Unique Chakra And Kundalini Activation Downloads

Unique Chakra And Kundalini Activation Downloads

Each Chakra has an associated vibration. These vibrations correspond to specific frequencies produced by the brain. We have incorporated each chakra vibration into a 70 minute blissful musical composition. The method of incorporation combines several techniques, including: brainwave entrainment using binaural beats, brainwave entrainment using isochronic beats and frequency following techniques. This unique combination of techniques absolutely ensures the brainwave and chakra energy patterns are tuned to exactly the right frequencies. The way the music works makes sure this happens very quickly. The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways. This attunes and energizes the chakra in a natural way. Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration within the music - that chakra is stimulated and strengthened. Read more...

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Qigong Meditation Part

Qigong Frequencies

Right Brain Activity Meditation Stillness Creativity Inner potential Spirituality ALPHA Brain Waves Left Brain Activity Movement Activity Logical Thinking In terms of Yin and Yang we can apply the above model It has been scientifically proven that meditation results in a regulation of the cerebral cortex and brain activity. An ECG of a person in a normal everyday state shows many high frequency brain waves with poor rhythmic patterns . Meditation produces low - frequency positive waves which...

Linking Personal Stars Energy Bodies and the Universe

Be aware of your 'personal stars' above and below and connect to other peoples' stars and energy bodies. Three minds unite, one mind aware of the stars above you and a star below you. Connect these stars to the people around you. Think about the bright light above the crowns of other people. Start to spiral your energy to connect to each of them. Group all the stars into one energy body and connect all the way to the center of the universe.

Broken Bones And Fingers

1 Scan the affected part and the affected minor chakras. There are minor chakras on the armpits, elbows, hands, fingers, hips, knees, soles and toes. 2 Apply localized sweeping and energizing on the injured area. Clean and energize the affected and or the nearest minor chakras. The emphasis should be on energizing. 3 The nipple chakras affect the arms. They are located on each nipple. Scan the nipple chakra. If it is affected, then energize the nipple chakra. Prana can be easily directed to the...

Increasing Vital Energy

Many ailments are due to bacterial and viral infections. By increasing the pranic or vital energy level of the body, its defense system is strengthened. See figure 33. 2 Clean and energize the sole and hand minor chakras. This is to partially activate the sole and hand chakras so they will absorb more prana, thereby increasing the vital energy level of the body. 3 Clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra. This energizes the whole body, especially the internal organs. 4 Clean and...

Energizing With Prana Hand Chakra Technique

Energizing Hand Chakras

When projecting prana to the patient's bioplasmic body, you should simultaneously draw in air prana or air vitality globule from the surroundings. This prevents draining or exhausting yourself and becoming susceptible to infection and diseases. There are many ways of drawing in prana and projecting prana one of the safest and easiest ways is through the hand chakras. One of the hand chakras is used to draw in air prana and the other to project prana Figure 10. Energizing with prana using the...

Wang Li Ping


In 1966 Wang Li Ping graduated from his secondary school. However, this was not a good time for him as the Cultural Revolution had just started in China. Many people changed their jobs and began to study politics. A great many people, including Wang Li Ping's parents were criticised and this affected the whole family. All the time you would be treated badly, criticised and put down. You would also be called Black five styles. Wang Li Ping asked his teachers if there was anything they could do...

Qi Energy Vibration Frequency

OUR FEELINGS, thoughts and emotions are all energy. Each has its own energy frequency and vibration, as all things do. When that frequency and vibration meets the frequency and vibration of an organ in the body they will produce resonance. When this resonance of negative feelings happens too often or is too strong, it can cause damage to the organ. The resonance created by positive, balanced thoughts and emotions can help to strengthen and heal the organ. This may sound strange to you but there...

Shui Hu Jue XingfcM Sleeping Tiger Wakes Up

Sleeping Tiger Meaning

Hu means tiger. In Chinese, another name for tiger is Dachong Affc . Dachong literally means big or great worm. There is a symbolic connection between the tiger and the worm. The symbolic meaning of worm in Chinese shamanism is strong life energy, no stagnation. This strong life energy is apparent when we cut a worm in half. It can still move and it can regenerate itself into two worms. Jue means wisdom or Enlightenment. Xing means to wake up. Shui Hu means...

