end of practising the exercise. In addition, inflate the lower belly slightly during inhalation in order to send the clear qi to penetrate the Dantian below the navel. Draw in the lower belly when exhaling.

From the Han Dynasty to the Beginning of the Liang Dynasty BC AD

While the Chi Kung practices and meditations were being passed down secretly within the monasteries, traditional scholars and physicians continued their Chi Kung research. During the Gin dynasty in the 3rd century A.D., a famous physician named Hwa Tor used acupuncture for anesthesia in surgery. The Taoist Jiun Chiam used the movements of animals to create the Wuu Chyn Shih (Five Animal Sports), which taught people how to increase their Chi circulation through specific movements. Also, in this period a physician named Ger Horng mentioned using the mind to lead and increase Chi in his book Baw Poh Tzyy. Sometime in the period of 420 to 581 A.D. Taur Horng-Jiing compiled the Yeang Shenn Yan Ming Luh In 1026 A.D. the famous brass man of acupuncture was designed and built by Dr. Wang Wei-Yi. Before this time, although there were many publications which discussed acupuncture theory, principles, and treatment techniques, there were many disagreements among them, and many points which were...

Medical Chi Kung for Healing

Of all the groups studying Chi Kung in China, the doctors have been at it the longest. Since the discovery of Chi circulation in the human body about four thousand years ago, the Chinese doctors have devoted a major portion of their efforts to studying the behavior of Chi. Their efforts resulted in acupuncture, acupressure or Cavity Press massage, and herbal treatment. In addition, using their medical knowledge of Chi circulation, Chinese doctors researched until they found which movements could help cure particular illnesses and health problems. Not surprisingly, many of these movements were not unlike the ones used to maintain health, since many illnesses are caused by unbalanced Chi. When an imbalance continues for a long period of time, the organs will be affected, and may be physically damaged. It is just like running a machine without supplying the proper electrical current - over time, the machine will be damaged. Chinese doctors believe that before physical damage to an organ...

Using Dumeridian To Generate Fa Jing In Martial Arts

Using his knowledge of acupuncture to create what would become the most deadly fighting art, T'ai Chi The T'ai Chi was only a means whereby Chang could teach his family and closest students this deadly art without others being able to take it from him. The dim-mak movements were hidden within a beautifully flowing kata or form and when people would see someone practising this art, they would think that it was some sort of dance or health exercise. Nowadays, T'ai Chi is known as some sort of dance or health art and many of the dim-mak moves have been softened down through many generations to the point where it is difficult even when told what they mean, to find them. Some of the things that Chang discovered in his practise are today used by the medical profession to cure certain states of mind and body. Like for instance the fact that St 9 (stomach 9 point) or carotid sinus will when touched or struck cause the blood pressure to drop dramatically causing knock out. Some people I am...

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Ladder Climb Stretch

Chest and benefit your heart and lungs. Before you drop your hand and leg, pause and balance on one leg for a very short moment before going back to the starting position. Keep the eyes looking forward as you raise and lower the hand. As you lower the hand and leg, make sure that you move slowly in order to control your energy and your weight. As you lower the raised leg, you should also bend the standing leg until you end back up in the starting position with both legs bent slightly. The weight should be on the thighs and back straight. You should also pause slightly before continuing with the movement. Pay attention to the acupuncture points that we use, that is, the Laogong and Huantiao points, because these points are doors for Qi to enter the body.

Marrow Washing Qigong

Brocades Qigong

All disease is thought to stem from a disruption in the smooth flow of this internal Qi. Acupuncture is based upon the belief that Qi circulates throughout the body along twelve major meridians, stimulation of which can cure various ailments. Dr. Joan Barice, a medical doctor with degrees from Stanford and Harvard Universities, points out that Chinese medicine's concept of inseparability of mind and body is compatible with our modern scientific research findings. She explained, We know, for instance, that movement and acupuncture stimulate the production of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters with morphine-like activity that give us a feeling of well being and relieve pain. We know that receptor cells are in a constant state of transformation from energy to particle and back again. Western science can identify the receptors and transmitters, but cannot identify or quantify the system interfacing with the one that transforms energy into patterned information....

Before the Han Dynasty before BC

Stone probes called Bian Shi ((Figure 1-2) to adjust people's Qi circulation. This is considered the beginning of acupuncture. During the Zhou dynasty (1122-934 B.C., ), Lao Zi ( f-)(also called Li Er, 4) described certain breathing techniques in his classic Dao De Jing (Classic on the Virtue of the Dao, il&if). Later, Shi Ji (Historical Record, to ) in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods (77022 1 B.C., also described more complete methods of breath training. About 300 B.C. the Daoist philosopher Zhuang Zi ( ) described the relationship between health and breath.

Principles of Wai Dan Qigong

According to acupuncture theory, the Qi channels are connected to the interned organs. If Qi is circulating smoothly, then the organs will function normally. If an organ is not functioning normally, then increasing the Qi flow in the corresponding channel will help to restore its normal function.

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

Qigong is the grandfather of Chinese medicine, Tai-chi, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Reiki. The Qigong exercises look similar to the meditative movements of Tai-chi. Many try to cloak Qigong in mystery. A Master often teaches just a little at a time, giving the student, the grasshopper, only what the Master feels he should learn.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Meridian Points Hui Yin

To establish the flow along the meridians some Taoists concentrated on easy-to-get energy points which were in accord with acupuncture points. By focusing on these specific power centers the Taoists realized that not only was chi released so that a warm current was felt, but that the energy points were activated, effecting a whole set of mental and physical functions. Focusing on the navel, for instance, effects the entire gastro-intestinal system, and the increased chi aids in digestion and balances the appetite.

Taoist Esoteric Yoga Course Offerings

Taoist Esoteric Warm Current Meditation as these practices are also known, awakens, circulates, directs and preserves the generative life force called chi through the major acupuncture meridians of the body. At progressive stages, dedicated practice of this ancient esoteric system eliminates stress and nervous tension, massages the internal organs, and restores health to damaged tissue. Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit is the first level in the Taoist Esoteric Warm Current Meditation. Through unique relaxation and concentration techniques, it provides for purification of the first two major acupuncture channels of the body, the Functional and Governor meridians. Master Chia will assist students in the mastery of this technique by passing energy through his hands into their energy channels. (Course No.1)

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

In the higher levels of Taoist meditation the practitioner grounds him herself in the body by channeling higher energies into the acupuncture meridian system, and circulating them throughout the entire body after refining the energies into a digestible form. The practitioner has a detailed map of the body's subtle nerve system into which he guides the released energy. He also is given precise methods for transforming his physical, emotional, and mental makeup at different stages of growth using this new energy. Each individual must tailor this internal technology to his specific needs and problems. Esoteric Taoism doesn't solve ego-created problems by demanding the surrendering of one's individuality to a larger group of guru.

