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This easy program presents a great deal of information packed in less than 8 hours of knowledge that was gathered by one of the world's most recognized people on spirituality andAyurveda. Cate Stillman dedicates 8 hours of deep knowledge about spirituality and enlightenment that will greatly enhance your life in many ways. You will experience a lot of joy in life and fulfillment, as well as getting rid of the insecurities and frustrations that you might be facing in today's world. It will save you the trouble of having to spend years and years in the schoolsof chakras and energy in very little time that will cover all you need, you will get to know your body's rhythms and how to fix them, how to balance your energy, the ways of healing, yoga practices, ways of eating and even practices you should be doing every day that will correct your body's circadian rhythms for the day. That way, you will become the master of your own body and mind, you will finally achieve satisfaction and fulfillment. You can get all the three tracks and the free mat to practice instantly once you make a successful purchase, that way, you will be able to access the information that you need in no time. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Green violet and dark blue prana

Then in hibit the solar p lexus c hakra by willing the solar plexus c hakra to become s maller (about 7 centimeters in diameter) while energizing with dark blue prana. with light green prana, light whitish-violet prana, then with dark blue prana. Inhibiting the meng mein and basic chakras is done by willing these chakras to become 6 cm in d iameter while energizing with dark blue prana. The solar plexus, basic and meng mein chakras usually become over activated again after a day or two. This is why treatment has to be repeated three times a week. 3) To e nhance the defense mechanism of the body, clean the bones in the a rms a nd legs thoroughly by ap plying localized sweeping. E nergize t he sole, knee, and h ip chakras with light whitish-violet prana, and visualize pranic energy going inside the bones. 4) Clean, e nergize a nd a ctivate the c rown, forehead, aj na, back h ead, a nd throat c hakras with light green, light blue and light violet prana. When energizing with light violet...

Combining Active Exercise with Inner Health Cultivation

Active exercise means a series of procedures controlled by consciousness during qigong exercise in terms of determination of a proper posture, adjustment of the body, achievement of internal and external relaxation, regulation of respiration, as well as the elimination of distracting thoughts. The saying that active exercise is vigorous breathing (wu huo) , means to conduct breathing training under strong domination of consciousness. Inner health cultivation refers to the static state one falls into after active exercise, in which one carries out wen huo breathing (gentle breathing), feeling relaxed and comfortable, with his will and respiration feeble and faint. In qigong practice, active exercise and inner health cultivation are done alternately and the two are interpromotive. For instance, one may have static inner cultivation after active exercise has been practised or vice versa to achieve the effectiveness of active exercise in static cultivation or static cultivation in active...

Healthy Living Gong

Michael Tse Swimming Dragon Qigong

The final exercises in Healthy Living Gong part 1. This movement obviously comes from Swimming Dragon Gong but thffootoog is slightly difpfnt. When Redo that, we keepcollecOng the Qi to the DanOn fith the ample walking. It fiil be easy for beginners. So, in the Healthy Living Gong, we have both sOtionag movemens andwalkiig movements which are like Yin and Yang to balance our Qi togetherj

Drawing In Prana

Sketch Pranayama

In drawing in prana, there are several possible positions Reaching for the Sky Pose, Egyptian Pose, and Casual Pose. In the Reaching for the Sky Pose, if you intend to d raw in pranic energy through the lef t hand c hakra, r aise y our lef t ar m an d tu rn t he p alm upward (see photo on the right). Raise the arm. There is a m eridian or bioplasmic channel in the armpit area which is connected to the left and right ha nd chakras. The un bending of th is meridian allows p rana to flow with minimum resistance. The act of concentrating on the left hand chakra is like turning on the water pump. By concentrating on the left hand, the left hand chakra is activated and draws in a lot of prana since there was an intention or expectation to draw in rather than to project prana. In the Casual Pose, if you intend to draw in pranic energy through your left hand chakra, let your left arm h ang loos ely a nd c asually. The a rm is m oved slightly aw ay f rom t he b ody t o allow a s mall op ening...


Never be pushed to the point of strain. This is the principle of balance, necessary for a long and healthy life. The practitioner's heart and mind should constantly remain calm. Anger, anxiety, desires, frustration etc. all disturb inner peace so it is best to reject them. The There are essentially two goals in Daoism. The first involves living in accord with Nature. The second is the process of cultivation. The ego places a barrier between us and Dao so it must be dissolved until we become Selfless. This is to return to the Source, like a rain drop falling into the ocean. In death the physical body (coarse matter) is discarded, like a snake shedding its skin, and if the consciousness (pure energy) has been developed to forge a strong 'astral body' it is free to become One with the Universe, and transcend death. So Daoists meditate to develop the mind in the quest for i mm or t a li t y, bu t a he al t h y bo dy i s necessary otherwise all the Qi is spent on healing, leaving none...

