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Tara The Astrologer

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The lead astrologer of the astrology source is Deborah Fenlon-Browning. Other astrologer like Art Poppe, Agnes Ronco, and Jeff Jawler all play big roles to offer you the best service possible. She has been a practicing astrologer for over 28 years now and for years her work was limited to off line publications and regional work until 1996 when the site was launched. She is popularly known for her supply of horoscopes to different websites and newspaper and is a Yahoo award winning astrologer. She made it her mission to educate the knowledge of self using astrology as an important tool. She and her fellow astrologers has helped a lot of people in the world find out who they really are and know more about their zodiac signs. This is a website that offers you details and information that are related only to astrology. Here you will find professional report, educational and other resources to help new comers obtain a better understanding of astrology. If you register with them, any information you require will be sent to your e-mail address within the space of 24 hours. This website is meant for anyone who requires the assistance of an astrologer or who needs information and knowledge about astrology. You don't need to have any technical skill just go to their and learn what you need to know. More here...

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Shier Chen Universal Transformation

Are you familiar with Chinese astrology You may think of the twelve animals of the zodiac commonly printed on Chinese restaurant menus. In actuality, Chinese astrology is vastly more complicated than this. In Chinese astrology, the basic knowledge pertains to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. The number twelve is described as the twelve Earthly Branches. The branches are representative of the waxing and waning of the two primal energies of Yin and Yang throughout daily or yearly cycles.

Chapter Seven Conclusion Inner Smile as Path to Enlightenment

Tao Inner Smile

Others use the Smile in stressful daily work situations, to assist loved ones going through the dying process, or help children going through difficult emotional transitions. It can be used to communicate with non-human forms of life, be it plant spirits or other natural elemental forces in oceans and mountains. I know one astrologer who uses it before reading a chart, to open up communication with the planetary beings that are a prime moving force behind all astrology.

Smiling Chi Flow as the Silent Language of Nature

The simple progression of Tao is first inner smile through the body layers into the body's core, its center of Original Substance, Breath and Spirit. Then from that space yin-yang and five phase chi flow radiates out. The exact pathway in the body is unique to each person's astrology and to their situation in life.

Battle of Wits and Words

1982 Chinese Animal

Studying Chinese astrology is a very interesting and wide subject. Underneath the skill of telling the future is a very deep knowledge of Chinese philosophy and culture. To study it you need to know and remember many things. When you think of Chinese astrology you usually ask which animal's year was a person born in (see Fig I). This is only a pan of Chinese astrology, there is actually much more to it than that. If it were that simple then all the people born in one year should be the same. The animal is only one eighth of the information in your Chinese horoscope so people's lives are only one eighth similar. To study Chinese Astrology you have to learn the Tien Guan (Heavenly Stems, Fig 3) and Di Zi (Earthly Branches, Fig 4). You should try and memorize them and understand their meaning. They are calculatcd from the traditional Chinese calendar, which follows the moon (i.e. a lunar calendar) which is older than the Western Solar calendar. Usually only taught in regular weekly...

The Great Accomplishment Lineage

In his writings on the Natural Way of Life, which he referred to as Tao, he brought together the natural sciences, agriculture, geography, economics, law and astrology. He stressed the fundamental importance of vital power (Jing) as the precondition for all human activity. He wrote In order to do anything in this life, we must first have energy.

The Universe and I combine together

Qigong is a study of the energy ot the whole universe, which includes physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine. We focus on medical Qigong, the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and has been shown effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases. Today tens of millions of people in China practice Qigong because of its great power of healing. Yet unlike acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, or tai chi, Qigong remains a mystery to most Americans. This ancient discipline combines mental concentration, breathing technique, and body movements to activate and cultivate our vital energy as it flows through the invisible channels of the body.