Massage and Exercises after Meditation

Taoist Massage Beat The Heavenly Drum

There are two common ways to beat the heaven drum. In the first exercise, tap the top and back of your head, or crown (Figure 3-55), especially on the acupuncture points (Figure 3-56), with your fingertips. When you tap the crown this way, the resulting stimulation to the Qi channels and nervous system increases Qi and blood circulation in the head.

Important Facts You Must Know About Dim

Acupuncture is not dim mak and dim mak is not acupuncture. 6. Not all Acupuncture points are dim mak pressure points. There are over 1,000 points on the body. 7. All Acupuncture points heal but only some points are used in Dim Mak to heal. 8. Not all acupuncture theories of healing apply to dim mak. For example the midday-midnight clock used in acupuncture (also referred to as the diurnal cycle) that tells the flow of Chi in the human body is very limited for use in dim mak. It only represents about 5 to 10 percent of the total dim mak application. 17. Incorrect location of a large number of points. Your teacher must be 100 accurate if you are going to learn Dim Mak properly. I accept that there are occasions when the location of points illustrated will be slightly incorrect. This is due to the difficult task in drawing accurate computer diagrams. Therefore illustrations on paper may occasionally present with a small variance such as one millimetre. However, a large variance (more...

Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

Where Dant

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function.

Endorphins and Qigong

It seems that endorphin is the substance that changes a suffering or painful sensation into a pleasant one. Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced by the brain that behave as pain regulators and are also thought to contribute to euphoric feelings. Acupuncture is a stimulus that can promote the release of endorphins. You may have heard before about the method of administering anesthesia with acupuncture that was invented recently by qigong master Lin Hou-Shen in China. At one point, this was considered a wonder, but since the discovery of endorphins it is easily explained. 1. Relax your feet, knees, and the inguinal region. Relax the chest and throat. The most important thing here is to open the acupuncture point Ming-Men (on the back, at the same height as the navel).

Small has no inside big has no outside

Tai Yang Acupoint

We use acupuncture, moxibustion and massage to stimulate different areas of the body to keep it balanced, and we practise Qigong to keep ourselves healthy, strong and vital. Acupuncture points and channels Our bodies are like the universe. We too are covered by many stars. Each star has its work to do and influences the whole body and its balance. These stars are our acupuncture points, and the orbits are our acupuncture channels. The Acupuncture Points Every acupuncture point belongs to a channel. Each channel has its own function in relation to the internal organs, nourishing and strengthening them. The acupuncture points keep the channels smooth and ensure that they are working well, bringing in the energy from outside to the body and releasing negative energy out through the skin. In Chinese medicine we say, 'Pain means it is not smooth. Smooth means there is no pain.' This is to do with the channels and acupuncture points working in the body. If you experience pain it...

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

As acupuncture theory became better understood, fighting techniques were able to reach even more advanced levels. Martial artists learned to attack specific areas, such as vital acupuncture cavities, to disturb the enemy's Chi flow and create imbalances which caused injury or even death. In order to do this, the practitioner must understand the route and timing of the Chi circulation in the human body. He also has to train so that he can strike the cavities accurately and to the correct depth. These cavity strike techniques are called Dien Shiuh (Pointing Cavities) or Dim Mak (Pointing Vessels). When a person is sick because of an injury, his Chi level tends to be either too positive (excessive, Yang) or too negative (deficient, Tin). A Chinese physician would either use a prescription of herbs to adjust the Chi, or else he would insert acupuncture needles at various spots on the channels to inhibit the flow in some channels and stimulate the flow in others, so that balance can be...

Practice Principles and Methods

A We do not worry about cold water or other things after the exercises, nor do we need to rub the face or hands. These are all intended to open the channels and acupuncture points within human bodies at the initial stage. We cultivate the Dafa, which does not involve these things. Right now you are not in the state where your body has just been adjusted. It seems very, very difficult for an ordinary person to start becoming a cultivator. In addition, some exercises cannot directly change human bodies. To them, some requirements are very complicated. We do not have those here, nor do we have those kinds of concepts. Do not bother with what I have not talked about just keep on cultivating. Since we cultivate Dafa, the initial state in which your body is afraid of this and that, or is in the process of needing this or that requirement, passes within a matter of days. I would not make the statement that it is equivalent to a few years of practice with other cultivation methods, but it is...

Eight Extraordinary Channels and Chi Kung

There are few texts available today that describe the purpose and function of the eight extraordinary channels and their place in Chi Kung practice. To make matters more confusing, the extraordinary channels and points used in Chi Kung are often quite different from those used in acupuncture, even though they may bear the same names.

Bridge Channels Yin and Yang Chiao Mo Function

Yin Channel Flow

The Regulator Channels in Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung are slightly different from those presented in acupuncture texts. The Chi Kung Regulator Channels include the yin and yang arm routes as well some Taoist Yoga texts also refer to the arm routes as the Yin Yu and the Yang Yu. Acupuncture texts, by contrast, include only the leg, trunk and head routes. Many recent Chi Kung texts, unaware of these differences, depict illustrations from acupuncture texts alone, further adding to the confusion.

The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation

Twelve Points Microcosmic Orbit

The following instructions have been simplified and modified for people new to this practice. The points listed are all classical Acupuncture Points, which can be found in any Acupunture point chart or book. For people wanting more precision, and to know how to locate the specific points, recommended books are listed separately at the end of Part I. List of Acupuncture Points (Please note that there are various ways of translating the Chinese names into English. The translations used here are in Wades-Giles transliteration system. The version here is from Prof. J.R. Worsley 'Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Volume 1 Meridians and Points.)

Cleansing The Emotions

Qigong Exercise For Paranoia

During the complicated and inexact history of the translation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the pictographic language of Chinese to the Greco-Roman language of European and English, which happened primarily in the 19th and 2 0th centuries, the Emotions were described in a one-dimensional way by one word only. It may, indeed, take a number of English words to correctly and adequately express what is contained in one Chinese character

Opening the Microcosmic Orbit

Ming Men Point

When you feel the qi sensations strongly enough, bring the qi ball slowly to the acupuncture point between your eyes (Yin-Tang). Stimulate the Yin-Tang with the qi ball. 5. Repeat this, bringing the qi ball down to the following acupuncture points Tian-Tu, Tang-Zhong, Zhong-Wang, and Qi-Hai. You will probably feel a coolness or tingling in the Bai-Hui and Yin-Tang, and warm sensations from Tian-Tu through the Qi-Hai.

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

When a person is sick because of an injury, his Qi level tends to be either too positive (excessive, Yang) or too negative (deficient, Yin). A Chinese physician would either use a prescription of herbs to adjust the Qi, or else he would insert acupuncture needles at various spots on the channels to inhibit the flow in some channels and stimulate the flow in others, so that balance can be restored. However, there is another alternative, and that is to use certain physical and mental exercises to adjust the Qi. In other words, to use Qigong. However, if the sickness is already so serious that the physical organs start to fail, then the situation has become critical. In this case, a specific treatment is necessary. The treatment can be acupuncture, herbs, or even an operation. Some Qigong exercises are designed to speed up the healing, or sometimes even to cure the sickness. For example, ulcers and asthma can be cured with some simple exercises. Recently in both mainland China and...