One More Aloha


And confidence in our training and other aspects of our lives. The deeper level of intuitive connection continues to function after we return, making our practise more natural, creative and spontaneous less mechanical and contrived. It gives us back our connection to the natural rhythm of the earth, and this helps us make the discipline of our practise more harmonious with these cycles. Also, we return to our day-to-day lives with a more refined capacity for effortless action. This helps us to deal with stress better, which in turn helps us conserve our energy and stay healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually. And, of course, we have the memory of a wonderful experience.

Life as an Undesirable

But, I also learned a lot about traditional Chinese medicine during those years. I learned more about how to use herbal medicine and acupuncture. This was the only kind of medical care the peasant farmers had. It served them well. That and my Qigong and the poisonous snakes I sold for food are what kept me alive.

Use your consciousness

When doing Qigong exercise, we use sensation of the body to feel the moving Qi. How we use our mind influences the flow of Qi. Positive thoughts, for example, encourage you to gain back your health and instantaneously direct Qi in optimal ways. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, discourage you from fulfilling your task, block energy, and create sickness.

Taking Care Ofyourself

Taking care of yourself begins with careful maintenance of your biological engine. The common-sense advice that follows at the beginning of this chapter pays attention to your eating and drinking (the fuel), to your temperature (the regulation of internal heating), and to tension (which can so easily cause blockages in internal circulation). Some of the bad habits we fall into by adulthood and which harm our biological engines can be eased by the practice of Zhan Zhuang. These are described later in the chapter, on page 175 others are included to highlight the range of influences that can damage your health.

Flexibility Exploration

This may remind you of interpersonal relationships. The more you help others in manifesting their dreams, the more they will assist you in manifesting yours. Similarly, the more you assist your muscles, organs and other parts of your organism in manifesting their dreams, the more they will support you in manifesting yours. Besides, would it not just feel great to enjoy being in a happy and healthy body

From the Han Dynasty to the Beginning of the Liang Dynasty BC AD

It was in this period that the traditional Chinese Chi Kung practitioners finally had a chance to compare their arts with the religious Chi Kung practices imported mainly from India. While the scholarly and medical Chi Kung had been concerned with maintaining and improving health, the newly imported religious Chi Kung was concerned with far more. Contemporary documents and Chi Kung styles show clearly that the religious practitioners trained their Chi to a much deeper level, working with many internal functions of the body, and strove to have control of their bodies, minds, and spirits with the goal of escaping from the cycle of reincarnation. describes using Chi Kung and herbal remedies for internal disorders. Ger Jyh Yu Luenn (A Further Thesis of Complete Study) by Ju Dan-Shi provided a theoretical explanation for the use of Chi Kung in curing disease.

Other Popular Wai Dan Exercises

Wai Dan Huiyin Point

Marshal Yue Fei ( & ft ) is credited with creating the Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin, Aft ft) in the twelfth century, during the Song dynasty (960-1280 A.D., 'n order to improve the health of his soldiers. The original set consisted of twelve forms, but this has been shortened to eight. This set is widely practiced all over China, and several distinct styles have developed, all of them effective. The name comes from brocade, which is a cloth, usually of silk, woven into complex and colorful patterns. Brocade is very highly prized, just as the good health produced by these simple exercises is prized. 6. For beginners, repeat each piece at least six times. Once your health and strength improves, continue to increase the number of repetitions until you can do each piece twenty-four times.

Chronic Debilitating Pain

Found on a reference list in the back of this book who worked in St. Paul. He was also a chiropractor. He looked at my x-rays and told me that my pain made perfect sense. I practiced some Maharishi Ayurveda and was gently adjusted by this kind-hearted chiropractor. I was finally able to experience my first totally pain free moment over the course of an entire year, after receiving a chiropractic adjustment. After these adjustments I would be headache free for the remainder of the day and sometimes even part of the following day. I was scheduled for two appointments per week.

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Ladder Climb Stretch

Therefore, this exercise is very good for your brain and for balancing your blood circulation. In order to be able to do this movement properly, the blood must flow along the body properly, instead of relying on big muscles. This is why standing on one leg can prevent strokes and high blood pressure. Another benefit is opening your chest when you reach up. It is very common for us to have poor posture and, without even knowing it, we will close our chests and hunch our shoulders. This is not good for your health and will damage the internal organs. It is like having wrinkles in your clothes. If your clothes are very wrinkled, you will never look neat, tidy and bright. It is the same as wrinkling up your internal organs. In the long run, how can you be healthy If you find there is something that most people can do that you cannot, the first thing to do is to face it and not hide or try to avoid it. Do not feel embarrassed. When you face the problem, the mind will relax when you start...