Definition of Qi and Qigong

Humans have Human Qi (Ren Qi, which is influenced by the other two. In ancient times, the Chinese believed that it was Heaven Qi which controlled the weather, climate, and natural disasters. When this Qi or energy field loses its balance, it strives to rebalance itself. Then the wind must blow, rain must fall, even tornadoes and hurricanes must happen in order for the Heaven Qi to reach a new energy balance. Heaven Qi also affects Human Qi, and divination and astrology are attempts to explain this.

Master Yun Hang Taichi

Tai Chi Chuan Yang Sau Cheung

A living example of Chinese holistic culture, Master Lam is accomplished in the Five Arts studied by the advisers to the imperial court. The Five Arts - San, Yi, Ming, Bok and Shang -comprise the Taoist and Buddhist arts, systems for internal medicine and health exercise, Feng Shui, astrology and the interpretation ofthe 1 Ching.

Lucky Element and Three Conditions

In my Chinese astrology chart, West or Metal is my lucky element according to the Five Elements principle (see Part II 5.6 Wuxing Jiff 5 Five Elements) and it is my place of accomplishment. This element can help me be more balanced and can bring my potential energy out to accomplish my goals. I came here because it is the right time for me to be here. It is the right place for me to be. I can achieve what I want to achieve.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

Shape Tracing Worksheets

CHINESE CONSIDER that everything in the universe has a special kind of energy. In the last chapter we talked about Yin and Yang, which is the energy of opposites. There is also a special kind of universal energy which can be classified into five different types of energies called 'elements'. These Five Elements are water, fire, wood, earth and metal. In fact, along with the Yin Yang theory, the theory of the Five Elements is the basis of all Chinese culture, including Feng Shui, astrology, traditional medicine, Qigong and even diet.

Internal martial arts are born

Sun was there to record the birth of the internal martial arts, a nexus linking internal energy development with physical discipline. Others shared Sun's excitement about this new development. This new breed of martial art philosophers became obsessed with penetrating the secrets of life and developing correspondences between the metaphysical five elements and taiji (t'ai chi) systems as well as astrology and other systems, including Taoist yogas.

Liao Fans Four lessons

I asked the elderly gentleman for his name and where he was from. He replied My family name is Kong and I am from Yunnan Province. I have inherited a very sacred and accurate text on astrology and prediction. The text, written by Shaozi, is called the Imperial Standard of Governing the World. By my calculations, I am supposed to pass it on to you and teach you how to use it.

Body Universe Circulation Chi-kung

In order to understand Chi Kung, you must first understand what Chi is. Chi is the energy or natural force which fills the universe. There are three general types of Chi. The heavens (the sky or universe) have Heaven Chi (Tian Chi), which is made up of the forces which the heavenly bodies exert on the earth, such as sunshine, moonlight, and the moon's effect on the tides. The Earth has Earth Chi (Dih Chi), which absorbs the Heaven Chi, and is influenced by it. Mankind has Human Chi (Ren Chi), which is influenced by the other two. In ancient times, the Chinese believed that it was Heaven Chi which controlled the weather, climate, and natural disasters. When this Chi or energy field loses its balance, it strives to rebalance itself. Then the wind must blow, rain must fall, even tornados and hurricanes must happen in order for the Heaven Chi to reach a new energy balance. Heaven Chi also affects Human Chi, and divination and astrology are attempts to explain this.

Master Wu Baolin

Ming Dynasty Royal Family Faces

In old times, people could come to the temple to study Daoism but of course they had to have permission from the Chief monk. Back then the temple was like a school. People could go there to study Daoist skills such as Dao De Jing, Yijing, Chinese Astrology, Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Qigong, Catching Spirits, Male and Female Qi Cultivation etc.

Appendix Three

Michael Winn was born in San Francisco's Presidio in 1951, next to the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. According to Tao master Ni Hua Ching's astrology reading, the Golden Gate, a symbolic bridge between Asia and America, shaped his destiny. Chinese astrology typically looks at earthly feng shui influences as well as planetary forces.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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