The Pineal Gland as a Sensor of PRANA or QI

Images Pineal Gland Midbrain

Navigation by providing information on the direction of the sunlight and the magnetism of the earth. In the case of h uman beings, the Yin-Tang (an acupuncture point on the forehead) is thought to interact with the pineal gland. This acupuncture point is known as Ajina-Chakra in Yoga, and generally is known as a third eye . However, the DU and the REN channels cross right on the acupuncture points on the center line of the twelve meridians.

General Principles of Chinese Qigong

Ren Mai Meridian

The second concept you should know is that of Qi channels, which circulate Qi throughout the body. For the most part the main Qi channels are found with the arteries and nerves. A glance into any anatomy book shows that large sheathes of nerve fibers accompany the arteries throughout the body. The Qi channels do also. Like arteries and nerves, the Qi channels are protected by the body's musculature, so that they are hard to affect directly. There is one spot on the body where a channel is very exposed, and that is the funny bone. This spot is called Shaohai &) in acupuncture and belongs to the Hand Shaoyin Heart Channel (-f ' M). Here the channel and median nerve systems coincide. A light tap to this spot will numb the entire forearm, which demonstrates the extreme sensitivity of the channels, as well as the control they exert throughout the body. Figure 1-3. Electrical Conductivity Maps of the Skin Surface over Acupuncture Points Figure 1-3. Electrical Conductivity Maps of the Skin...

Medical Opinion on the Benefit of Taoist Chi Circulation by C Y Hsu MD

When I heard about Master Chia's method of Chi development I was fascinated and decided to try it. After four months practice, I began to sense a consistent feeling of warmth developing inside my abdomen. Soon after, under Master Chia's guidance, I was able to direct the flow of this energy through the major channels of my body at will. Not only did this curious form of energy travel along pathways as described in classical Chinese medical literature but the energy would dwell at sites corresponding precisely to the major classical acupuncture points. C.Y. Hsu, M.D. ,Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology Physician-in-charge of Acupuncture and Nerve Block Clinic Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx, New York attending

Introduction What is the Healing Energy of the

These applications to daily life are indeed enormous. It is not an exaggeration to say the circulation of human energy or chi throughout the body is also the key principal functioning behind much Chinese genius. It is responsible for Chinese achievements in medicine (acupuncture), the martial and meditative arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Palm, Hsing I Chuan, Inner Alchemy),inspiration for a vast treasure of poetry and philosophy (I Ching, Tao Te Ching). It could be argued that the increased health and creative intelligence of the Taoist practitioners helped stimulate the impressive early Chinese advances in technology and government. Confucius was well versed in Taoist philosophy and expressed great admiration for it he may well have been a practitioner of the art as well.

Circulation Exercise Zhoutian Gong

Sit cross-legged on a bed or upright on a stool. Pull in the chest and keep the spinal column straightened. Keep your neck straight (by picturing a light object on the head) and your shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes slightly and stick the tongue against the palate. Breathe evenly and concentrate the mind. Use abdominal respiration at first and then change to reverse breathing when you become familiar with the exercise. Respiration should be adjusted so that it is fine, gentle, soft, and long. Concentrate the mind vaguely on the Dantian. The movement of the abdominal muscles should be coordinated along with the breathing, which should feel lively and at ease. After a certain period of training, you may feel a kind of warmness in the Dantian, which will increase in intensity as you practice. When enough warmth has been accumulated, a flow of the hot Qi can be felt. With your mind, follow this energy from the along the Du Channel via the acupuncture point Huiyin (Ren 1) and the coccyx,...

Mastering the Macrocosmic Orbit Method

Mastering the Microcosmic Orbit method was for me the first step in beginning to sense and control qi. The next step was to master the Macrocosmic Orbit method, and so I spent a good deal of time and effort attempting to absorb external qi from nature. I remember the very moment that I succeeded. I had a strong feeling of qi on the crown of my head. I felt as if something was rising through my head with a pulsing sensation. Since then I have been able to sense external qi and to allow qi to flow from space through my body as I wish. As soon as I began to absorb qi through the acupuncture point known as Xian-Gu from earth, I began to feel minute vibrations at that point. Since that

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

By performing Falun Gong exercises, practitioners can make their meridians wider and wider, connecting them to become one piece. That is, a person cultivates to a state in which there are no meridians or acupuncture points, or conversely, meridians and acupuncture points exist everywhere. This still doesn't mean that he or she has attained the Dao it is only one type of manifestation in the process of Falun Gong cultivation and the reflection of one level. When this stage is reached, the person is at the end of In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. The gong he or she has developed will already be quite powerful and will have finished taking shape. Also, this person's

The Commonlyused Points and Manipulations

Microcosmic Orbit Yin Tang

Point Selection The many points on the human body have their specific location. The accuracy of location of acupoints will affect the therapeutic effect. Great importance has always been attached to precise location of the points by medical practitioners in past ages. At present, commonly used are three methods of point selection proportional measurement, anatomical landmarks and finger measurement.

An Introduction To Qigong

Chi Kung Symbol

The energy system according to Qigong is most familiar through Acupuncture. However, it should be noted that 'Acupuncture' is not the name this practice is called in China - there it is called Zhen Jou, which translates simply into Needle and Heat. The name Acupuncture was apparently invented by a Jesuit priest when he saw it being performed in China in the 11th century. It has now become mainstream in Western cultures and can be found anywhere. Acupuncture has been a virtual revolution in health care in the West in the past 50 years. When the author began his Acupuncture practice in Boulder, Colorado, a city of 100,000 people, just over 25 years ago a mere quarter of a century, he was the only registered practitioner in the town - now there are over 100 practitioners fully licensed by the State, and two schools. The reason for this is very simple and straightforward - it works, because it works with the Energy System that is the control system or blueprint for everything else. Qigong...

Exercise for Soothing the Liver and Improving Acuity of Vision Shugan Mingmu Gong

Stra Distan

Pressing Acupuncture Point Jingming and Guiding Qi. Press the point Jingming (U.B. 1) with the thumbs while concentrating the mind on the eyes. Press toward the orbits and backward during inspiration. Then squeeze the eyeballs gently during expiration while saying Xu (Fig. 47). The proper pressing should produce a sensation of soreness and distention but not pain. Figure 46 6. Pressing the Acupuncture Point 7. Pressing Acupuncture Point Qiuhou and Guiding Qi. Place the middle fingers on point Qiuhou (Extra 7) and put the index finger lightly on the point Sizhuhong (S.J. 23). Press the orbit backward with the middle fingers during inspiration, and squeeze the eyeballs gently during expiration while saying Xu (Fig. 48).