Depression and Balance

I am the last person I ever thought would be studying some ancient Chinese practice called Qigong. But thank God I found it. I don't think I would be here today I certainly wouldn't be in this good health, this good form, this happy, if it wasn't for Spring Forest Qigong.

Marrow Washing Qigong

Brocades Qigong

Qi is written with the character that indicates the cooking and steaming of rice, and it is usually used to mean air, breath, or even steam. But, this is only the outer, external breath. The word Qi is used by practitioners of Qigong and the martial arts to mean internal prana, life force, or biopsychic internal energy. Or in the Latin, Spiritus , thus inhalation is considered as in-spiritus or inspiration. The flow of breath is the flow of the spirit as well.

Before the Han Dynasty before BC

It is easy to understand that you were formed and grew under the influence of natural rules and cycles. You are part of nature, and you are channeled into the cycles of nature. If you go against this natural cycle, you will become sick and soon die. If you know the natural cycles and learn how to live with them, you will gain a long and healthy life. That is the meaning of Dao, which can be translated as The Natural Way.

Endocrine Glands and Taoist Energy Centers

In the Taoist Esoteric System the energy centers do not belong to the physical body at all but are regarded as adjuncts of the vital body , which are set apart and crystallized to the necessary density in order that it may perform certain special manifestations of this vital body. Each gland has a specific work to perform. When in good health they all work together in perfect harmony. The endocrine glands are of special interest to the students of Taoism in relation to the circulation of the Microcosmic Orbit. In order to explain some of the energy centers in terms of modern anatomy, one has to look to the endocrine glands for correlation. The correlations may or may not be right, but that is the best that one can hypothesize at this stage of the art.

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

Since Breathing is critical for life on all levels, good healthy Breath is essential in any activity. It is fundamental in the process of eliminating toxins, reducing stress, freeing the tissues to allow proper blood flow and nervous function of our nerves and brain. So, why learn and practice Qi Gong Qi Gong is and has been developed by the Taoists and forms one of the strands of the eight Brocades (these comprise the many arts of Chinese healing). Over the last few thousand years many experiments and tests have been done on the use of breath to promote physical health, longevity and well being. Today much of this work is being carried on in the Beijing Institute in China and by individual practitioners. Qi Gong concerns itself with the flow of Qi within the body, the storing of Qi and the development utilisation of Qi. The benefits of practising Qi Gong are not restricted to conventional labels, the goal is longevity and good health mentally and physically, thus Qi Gong is called...

Tse Healthy Livin Gong 2 Chinese

Micheal Tse Heathy Living Gong

With this knowledge of Qigong, and his study of Chinese philosophy, history and martial arts, Tse created a series of Qigong exercises called Healthy Living Gong in 1996. This book covers the first part of these imaginative and highly effective Qigong healing tools. When you look for treasure At the bottom of the chest It's not the money but good health In which you invest. Thanks also to those people helping in the Tse Qigong Centre, including Darryl Moy, Martin Gale, Sarah Moy and Caroline Garvey. Their loyalty is never in doubt. 1 would like to thank all the instructors who take care of and assist in my classes while I travel, helping to pass on the Healthy Living Gong skill to others John Hayes, Julian Wilde, Glenn Gossling, Martin Rooney, Sharhiar Sepangi, Chi Man Tang, Mike Baker, Peter Walfisz, Simon Bedford, Khim Chang, Kate Britton and Dana Walfisz. There are many, many more, both instructors and students around the world, whom 1 would also like to thank - their names too...

B Buddhist Breathing Strategy

Once you have opened up the three gates and circulated the Chi smoothly in the Conception and Governing Vessels, you should then continue meditating to build up the Chi more strongly and to learn to store the Chi in these two reservoirs. Opening up the gates may take only a few months, but building up the Chi to an abundant level may take you many years of continued practice. At this stage, the more you practice, the more Chi you will accumulate. Remember ABUNDANT CHI STORAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HEALTH.

Final Goal is Automatic Circulation of

Microcosmic Orbit

Eventually the warm current will flow through your body automatically if you're creating a positive, permanent habit of circulating chi around the microcosmic orbit. Once your body mind has internally absorbed the new pattern of chi flow, it will seek to maintain the dynamic equilibrium and circulate the chi automatically. Your weeks or months of self-discipline will begin bearing the fruit of a lifetime of delightful good health.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

At first it is not easy to draw power to the energy center because your vital regenerative faculties have been abused for years. Your health cannot be restored overnight. The more you practice the stronger you will get, and you will be more able to endure heat produced by the higher voltage of chi.