Massage and Rubbing

Acupuncture Points Around The Neck

People have always instinctively rubbed sore muscles and other painful areas to ease their pain and to help the sore muscle recover more quickly. Long ago it was found that this kind of rubbing can also cure a number of disorders such as headaches, joint pain, and an uneasy stomach, and that simple rubbing can even strengthen weakened organs. The therapeutic effects of massage are known world-wide. The Japanese have used acupressure, which is derived from Chinese massage, for centuries. The...

Appetite and Stomach Ailments

The most important thing to us is the stomach the element of earth . Concentrating on the navel you may feel the area expand, as though with air. This sensation often extends up to the stomach, at which time you may be assailed by fits of belching and yawning . . . especially if you have some stomach disorder. Raisng your tongue to your palate will increase the flow of saliva. When you have totally cleansed your stomach and intestines, the saliva will become much more sweet and fragrant.

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Although Hatha Yoga became known in America in the 1930's, it was not until the late 1960's and 70's that attention began to focus on the higher stages of yogic development in which a phenomenon occurs known as awakening of the kundalini. The kundalini is the sudden release of vast untapped reservoirs of creative energy that transports an ordinary human being into states of higher consciousness and bestows upon him or her unique creative pow ers. A person who has attained full command of this...

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

Tongue Position Tai Chi

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can...

Awaken the Chi Life Energy

Chi Energy Flow

Meditation, properly speaking, is the stilling of the mind. Most of the meditation techniques taught today still the mind using one of two basic approaches. The first is the Zen approach of silent sitting, facing a blank wall until the mind becomes blank. You sit until the moment of pure awareness arrives, even if it takes twenty years. The second is the Mantra approach, in which the mind is rhythmically lulled to sleep with sounds or images. After thousands of repetitions the body begins to...

Why do I feel tired after Meditating

The warm current concentration is an exercise of the mind, which directs the current and burns large quantities of energy in the course of purifying the nervous systems of the organism. During the early stages of practice you will be doing a great deal of repair work on your body. After concentrating you may feel tired or experience some soreness in your back. The Taoist rebirth process explains itself. It is a means whereby the sick and damaged body recreates the life process to that of a...

Ways of meditating

We have so many ways to practise meditation. We can do it lying down or sitting on a chair, stool or cushion. We can do standing or even lotus meditation. All of these different kinds of meditation, in the end, have the same benefit, although with some ways it may take longer to see the benefit. Standing meditation is stronger than sitting meditation because when we stand, the Qi is very powerful and it makes the kidneys strong very quickly. Kidney energy is the first energy created from our...

Cleansing Process Belching and Diarrhea

People who, develop belching and diarrhea during practice might think that it is due to something that they have eaten. This is not the case, however. When the power starts to flow, it acts as a cleansing and filtering agent for the body and the organs. The diarrhea that ensues is not the usual kind. After it is over you will feel very energetic and internally light and clean. You may feel a little weaker but you will feel much better than you can recall. Your stool may be very dark and sticky....

Da Mos Yi Jin Jing Exercises

Facial Tightening Exercises

Da Mo Figure 2-1 , whose last name was Chadili . and who was also known as Bodhidarma, was a prince of a small tribe in southern India. From the fragments of historical records that exist it is believed he was born about 483 A.D. At that time India was considered a spiritual center by the Chinese, since it was the source of Buddhism, which was becoming very influential in China. Many of the Chinese emperors either sent priests to India to study Buddhism and bring back scriptures, or else they...

Huiyin and Anus Coordination

Chi Kung Solar Plexus Point

After you have practiced the abdominal exercises for about 3-5 weeks, you may feel your abdomen get warmer every time you practice. After continued practice, the abdomen will start to tremble and shake each time you start the fire. This means that Chi has accumulated at the Dan Tien and is about to overflow. At this time you should start to coordinate your breathing and abdominal movement with the movement of your Huiyin literally Meet the Yin cavity and anus to lead the Chi to the tailbone...

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