The Development of Qigong

The Qin (221-207 b.c.) and Han (206 B. C.-a.d. 220) dynasties saw a rapid development of medical skills, which in turn enhanced Qigong theory and practice. The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine, the earliest medical classic extant in China, described Daoyin, Guidance of Qi, and An Qiao as important curative measures that could also preserve life. It also offered the following advice, which besides offering a general life philosophy, describes the state of mind necessary for successful Qigong practice Be indifferent to fame or gain, be alone in repose, and take the various parts of the body as an organic whole. There is an account of Daoyin found in Plain Questions On Acupuncture (Su Wen Yi Pian Ci Fa Lun) that says, Patients with lingering kidney disease may face south from 3 to 5 a.m., concentrate the mind, hold back the breath, crane the neck and swallow Qi as if swallowing a hard object seven times. After that, there would be a great amount of fluid welling up from under...

Descending Yin and Yang Shengjiang Yin Yang Daoyin Gong

Stand erect with feet shoulder-width apart and allow the hands to fall naturally at the sides of the body. Place the tongue against the palate with the eyes looking straight ahead and the neck straightened as if supporting an object on the head. The shoulders should be relaxed and the elbows dropped. Breathe evenly, and concentrate the mind on the Dantian. Slowly bend the waist forward allowing the hands to form natural fists and fall as low as possible in front of the feet. Simultaneously, direct Qi of the Three Yang Channels of the Foot from the head along the back, hips, and lower limbs to the feet. Next, straighten the waist slowly with fists clenched as if gripping something tightly. At the same time, direct the Qi of the Three Yang Channels of the Foot to flow to the acupuncture point Yongquan (K 1). Continue to direct Qi along the Three Yin Channels of the Foot up to the lower limbs, abdomen, and finally the chest. Continuing from the last movement, open the fists and turn them...

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

Master Chia When I first came to the U.S. I practiced acupuncture. In time I discovered that many of my patients had been referred to me by a doctor who was interested in Chi Kung. Whenever he had problem patients who didn't respond to conventional western medicine, he sent them to me. Many of them responded quite well to what I had to offer. Now I've been in this country for about four years and it was at least two years before I met the good doctor. He was excited about the way many of his referrals had responded. He asked to interview my students, half of which were his patients. I agreed and in time he published a book called Reports of the National Clearinghouse for Meditation, Relaxation and Related Therapies , his aim being, to interest the American Medical Community in what he called, Investigative Reports regarding meditation in relation to physical and mental health. (This report can be obtained by writing to National Clearinghouse for Meditation, Relaxation and Related...

The Universe and I combine together

Qigong is a study of the energy ot the whole universe, which includes physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine. We focus on medical Qigong, the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and has been shown effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases. Today tens of millions of people in China practice Qigong because of its great power of healing. Yet unlike acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, or tai chi, Qigong remains a mystery to most Americans. This ancient discipline combines mental concentration, breathing technique, and body movements to activate and cultivate our vital energy as it flows through the invisible channels of the body.

Double Wind Goes Through Ears

Chi Energy Fighting

You are being attacked by front kick and you evade by twisting your body and poke to the Dim-Mak points (acupuncture points) around his heart. Photo No. 111. He would probably block this. You now grab his hand and pull him downward using the momentum of your lowering. Photo No. 112. He would now pull backward so you spring up and attack with sidekick to his knee, keeping your palms as guards. Photo No. 113. This is from the 'Old Yang Style.'

Eye Exercise Yan Gong

Eyes Exercises Fingers Massage

Moving the Eyeballs in an Infinity Pattern. Move the eyeballs and imagine that there is a flow of Qi inside their orbits. Start the eye movements from slightly above the inner corner (the acupuncture point Jingming (U.B. 1 of the left eye. Move the eyeballs along the upper side left orbit toward the outer corner (canthus) and then, along the lower side of the left orbit to the point Jingming (U.B. 1) of the right eye. Continue by moving the eyeballs along the upper side of the right orbit to the right outer corner (canthus), then along the lower side of the right orbit back to left Jingming (U.B. 1). In other words, move the eyes in a figure-eight pattern. Do the exercise 8 times. Then repeat for another 8 times in the opposite direction starting from the right Jingming (U.B. 1). Breathe naturally during the exercise. Direct the flow of Qi by will and allow the mind to follow the movement of Qi.

Head and Face Exercise Toumian Gong

Pushing Forehead

Functions Promotes a clear complexion, prevents and treats diseases by adjusting the channels and acupuncture points on the head, and increases blood circulation. Methods 3. Kneading Motion. Put the middle fingers against the depression lateral to the external canthi (corner of the eye) on either side of the head (Acupuncture point Taiyang (Extra 2)). Press and knead in a counterclockwise motion 24-50 times (Fig. 10). Refer to method 2 (Pushing the Forehead) for methods of mind concentration and respiration.

Trigrams In London Chinatown

Basic theories of Qigong are very important, Yin and Yang, the five elements and the Bagua (8 trigrams), these principles influence all Chinese thinking. If you study any Chinese art be it acupuncture, herbal remedies, calligraphy, and even cooking, then you should know these principles.

The Greater Heaven Meditation

Extraordinary Meridians Masterpoints

There is little information available on these channels in the literature. The highly regarded book 'ACUPUNCTURE - A Comprehensive Text', a direct translation from the Chinese by Dan Bensky and John O'Connor of the textbook used by students in the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine of Acupuncture, states A single, comprehensive description of the pathways and symptomatology of the eight Miscellaneous (Extraordinary) channels cannot be found in any one of the traditional medical classics. There are various opinions regarding their exact course and trajectory. Even to the majority of Acupuncturists and Qigong practitioners, they are somewhat of a mystery, and indeed the pathways described in Qigong are somewhat different than those described in Acupuncture textbooks. These points are listed for reference at the end of this section. It is not necessary to train as an Acupuncturist to learn these points, they can be learned from any of the standard Acupuncture books which are now...

Sixth Gua Lion holds ball

Walking Posture

Move the power and the qi from the upper to the middle warmer* while walking the Circle (lower hands, palms down, as you continue to walk the circle). Energy awareness represents the point where traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbology) meets Taoist yoga and the internal martial arts. According to traditional medicine, it is essential that the energy of the three warmers (sanjiao) be balanced. Out of balance warmer activity is viewed as the root of many diseases.

Chapter Body Construction Iron Shirt

This chapter is concerned with the construction of fasciae and their structural interrelationship with bones, muscles, and tendons. Further, instruction on the muscle tendon meridians (or acupuncture routes) of the body increases an awareness of the body's construction, which awareness is vital to the work at hand the creation and storage of Chi energy and its circulation throughout the body. Dr. Michael Posner, a practicing Chiropractor, provides an introduction to this chapter by discussing the major keys to good health through an understanding of body structure. Learn as much as you can about the way that you are constructed because it will speed your progress. Knowing what makes you tick and how you are put together is very important in putting you in contact with yourself through Iron Shirt Chi Kung.

Projecting Healing Energy through the Fingers

Projecting Energy Through Image

Emitting Chi from the fingers for healing is known in China as the One Finger Art. Because the various energy channels of the arms either end or begin at the fingertips, the fingers are very effective instruments for projecting healing energy. Your fingers can focus energy like a laser beam toward a concentrated area such as a specific acupuncture point. You can also emit energy from all the fingers at once creating a combined effect to target an area. Part IV of Cosmic Chi Kung will stimulate all of the arm channels and will give you an opportunity to activate all of the fingers for beaming energy.