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

You may attain a high plane of spiritual evolution without being a vegetarian. Both vegetarians and omnivores are subject to illness and decay. Simply eat whatever makes you feel best. Try to listen to your body's appetite and you will know what to eat When you have an urge to eat something your body has a need for that food. Of course this applies only to those whose bodies are relatively healthy and have no extreme cravings for deadly substances such as refined sugar, salt, or oily food. If your health has been affected by perverted eating habits you will gradually recover a true sense of your nutritional needs by circulating the warm current of chi around your body. No one else can tell you what your need to attain inner harmony vegetables alone will not make you pure or holier than fish. But you should try to eat food that is fresh and as free of chemical contaminants as possible.

Nei Dan Internal Elixir

We can also classify Chi Kung into four major categories according to the purpose or final goal of the training 1. maintaining health 2. curing sickness 3. martial skill and 4. enlightenment or Buddhahood. This is only a rough breakdown, however, since almost every style of Chi Kung serves more than one of the above purposes. For example, although martial Chi Kung focuses on increasing fighting effectiveness, it can also improve your health. The Taoist Chi Kung aims for longevity and enlightenment, but to reach this goal you need to be in good health and know how to cure sickness. Because of this multi-purpose aspect of the categories, it will be simpler to discuss their backgrounds rather than the goals of their training. Knowing the history and basic principles of each category will help you to understand their Chi Kung more clearly.

Tenth Energy Center Tongue to the Palate

Qigong Tongue

When you put your tongue to your palate you may feel sensations, or you may feel nothing. If you feel a small vibration, or your tongue moves back and forth involuntarily, chances are you have completed the orbit. Some people, however, do not feel sensations. If you do not feel sensation, but your health has improved, and you feel lighter, less worried, and more energetic, you probably completed the orbit.

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

But the Chinese esoteric system is not limited to therapeutic uses. Practitioners of other techniques, sitting, mantra, pranayama, can achieve a high level of awareness and a balanced experience of kundalini-like energies. But several have come to Master Chia and privately complained that they don't know what to do with all their energy, or how to transform it to an even higher level. One yogi wrote Master Chia that even after doing yoga for 18 years, 12 of them in an advanced practice of kundalini yoga, he had never felt such a pure and distilled energy as he experienced in the Microcosmic Orbit and first level of Fusion of Five Elements. He plans to integrate the Taoist yoga into his daily sadhana.

Collecting Qi to the Dantian

Dantian Center

If you have done Green Sea Swimming Dragon Gong (a form which is part of the Qigong syllabus that I teach), you will recognise that this Healthy Living Gong movement comes from the Swimming Dragon movement, Fostering Qi in a Circle. However, unlike Fostering Qi in a Circle, we do not walk but stay in one place. However, at the end of these exercises there is a walking exercise. It is based on Collecting Qi to the Dantian. This movement is very good for coordination. In the West, looking good externally is the main emphasis for health. Coordination is not considered, even though it actually plays a major role in health. If someone moves clumsily, it means they will be prone to strokes and high blood pressure in the future. The brain plays a great part in our health. We cannot have good health without the brain being able to think clearly and control the movements of the body. For example, if you want to move

Mind Eyes Heart and Intention YI

The basic teachings are all in the Microcosmic Orbit, the Cosmic Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. As long as you are alive and healthy, you are able to draw in energy from the universe and nature. The stronger the battery, the better it is able to store this energy. If you're weak and sick, you have no way to draw any energy from nature or the universe. When the cells stop drawing in energy, life ends. If you have perfected these practices, you have all the personal physical, mental and spiritual power that you need. Everything comes together. Your mind is aware of the original force. From the knowledge of Oneness, you are inwardly aware of your mind, senses and heart you are outwardly aware of the universal energy. Now you are capable of receiving the abundantly available healing power of the universe you can tune into everything, inwardly and outwardly in all directions. This is what we are here for to heal and become whole again. We have higher goals to reach. The foundation...

Multiple Sclerosis MS

I have studied Spring Forest Qigong through level 4, learning more about working on other people to help open up their blockages. At first, I thought I could not help someone else, since I did not have perfect health myself I have learned from Master Lin and fellow students that this is not true. It has been almost seven years since I first heard about Qigong from a woman at my church. I approached her about this thing she talked about Qigong -- because she seemed radiantly healthy, and happy. I found out she had begun her study of the moving meditation when she'd had cancer.

Zhan Zhuang And Yiquan

Chi Gong Standing Meditation

Zhan zhuang exercises described here, which are being used in Chinese hospitals and sanatoria as supplemental method of therapy, and are also practiced by many people with aim of improving health and developing well being, were developed by famous master Wang Xiangzhai (1885-1963).

An Introduction to Qigong

Qi energy has two basic forms, Yin and Yang. For a person to be in perfect health, Yin and Yang must be in perfect balance. Your body, everyone's body, has two kinds of Qi internal Qi and external Qi. The Qi moving inside the body to keep the body alive is called internal Qi. The Qi sent out by a healer to help others to heal or do things outside the body is called external Qi.