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

To acquire Postnatal Qi we need to work -in other words, we need to use energy in order to get more energy. When you cannot afford any more energy you will become ill and have to rely on other things -medicines from the West or East, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and so on. And when these can no longer help, you will have come to the end of life's road. Your whole body becomes quiet and you do not even notice your breathing, which slows down and seems to stop. This means you begin to breathe with your skin, through your acupuncture points. Now your body becomes part of the universe and you can recharge your energy. You will feel strong sensations flowing down the Front (Ren) Channel, through the Huiyin point (the acupuncture point between the two legs) and then going up through the Back (Du) Channel. The sensation may be warm and tingling, and you might see colours around your body and fingers. Whatever sensations you feel, treat them as normal. The main thing is that you are...

Lao Tse On Zhan Zhuang

Energy Gates Qigong Images

There is another reception point in the middle of the lower back - the acupuncture point known as Ming Men, the Gate of Life ( page 20). If you do your Zhan Zhuang training outdoors, try standing so that the sun's rays fall on your back. Your Ming Men will naturally connect with that solar power.

Regulation of Mental Activities

Localized mind concentration is concentration of the mind on a certain part or point of the body, such as the upper, middle, or lower Dantian, the acupuncture points Yongquan (K 1) and Laogong (P 8), the fingertips or palms, or on a spot fixed outside the body. Directive Mind Concentration occurs when the flow of Qi is sensed when the mind goes with the movement of the hands or with internal movements of the channels. Rhythmical Mind Concentration focuses the mind on repetition, like the vibration produced by driving a pile. It occurs rhythmically, or moves slowly with normal respiratory cycles. During Qigong practice, one may imagine attaining superhuman strength. For example, one may imagine that he or she is strong enough to push a hill, hold up the sky, or pull nine oxen back by the tails. This kind of mind concentration is called Power-Strengthening Mind Concentration. Coordination of thought, movement, and language is known as Suggestive Mind Concentration. It includes saying...

Points for Attention in Qigong Exercise

If Qigong exercises are to be practiced successfully, it is essential for beginners to clearly understand the movements, breathing methods, mental activities, and main theories of the exercises. Manipulation methods should be selected properly and the acupuncture points should be spotted correctly. Practicing Qigong with maximum effort should only occur after one is well acquainted with all of the basics. One must have clear goals, be confident and determined, and persevere. The Qigong exercises must be practiced step by step. One's work, study, and life activities should be arranged properly so as to avoid distracting thoughts and anxiety during practice. It is best to practice Qigong in a quiet place where fresh air is readily available. Avoid practicing the exercises in a draft, near a fan or air conditioner. In order to avoid any possible disturbance to the functional activities of Qi and the circulation of blood, one should first set his mind at rest, relieve oneself, loosen the...

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

Sometimes, when you are at home and find yourself thinking of a close friend, suddenly he rings you and you suppose it must be coincidental. Or maybe you are talking with your friend and are both thinking the same -even wanting to speak at the same time. All these things can happen because your Prenatal Qi has developed and areas on the upper part of y'our head, which we call Sky-eye and Sky-door ,acupuncture points on the head), have opened, so that you can receive messages from outside. You know what other people are thinking and doing even when they are far away from you. During these treatments, I used my Qi to make my patients' energy stronger, to get rid of negative Qi, to smooth the channels, to open the acupuncture points and to strengthen the internal organs. When the internal organs achieve balance, the illness goes. But after the treatment the patient needs to conserve his or her energy. No matter how famous the Qigong master who uses his energy to help you, if you do not...

Chapter Four Six Directional Movements

The strongest point in any grip is in the center of the palm - Lao Gong acupuncture point. Imagine a vector of force emanating from the center of the palm perpendicular to its surface. This means that pushing against the palm of the grabbing hand would be going against the flow of the grip s energy. Going with the flow of that energy would require moving in the direction in which the other person s Lao Gong point is pointing. With practice, you will learn not only to detect the direction of that flow with your eyes closed but even to sense that direction before the opponent s hand reaches you.

Physical Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

T'ai Chi cultivates health benefits beyond those studied by Western medicine. T'ai Chi conditions the sleeves between muscles and nerves (the films that separate and support the organs) known as the fascia. The acupuncture meridians (energy pathways) of Chinese medicine run through the fascia. By conditioning these boundary layers between tissues, T'ai Chi reduces chemical cross-linking, or cellular rust. Move it or lose it, the Taoists say. The turning of the trunk flexes the spine, producing some of the same benefits as twists in yoga (improved spinal flexibility, release of tension on the perispinal muscles, alleviating imbalances that can lead to back pain while improving blood flow to the discs). And similar to yoga, T'ai Chi conditions the psoas, that deep muscle of balance that underlies the lower abdominal organs and mediates the relationship of the spine to the pelvis and legs. Proper T'ai Chi practice places certain demands on the body The sinking of the weight, over time,...

Externalizing qi fa qi

My Taiwan acupuncture teacher, a senior uncle of the inner-door family, practices a similar feat. He demonstrates concentrating his qi through an acupuncture needle an inch or so away from a patient's skin. Again, without making physical contact, and without the patient watching, he is able to raise a red spot on the patient's skin, sometimes with a visible pulse.

Definition of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM incorporates acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, dietary therapy, and exercise systems such as T'ai Chi and Qigong to prevent and treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. We've already explored T'ai Chi and Qigong in the earlier chapters of this book, and in the third section of this chapter we'll explore each of the segments of TCM in more detail. Treatment for any complaint whether by acupuncture, herbs, or massage aims to restore inner harmony to the body by balancing energy and blood flow. When you visit a TCM doctor, he or she will ask you questions not only about your main complaint but also about other seemingly unrelated aspects of your health and lifestyle. What you eat, your sleeping patterns, bowel movements, type of work, emotions, menstrual irregularities, and many other details are noted during the initial consultation. Inspection of your tongue and palpation of the radial pulse on each of your wrists also provides important information with which to...

The notion of secrecy

Medieval Taoist Texts

Many traditions contain esoteric knowledge about the training of internal energy. Secret training methods range from the simple to the bizarre. A teacher once showed me secret notes that were nothing more than acupuncture meridians and the traditional circulation pattern of qi. It is important to note that special qi training methods with strange and unusual practices that promise power should be approached with extreme caution. Many are dangerous to the students' health and should be avoided. This category includes methods of tying weights to one's testicles with the promise of amazing powers both martial and marital. It is amazing indeed to see what one will do in the search for power.

Dual principles of solid protective posturing and agile maneuverability

If struck they cause faintness, weakness, vomiting, paralysis, and could even cause death. These vulnerable areas just described are called openings. Usually they are the more sensitive areas of nerve pathways and blood supply for example, the carotid artery supplying blood to the brain via the neck, which is also the area where the vegus nerve passes. Most often areas such as these are the forbidden or restricted points for acupuncture application and some types of massage. The correct posture, by extension and placement of limbs, feet and body angles develops a shell-like envelope around the body making it feel as if it has become a ball of steel. When this method is correctly employed under attack, the chance of being harmed is greatly reduced since the openings and weaknesses are not exposed. Learn to integrate this method into every move.

Concepts and Characteristics

Qigong emphasizes the cultivation of health through the removal of all blockages in the mind and body. As ohserved by the ancient Chinese, running water never turns stale and a door hinge never gets worm-eaten. Daoying An Qiao, an exercise found in The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing), consists mainly of self-massage and self-controlled movements of the extremities to build up the constitution, to guide Qi and blood circulation and to control diseases. Like all Qigong, this exercise is to a great extent superior to the passive methods of massage, acupuncture, drug medication and other therapies in its ability to mobilize the vital energy to prevent and cure diseases. Other advantages of Qigong are its simplicity and feasibility. It can be learned, with rapid and satisfactory results by reading books with illustrations.

The validity of qi as a subject of study in the West

The mainland, in its forced isolation from the West, withdrew into itself. Left to its own resources, folk medicine of all types was often all the mainland had to offer the masses. Chinese hospitals began to use and apply scientific principle of investigation to acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other traditional therapies. It is ironic that without mainland China's isolation, acupuncture and other traditional therapies might have become extinct. When it later opened, it was the Chinese advancements in acupuncture that intrigued the West. Once witnessed, what surgeon would not be fascinated with a brain-tumor removal accompanied by acupuncture anathesia where the patient was able to remain conscious and speak with the doctors during the procedure Diplomatic ties were extended to the mainland government about the same time that researchers such as Dr. David Bressler at the University of California at Los Angeles supervised the operation of a pain-control clinic. There he researched the...

The Environment And Ecology

This awareness of, and sensitivity to, the energy of the earth has always been inherent in human culture, and special places have been recognized and preserved for this reason. We call them Sacred Sites, and they are the locations of stone circles, pyramids, temples, churches, palaces These special places are long established healing centers where people have instinctively gone to heal and refresh their souls and spirits and their body-energy. Hot springs, special mountains, gathering sites every area of land has them. This has come to be known by the name Geomancy, and there is ample evidence that energy lines on the planet's surface, called Ley Lines, (similar to the meridian pathways in the body used in Acupuncture) congregate at these special places.

Healing Patients

Once one can release qi from the hands, it becomes possible to heal patients. I practice qi healing with various patients who come for treatment to my department. Some patients enjoy great benefits from this method. It is common for patients who complain of pain in their muscles or bones to be healed after just one or two sessions I sometimes find acupuncture treatments to be very successful as well. I find that the results are usually better when I include some form of gentle manipulation of qi in my treatment.


The reason, according to the theory of Chinese traditional medicine, is the blockage of xuemai (vessels in which blood and vital energy circulate). I have, over the years, successfully cured patients of their acute lumbar spine by massaging acupoints along certain channels of the body. Many of my patients who had been helped by the arms when they first came to my clinic could walk on their own after my first treatment. The following are the methods I apply (her) injured part with one hand, pluck (like plucking the beads of an abacus) and rub acupoints yaotuidian on the back of the hand of the patient's uninjured side with thumb and index finger (Fig I). During the process, ask the patient to turn his (her) waist gently to see which movement is most painful. Then he (she) continues to do that painful movement for 1-2 minutes until the pain disappears or relieves (Fig 2). 2) Ask the patient to lie on stomach, pluck and press on acupoints kunlun. chengshan. yinmen and chengfu. each for...

What is Chi Kung

Most Chi Kung research has focused on Human Chi. Since Chi is the source of life, if you understand how Chi functions and know how to affect it correctly, you should be able to live a long and healthy life. Many different aspects of Human Chi have been researched, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal treatment, meditation, and Chi Kung exercises. The use of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and herbal treatment to adjust Human Chi flow has become the root of Chinese medical science. Meditation and moving Chi Kung exercises are widely used by the Chinese people to improve their health or even to cure certain illnesses. Meditation and Chi Kung exercises serve an additional role in that Taoists and Buddhists use them in their spiritual pursuit of enlightenment and Buddhahood. In 1766-1154 B.C. (the Shang dynasty), the Chinese capital was in today's An Yang in Henan province. An archaeological dig there at a late Shang dynasty burial ground called Yin Shiu discovered more...

Translators Notes

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Acupuncture charts were added and a numbered list that corresponds to the charts are provided. The acupuncture points are also listed alphabetically for easy location. Mr. Yaron Seidman provided advice on points of Chinese medicine and the acupuncture charts. Mr. Shawn Christenson and Mr. Dragan Marjanovic of Mediashaker Inc. provided the graphic designs for this book.


Yang Meridians Energy Flow Direction

This article marks the first in a series of articles looking at various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In particular we will examine the acupuncture channels or meridians and their related organs and functions. As Qigong practitioners we can benefit from a knowledge and understanding of the 'Jingluo' system. After all, we are always talking about meridians and acupuncture points and the flow of Qi through them. A Qigong master needs to have a detailed knowledge about these concepts in much the same way as an acupuncturist does, as this information is vital for treatment purposes. Not all of us want to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in depth, but for those interested in Qigong it can do no harm to have a basic knowledge of the fundamentals. It is the Human Ixxlv's natural function and normal phenomenon that the internal Qi flows through these meridians and channels. When these passages become blocked the internal Qi does not flow smoothly and an imbalance occurs. Then the...


Acupressure Baihui The Shen

This exercise consists of four methods the method of directing Qi through the liver meridian, the method of sight improvement, the method of directing Qi at fixed points, and the method of directing Qi by pressing the acupoints around the eyes. a. The method of directing Qi through the liver meridian This is a method for curing diseases by directing Qi through the liver meridian. Both the posture and points for attention are the same as described above. Close the eyes, relax the body, use the mind to guide the flow of Qi through the liver meridian, starting from the Dadun acupoints (located on the lateral sides of the big toes), along the shanks, the inner sides of the thighs into the abdomen, upward to the Qimen acupoints on the chest, and then through the throat upward to the eyes. Open the eyes, look at a fixed target several metres ahead, and imagine the removal of the stale Qi from inside the eyes. Practise this repeatedly. (Fig. 1) d. The method of directing Qi by pressing the...

Transcendent Qigong

Isn't this the man they call the master of masters It was so strange, I thought. I finally remembered to turn on the qi computer in my brain to try to sense the extent of his qi power. What I saw was, to my surprise, an unbelievable flow of qi through him. Qi was blowing up from the top of his head, forming an inverse triangle and at the same time it was also flowing into him. In addition, a tremendous amount of qi was flowing in and out through the acupuncture point Xian-Gu, in the shape of a pyramid. Even though I sent him qi, it went straight through him, as if his body was transparent. When I tried to receive qi from him, it rushed toward me like a huge wave. The whole time I was trying all these things, he just stood there smiling as if nothing was happening. When I closed my eyes, his very molecules seemed to have dissipated through the air it seemed as if he was not there. Even when he was standing there in a quite ordinary way, he was releasing strong and wonderful qi that...