Three Kings Canon Fist Self Defence

Healthy Living Gong Part III Healthy Living Gong Part III is a great exercise and not as easy as you might think. It is more challenging and requires more physical strength and balance. Although it is primarily for creating power in the body, it also develops lightness and softness.

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

A I have explained it to you many times. We cultivate righteous Fa (law). If your mind is righteous, all kinds of evil things will be suppressed. In cultivation of a righteous Fa, the mind is very pure and upright, so nothing can approach him. Falun is something incredible. Not only are evil things unable to attach themselves to you, they fear it when they are near you. If you don't believe it, you can practice at other places. They all fear you. If I tell you the number of Futi, you will all be scared. Many people have Futi. After they have reached the goal of curing diseases and improving health, they continue to practice. What do you want When your mind is not righteous, these problems will occur. Nevertheless, blame should not be placed on

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

You can see that, although Chi Kung is widely studied in Chinese martial society, the main focus of training was originally on increasing fighting ability rather than health. Good health was considered a by-product of the training. It was not until this century that the health aspect of martial Chi Kung started receiving greater attention. This is especially true in the internal martial arts. Please refer to the future YMAA in-depth Chi Kung book series Chi Kung and Martial Arts. In order to use Chi Kung to maintain and improve your health, you must know that there is Chi in your body, and you must understand how it circulates and what you can do to insure that the circulation is smooth and strong. In order to have a strong and healthy body, you must learn how keep the Chi circulating in your body smoothly, and you must also .earn how to build up an abundant store of Chi. In order to reach these two goals, you must first understand the Chi circulatory and storage system in your body....

The words of Grandmaster Yip Chun

Yip Chun Wing Chun

Q What affect does the forms of Wing Chun have on your health YC When you practice Sui Lin Tao (the fist form), the bodies temperature will naturally rise. Especially during the first part of the form and when you use some energy you will feel very warm. This reaction will naturally have beneficial effects on your health. However how you catch the health benefits of the forms depends on how much you concentrate on the exercise. During practice any distracting thoughts will reduce the benefits. Of course most beginners have a lot of thoughts. This will not harm you, but you wont benefit as much.

Movement and stillness

When people run or do aerobics or fitness training, they are using energy and releasing negative energy. But this kind of exercising does not help them recover and replace sick Qi with fresh, healthy Qi. Releasing negative energy is vital to good health, but you also have to gather and store new Qi. This is what makes us healthy, and this is what makes Qigong special.

Moving Tai Chi Chi Kung

Reversed Abdominal Breathing

To gradually open up the twelve primary Chi channels. After you have practiced this set for a long time, you will find that the Chi is flowing more and more strongly. This stronger Chi circulation will gradually open the twelve Chi channels, and let the Chi circulate more smoothly in your twelve internal organs. This is the key to maintaining good health.

Practice Principles and Methods

Every method is a way of cultivation. You must cultivate only one way if you truly want to cultivate and not just cure diseases or improve health. This is a serious matter. Cultivating toward higher levels requires one to keep cultivating in one cultivation way. This is an absolute truth. Even the cultivation ways within the Buddha School cannot be mixed. The cultivation we talk about is of a higher level and descended from many, many ages ago. Depending on your feelings will not work. Looking from a different dimension, the transformation process is extremely profound and complex. Just like a precision instrument, if you take off one of its components and replace it with something else, it will immediately break down. The same goes for cultivation nothing should be mixed into it. It is bound to go wrong if you mix it up. It is the same with all cultivation ways. If you want to cultivate, you must focus on only one way. You will not be able to cultivate at all if you do...

Chapter One Qi Dao Fundamentals

The Shamans of antiquity developed their acute energy awareness for personal development, healing and protection of their tribes. Through years of trial and error, some of them fine-tuned their abilities to shift attention from the outer appearances of things to their energetic nature that is called Qi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, or Mana in Hawaiian. Energy is the essence of all Being, flowing through all things and manifesting in the multitude of forms. The forms of things are basically vessels for their energetic essence. This applies not only to tangible objects, but also to events, relationships, thoughts, etc. Thanks to the diligent transmission of this knowledge through many generations of dedicated practitioners, now we have a method for awakening our dormant ability to perceive the flow of things in our lives and to be in harmony with that flow. About 2,500 years ago, the prominent Chinese philosopher Lao Tze presumably wrote Dao De Jing, which brought together many pieces...

Kidney And Bladder Infections

2) Energize the back heart chakra and visualize prana going into all parts of the lungs. It is very important that the lungs and the back heart chakra be highly energized. If the heart is affected, visualize prana going into the heart and the front heart chakra. If the throat is affected, then it should also be treated. If the instructions are followed thoroughly, the patient will be relieved immediately and the tightness on the chest area will be greatly reduced.