Treating Emphysema

Qigong can help with all kinds of illnesses. The style of Qigong that I teach and practise is over 1,800 years old which means it has a lot of history and energy following it. In the Dayan Qigong system, we do movements which carry the Qi to acupuncture points in the body and also to the channels. Other movements release the sick energy and others help to create flexibility so the Qi can go everywhere, including inside the body to nourish the internal organs.

Wu Chinese Shamanism

When I was a child in China, I was curious about the way that local Wu (Chinese shaman) gave treatments to patients. How could an acupuncture needle release the pain when the Wu put it in a suffering patient's body How could the Wu's chanting help patients recover from sickness I came to understand more about Chinese medicine when I grew up, of course, but I did get answers to my questions in childhood. Still, I had more questions such as What are meridians What is an acupuncture point Where did this knowledge come from How did it come to us Through years and years of Qigong practice, I got

Issue February March

Energy Gates Qigong Images

The seminars specifically taught a set of eighteen movements known as 'The Heavenly River Monastery Hard Qigong'. Each of the movements dealt with a certain part of the body and introduced methods of training. Movements to develop the body, open acupuncture points & channels and to develop one's Qi were taught. In China, a lot of martial artists know some Chinese medicine, some heal -ing skills, herbal cures, massage, bone setting, acupuncture, some know Qigong (energy skill). They use this knowledge to treat and heal their injuries, and some even use it to help other sick people. So a martial artist who knows only how to fight and misses the healing side seems to be missing one leg to walk on.

Liuzijue Qigong

Meridian Three Warm Acupuncture

When Yip Man was in his early thirties a martial artist came from North China. He was a master of White Crane Rung Fu and was particularly famous for his Phoenix Fist (this is like a normal fist, except the second knuckle of the index finger is pushed out to form a sharp point) which could badly damage your acupuncture points.

Cavity Press

Baihai Xue Acupuncture

Therefore, in order to use cavity strikes effectively, you must first know acupuncture channels, nerves, and anatomy second, you must know the theory For a number of cavities, a strike will not result in any obvious injury. However, the strike causes the Qi to stagnate in that area, and the person will become ill or die at some later time, perhaps one or two months or even one year in the future. For example, strikes to spinal cavities will generally not show their effect until much later. From anatomy and acupuncture it is known that the spine is the trunk line for the nervous system and the main conduit for Qi. If cavities located in the spinal area are injured, the flow of Qi to the organ related to that part of the spine will be weakened, and eventually organ failure will occur.

Fishes In Eight

Fishes Eight Posture

Another use of this posture is as follows You are attacked with a punch to the acupuncture (Dim-Mak) points under your left arm. You should block down with your right forearm onto your left forearm to form a scissor block. Photo No. 38. Mow swivel to your right and pull the attacker s right palm over to your right. You now strike with your left knife-edge palm to his throat as you step forward with your left foot. This is done also on the other side. Photo No. 39. As your opponent attacks low with a right fist to your lower left rib area, you should block with your right hooked palm and take it over to your right as you swivel to that side, your left fingers point to your right elbow. Photo No. 40. Step forward with your left foot and attack the acupuncture points under his right arm. Your left palm protects you from his re-attack Photo No. 41. This is also practiced on the other side and the initial block using hooked palm is used to block upward for head attacks. Continuing the use...

Spoon Bending

Using the Microcosmic Orbit method, gather qi energy at an acupuncture point Shan-Zhong, Jiu-Wei, or Qi-Hai. Alternatively, you can use the Macrocosmic Orbit method, if you have mastered it. Choose whichever of these acupuncture points you prefer. Then, change the qi energy into a sensation of heat. (Note If you wish to gather qi using the Macrocosmic Orbit method, your lower body should be the point at which you gather the qi.) Next, visualize this heat mass passing through your arms and on to the neck of the spoon. After repeating this step several times, you will feel heat and some softness gather in the neck of the spoon. Next, concentrate qi energy into the acupuncture point Yin-Tang (in the middle of your forehead) and look at the spoon from the side, vividly visualizing it as being completely bent. Keep in mind an image of a beam of light streaming from your Yin-Tang, that will bend the spoon. Giving a command to the spoon may also help. When you are able to picture the spoon...

Mih Tzong Shen Kung

Since Chinese acupuncture was introduced to the Western world, the idea of Chi and its circulation in the human body has gradually become recognized and accepted by Western doctors and the general public. More and more, people in this country are turning to acupuncture treatments or trying Chi Kung, and as they tell their friends of their good experiences, the reputation of these Oriental arts increases.

Martial Arts Qi

The eight extra meridians cross and communicate with standard acupuncture meridians, but are not easily influenced by acupuncture. They are 1. The governing channel, which runs upward along the spine from the perineum and over the crown. 2. The conception vessel, which runs from the perineum anterior over the center of the chest and ends beneath the lip. 3. The chong channel, which runs from the perineum through the abdomen along the kidney channel to the diaphragm. 4.The dai (belt) channel, which runs transversely around the waist. 5. Theyang qiao, which travels up the outside of the leg over the lateral aspects of the mid torso

The Future Of Qigong

James Macritchie

Probably the application that will get Qigong widely introduced and firmly established in the West is its truly remarkable abilities in Health and Healing. Wondering whether Qigong will become part of the health-care system in the West feels a little reminiscent of a few years ago, wondering whether Acupuncture would become accepted and established. It is inevitable - for the simple, straightforward, reason - It Works It is only a matter of when and how, but, like water following its essence, it will find its correct and appropriate level. On a personal note I could say that after having three books published, they did what they did, and are now out-of-print -although used copies are available via the internet. Having self-published The International Chi Kung Qong Directory in 1995 the size, extent and potential of the field was recognized. Having created the National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association USA in 1996 and given it years of time and attention it has now become stable and...

Hendon Seminar

So I can only assume that there is a deficiency in Jing which is causing so many problems. Please will you state your views on this matter based on the information I have given you and also what form of treatment could remedy this situation Would acupuncture Chinese herbs be helpful or would it be more beneficial for me to try the exercises shown in Michael Tse's book A, Lancashire Qigong is very good because it will not only works on one organ but the whole body. So not only will the kidneys be strengthened, also your heart and lungs. When the heart is strong, you will know your direction and when the lungs are strong, you will not be depressed and your outlook will be positive. When we do the Qigong movements and connect them with breathing and relaxation, we are balancing the blood and Qi in the body. The channels will be smoothed and acupuncture points opened so we can receive more Qi nature. Because you also worry a lot, this can also affect the spleen. All of the body is like a...