Functional mechanisms in Zhang zhuang

Zhan Zhuang

For practitioners in good health with strong physical conditions, more interested in achieving top athletic or martial performance, muscles nerves need higher level of training until reaching the level where under a slightest touch they can burst power without interruption with their whole body.

Mumps And Tonsillitis

5) By e nergizing the jaw m inor c hakras, t he e ntire mouth will be e nergized including the parotid glands and the tonsils. Since the affected parts will consume prana at a very fa st r ate, t he throat c hakra a nd the j aw c hakra s hould be c leansed a nd energized twice a day.

Cold With Cough And Stuffy Nose

Scan the ajna chakra, the throat chakra, the front solar plexus chakra, the back heart chakra, and the lungs (front, sides, and back). These areas maybe congested and or depleted. See figure 16 for the c hakras i nvolved. S ince t he w hole bo dy has be en a ffected to a c ertain degree, apply general sweeping to clean the whole body. Then apply localized sweeping and energizing on the ajna chakra, throat chakra, back heart chakra, and lungs. This is to clean and energize the respiratory system from the lungs to the throat and up to the nose. Apply localized sweeping a nd energizing on the front solar plexus chakra. This is to energize a nd strengthen the whole body. Rescan the treated areas and get feedback from the patient. If the treatment has been done properly, the patient should be greatly relieved. The patient may be given another treatment after four hours to reinforce the earlier treatment and to ensure rapid healing. Instruct the patient to rest and not to eat too much....

Abdominal Exercise Fubu Gong

This exercise is suitable for general health. It is also used in the prevention and treatment of abdominal pain and distention, diarrhea, constipation, anorexia, colitis, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and other disorders of the digestive system. For treatment of diarrhea and constipation, Abdominal Exercise can be practiced following Circulation Exercise to get better therapeutic effects. For treatment of ulcers or colitis, it is desirable to precede the exercise with Inner Health Cultivation Exercise or Health Promotion Exercise. Points for Attention

Clinical Manifestations

3) Take sunbath, waterbath and airbath as the auxiliary means to the Qigong treatment. Properly coordinate with oral medicine, Chinese herbal medicine for external application, magnetoelectric treatment, and so on. The patient should stop smoking and drinking, have a balanced diet, eat food which is rich in calcium, copper and iron and foods rich in melanin, such as black soya beans and black

Eyestrain Or Tired Eyes

Pranic Healing For Eye Sight Problem

Scan t he e yes, ajn a c hakra, and t he temples. T hese are u sually depleted. Ap ply lo calized sweeping on these areas. Rescan to determine whether the inner aura of the treated areas has i ncreased in s ize. If th e s ize h as i ncreased, i t m eans c leansing ha s be en s uccessful. Energize the eyes by energizing the ajna chakra with the intention that fresh prana will flow to t he eyes. You must r emember tha t e nergy o r prana fo llows th ought or wh ere y our attention is focused. Energize the temple areas. Clean the whole body thoroughly by applying general sweeping four or five times. Clean and energize the hand chakras, and the sole chakras at the feet. This is to partially activate and energize the hand and sole chakras thereby increasing their capacity to absorb ground and air prana. This will gradually and steadily energize the whole body, providing sufficient prana or vital energy to fight the infection. Clean and energize the front solar plexus chakra and the navel....

The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation

Twelve Points Microcosmic Orbit

It is most important for your health and well-being to keep your Wei Qi Field clear, clean and strong, because it reflects and affects your meridian energy, and can be beneficial or detrimental to all of your organs, functions and overall health. However, you do not need to be in nature to do this, you can do it just using your mind. The Thrusting Channel Chong Mo is one of the most important routes in Qigong practice. It is the basis of all higher level Inner Alchemy practices. It penetrates many of the vital organs, the glands, and the brain. It also integrates and balances the cauldrons chakras, which is vital for good health.

Iron Shirt and Chiropractic by Dr Michael Posner

Line Gravity

In all health professions nowadays, one thing that is commonly considered detrimental to our health is the phenomenon of stress. Various methodologies and theories have emerged that aim to help minimize the amount of stress one has to cope with. I wish to discuss the unavoidable stress of gravity on a body's structure when in an upright position, some health implications, and how, through proper alignment of bone structure, we can efficiently minimize stress and increase good health. I can only do so much for a person and, in reality, one's health is one's own responsibility. Therefore the necessity for everyone to learn about structure for themselves, and to recognize what is right or wrong is essential for good health. I believe that some of the major keys to good health are proper bone alignment, muscle balance (symmetry), flexibility of joints and fasciae, proper breathing, relaxation and proper body utilization. Finally, of extreme importance, is to learn to conserve, build and...