Peter Walfisz Barnet

Peter Walfisz

Knowing the risks of surgery, and feeling it to be 'unnatural' I looked into 'alternative' remedies. I researched many. Acupuncture helped, and the acupuncturist suggested that I do Tai Chi. I discovered my Sifu, Michael Tse, and he suggested that Qigong would help. Today, I am healthy, strong, and back enjoying life and martial arts. Qigong literally changed my life


Hemorrhoids Mucus

He had suffered from hemorrhoids and difficulty in defecating for more than 20 years. Whenever defecating, he would sweat all over and hemorrhage, spending 30 to 40 minutes. He went to see doctors, but all the injections, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture had no effect on him. He declined surgery out of fear of complications. So he turned to Qigong

The Inner Depths

Zai Feng Tai Chi Push Hands

This exercise, Opening the Inner Gate, takes its name from the vital acupuncture point in the center of the lower back. This is one of the most important Gates of Life in the human energy structure. The exercise stimulates the Chi throughout your body, releases tension in your hips, torso and shoulders, and massages your internal organs.


This point is a very important Qi point. If Qi is blocked from going through this point, then it will cause hip problems and weakness in the lower body. Because this point is very sensitive, we usually stimulate it only by having another acupuncture point facing it and transmitting Qi to this area. For instance, we use this method in Jade Ladder Climbing to the Sky.

By Erle Montaigue

Instructor Many people, after being knocked out for instance by one of the new breed of ego hungry instructors who do not really know anything other than a few 'children' strikes', complain of sickness that comes and goes. This is normal for someone who has had his brain concussed or who has had his blood pressure lowered so quickly that the brain does not know what is going on. Even simple strikes to the arms can cause serious damage late on, perhaps a few days later or even a few years in later life as they all act upon important acupuncture points in the body causing an energy (Qi) blockage which grows with age When we are young we do not notice the effects so much and by the time some of these strikes are beginning to take effect, we have forgotten all about being knocked out ten years ago So we put it down to some old age disease state. Any good doctor will tell you that any knock out is dangerous and you will lose many millions of brain cells with every knock out. And never...

Point Defence

We cannot say that it is because blood has nowhere else to go after leaving the heart. If we do, it would be like saying the earth revolves around the sun because it has nowhere else to go. Western medicine explains that it is the pressure created by the heartbeat and the valves in the veins that prevent back flow of blood. So what allows the heart to beat or the valves to close Chinese medicine explains the return of blood to the heart by a theory concerning the energisation of blood by Chi, which in this case acts as a powerful biological life force. Dim Mak being of Chinese origin, uses Chinese medicine rather than western medicine to explain how and why it works. There are of course some fundamental rules concerning this as not all the theories used in acupuncture apply to Dim Mak. One theory that applies to both acupuncture and Dim Mak is this Chi leads the blood, and blood is the mother of Chi.

Making a Qi Ball

When your thumbs and fingers are all connected with qi, keep moving them slowly. This will increase the qi sensation between your palms. When you move your thumb and the little finger of one hand, so that they form a circle without touching, you may feel a tingling or some tension in the center of your palm. This is the acupuncture point known as Lao-Gong. You might have more difficulty connecting these points than in connecting your thumbs and fingers. But these are very important points, through which you can absorb or release qi. Be perseverant. When your thumbs, all your fingers, and the Lao-Gong points are connected with qi, you can increase your qi sensation by moving your hands, thumbs, and fingers slowly.

Using Imagination

Elastic Force Quan

Stabilizing spirit (ding shen), eliminating disturbing thoughts (paichu zanian), entering tranquility (ru jing), are the basic points. Various imaginations, mental suggestions, focusing on external objects or points inside body, shifting point of focus (e.g. along acupuncture channels) and many other forms of mind activity can be used, depending on specific qigong method.


Microcosmic Orbit

When we practise Dayan Qigong, we also observe and connect with the acupuncture points and channels. The acupuncture points and channels help the Qi to go throughout the body stronger and faster. When the Qi flows, internal organs and blood circulation will be stronger. Also the nervous system will be strengthened. Therefore, Dayan Qigong works on the acupuncture points and this builds up the foundation of the Qi. The Qi will flow from the top of the head to the feet and then back up again through the three Dantiens. It will penetrate the whole body and connect with nature and relate to the whole universe.

Chi kung reactions

When you circulate chi around your body through the meridian channels, you will feel sensations in different acupuncture points as the chi arrives. These sensations are useful in opening your microcosmic orbit. Sometimes these sensations can be felt as a ball of energy, electric current, or a stream of energy. It is different for everybody.


Carry out digital point pressing on the acupuncture points Pishu (U.B. 20), Weishu (U.B. 21), and Dachangshu (U.B. 25) to open the back transporting points (Shu points). With the tip of the middle finger of the right hand, press the point Lanmen (ileocecal junction) while pressing the point Jiuwei (Ren 15) with the tip of the middle finger of the left hand to help normalize the functional activities of Qi.

Common Cold

Assume a sitting or lying posture. Pinch and knead the acupuncture points Yintang (Extra 1), Taiyang (Extra 2), Quchi (L.I. 11), and Hegu (L.I.4) with the thumb. Practice Head and Face Exercise and Nose and Teeth Exercise. Dredging the points Fengchi (G.B. 20) and Tianzhu (U.B. 10) as described in the Neck Exercise. Finally, dredge the Three Yang Channels of the Hand, the Three Yin Channels of Hand, the Three Yang Channels of the Foot, and the Three Yin Channels of the Foot as described in Shoulder Arm Exercise and Exercise of the Lower Limbs.

Qigong is Wonderful

Nature Salute Examples

The practice of Qigong in China has a history which stretches into the mists of antiquity along with its' companions, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These arts have been practised so long and wide by the people that they have become entwined as a golden thread in the fabric of the culture. From the very beginning of their civilisation the Chinese have believed that all things arc comprised of a living energy (Qi) and that this energy can be influenced.


The Bridge and Regulator Channels link all of the yin and yang channels in the body together and regulate the flow of energy in these channels to maintain a state of energetic balance in the body. The channels used for meditation are somewhat different from the ones seen in Chinese medical text and acupuncture charts. This is because their purposes are different. Chinese medicine aims to restore sick people to health. The points being treated must be superficial so that they can be activated by acupuncture needles.

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Gong For Large Intestine

When practising Bagua Qigong, Jade Pillar Gong and Swimming Dragon we use the 'Finger Sword' technique. To make a correct Finger Sword Keep the index finger and the middle finger straight and together (don't open them), and close the other three fingers. This is a Finger Sword. The Finger Sword is one of the transmission techniques. On the index finger is the Shangyang point which is connected to the Large Intestine channel, on the middle finger is the Zhongchong point which is connected to the Pericardium channel. These acupuncture points release Qi out. The Finger Sword is different from palm transmission. The This feeling is probably caused by the Qi in your hands because Qi covers many things Heat, electricity, radiation, magnetic fields, etc. Particularly for someone who has been practising Qigong, the acupuncture points and channels will normally be more open and sensitive. So when you touch the patients you might feel their energy or you release your energy and this will create...