The Qi Energy and Peak Performance

Practicing Qigong alone will not make you a better tennis player or basketball player but it can help you to be the best you can be. Whether it is sports or business, your studies, your health, your attitude or your daily life, wherever you seek peak performance in your life, Spring Forest Qigong can help.

General Cleansing And Energizing

Diffuse o r scatter your consciousness to all pa rts of your body. Do pranic breathing for ten cycles. I nhale slowly. Will and feel prana going into all parts of your body. Exhale slowly and visualize grayish diseased matter being expelled from all parts of the body. Visualize the health rays as being straight. After doing pranic breathing for about ten breathing cycles, meditate on your navel for about ten m inutes a nd s imultaneously do pranic breathing before ending the session. When you become p roficient, you will feel pranic e nergy going into a ll parts of your body. Do pranic breathing. Visualize yourself or another person applying general sweeping, localized sweeping a nd e nergizing w ith prana to y our b ody. V isualize a nd w ill your body be coming brighter, the health rays becoming disentangled, and the outer aura brighter. Be sure to dispose of the dirty diseased bioplasmic matter. This method of general cleansing and energizing is usually called medi-tation on the...

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

In order to use Qigong to improve and maintain your health, you must know that there is Qi in your body, and you must understand how it circulates, and what you can do to insure that the circulation is smooth and strong. In the still meditation used for maintaining health, a major part of the training is getting rid of thoughts so that the mind is clear and calm. When you become peaceful and calm, the flow of thoughts and emotions slows down, and you feel mentally and emotionally neutral. This kind of meditation can be thought of as practicing emotional self-control. When you are in this no thought state, you become very relaxed, and can even relax deep down into your internal organs. When your body is this relaxed, your Qi will naturally flow smoothly and strongly, clearing obstructions in the channels and maintaining your health. This kind of still meditation was very common in ancient Chinese scholarly society. Your bone marrow manufactures most of your blood cells. The blood cells...

Self Healing and Wholeness

Chi Healing

For this reason, energy meditations are the first responsibility of the Taoist practitioner who intends to be a healer. To raise energies, Chi pressure is indispensable. While an abundant Chi supply is essential for health, inversely, good health is also a condition for an abundant Chi supply.

Hand And Finger Chakras

Hand Finger Shakra

There are two very important chakras located at the center of each palm. These chakras are called t he le ft h and c hakra an d rig ht h and c hakra. T hey are u sually ab out o ne in ch in diameter. Some pranic healers have hand chakras as big as 5 centimeters or more in diameter. Although the hand chakras are considered as minor chakras, they have very important functions in pranic healing. It is through the hand chakras that prana is absorbed from the surroundings and projected to the patient. Both the right and left hand chakras are capable o f ab sorbing a nd p rojecting prana or k i, (QI). B ut for right-handed persons, i t is easier to absorb through the left hand chakra and project through the right hand chakra and vice versa for left-handed people. There is a mini c hakra in e ach finger. T hese c hakras are als o c apable of ab sorbing a nd projecting prana. The h and c hakras p roject l ess concentrated o r gentler prana while t he finger c hakras project more i ntense or s...

General Principles of Chinese Qigong

Ren Mai Meridian

In order to understand Qigong, you must understand several concepts. The first of theseJs i. Qi is the foundation of all Chinese medical theory and Qigong. It corresponds to the Greek pneuma and the Sanskrit prana, and is considered to be the vital force and energy flow in all living things. According to the experience of Qigong practitioners, Qi can be best explained as a type of energy very much like electricity, which flows through the human or animal body. When this circulation becomes stagnant or stops, the person or animal will become ill or die. There are a few other ways to build up local Qi, including slapping the skin and acupressure, which is classified somewhere between massage and acupuncture. Of the five most common methods mentioned above, Wai Dan and Nei Dan are the only two that can be applied to martial purposes. The others are for improving health, and will be explained in chapter 4.

Daoyin Exercise for Dredging Ren and Du Channels Jong Ren Du Daoyin Gong

With its function of regulating the Ren and Du Channels, this exercise is used mainly for health promotion. It may also be used as an auxiliary therapy to aid in the recovery of certain chronic diseases. In combination with Circulation Exercise and Inner Health Cultivation Exercise, this exercise is useful for developing and circulating Qi through the Ren and Du Channels. When Qi is circulating smoothly during Qigong practice, it can help clear up the Ren and Du Channels and prevent Qigong deviation.

Chapter Developing a Daily Routine

If you practice the Six Healing Sounds (as described in Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality) just before going to bed, you will sleep more soundly and awaken earlier and more refreshed. Upon awakening, do not suddenly jump out of bed. Allow your engine (your body) to warm up a little first. Switching into high gear as soon as you get up can be disruptive and damaging to your entire system. If you are in the habit of bouncing out of bed in the morning as soon as you awaken, even though you may experience vitality lie in bed awhile instead and practice the Inner Smile, allowing the energy to flow into your Microcosmic Orbit, and you will be amazed at how much your health and overall progress will improve. Continue with Chi Self Massage (as described in Chi Self-Massage The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation). If you are pressed for time, practice Chi Self-Massage while sitting on the toilet seat. It is not necessary to set aside time to do these practices since you can combine them...

Wild Goose or Dayan Qigong

Dayan Kong

Like the Sanskrit Prana , the Japanese Ki , and the ancient Greek Pneuma , the word means both the vital life force and its existence. Records that describe breathing exercises exist from about 1000 B.C. The Chinese, like the ancient Greeks, believed in a healthy mind in a healthy body, and discovered many techniques that were supposed to enhance health and well-being. It is not known exactly where or when qigong as we now know it began, but there have been many different styles that have evolved through the years. Chi Kung is a form of internal alchemy that involves mind, Chi power and breathing exercises. It teaches how to detoxify the body in order to stimulate the flow of energy and to pack and condense Chi. Thereafter, to circulate it in the body and to use the breath to pack the organs, glands, muscles and bones with Chi so that they will stay healthy and strong.

Cancer Or Malignant Tumors

A cancerous organ or part is clairvoyantly seen as dark muddy yellow and red. There is too much yellow and red prana in the affected area, resulting in the rampant growth of cancerous cells. This condition is brought about by an over activated basic chakra, meng mein chakra, and solar plexus chakra. Although these chakras are over activated, they are much d epleted. An ger, resentment, h atred o r fear activates t he solar plexus c hakra. The over activated solar plexus chakra in turn activates the meng mein and basic chakras. This, in the long run, may manifest as cancer.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

The case reports were of people who had headaches for many years, others who had asthma and various other ailments such as allergies, insomnia, hypertension, stomach ulcers, constipation, heart problems, hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue, overweight and low back pain. Doctor Young feels quite confident that these methods will be taught here to doctors as part of their training within ten to twelve years. In fact, it has great promise in the field of preventive medicine and as a means of fulfilling one's potentials. I offered a workshop at the American Holistic Medical Association's annual congress held at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Many physicians, nurses and holistic health professionals attended.

Three Things To Avoid In Pranic Healing

1) Do not energize the eyes directly. They are very delicate and are easily overdosed with prana if directly energized. This may damage the eyes in the long run. The eyes can be energized through the back of the head or through the area, between the eyebrows. There is a c hakra ( energy c enter) i n e ach of t hese loc ations. 11 is safer to en ergize through the ajna chakra ( third eye ). If the eyes are already sufficiently energized, the excess prana would just flow to other parts of the body. 2) Do not directly and intensely energize the heart for a long time. It is quite sensitive and delicate. T oo m uch p rana and t oo i ntense e nergizing m ay c ause s evere p ranic congestion of the heart. The heart can be energized through the back of the spine near the heart area. In energizing the heart through the back, prana flows not only to the heart but to other parts of the body. This reduces the possibility of pranic congestion on the heart. If the heart is energized through the...

Harmony of Fasciae Tendons and

Cavities The Body

To stress only internal or external development will result in disharmony and dysfunction. The organs and muscles must be vitalized by Chi, but the circulation of the Chi is augmented by having a healthy body. Strengthening muscles without cultivating Chi creates a similar imbalance which will not lead to true health or strength.

Endocrine Glands Ailments


1) Scan t he e yes, the ajn a c hakra and t he t emple c hakras w ith o ne or t wo of y our fingers. If the eye chakras are very depleted and have an in ner au ra of one inch or less, energize the eyes slightly through the ajna chakra by visualizing prana going to the ajna chakra then to the eyes before cleansing. This is to make localized cleansing or sweeping easier.

The Universe and I combine together

Qigong is a study of the energy ot the whole universe, which includes physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine. We focus on medical Qigong, the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and has been shown effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases. Today tens of millions of people in China practice Qigong because of its great power of healing. Yet unlike acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, or tai chi, Qigong remains a mystery to most Americans. This ancient discipline combines mental concentration, breathing technique, and body movements to activate and cultivate our vital energy as it flows through the invisible channels of the body.

Critical Factors In Healing

Stabilize the projected prana to prevent it from escaping or leaking out. Many new healers become overconfident and commit the serious mistake of not stabilizing the projected prana when their patients tell them how their c ondition h as greatly im proved. A s a r esult, s ome patients experience recurrence of symptoms or ailments after about thirty minutes or after a few hours. Therefore, always stabilize the projected prana after energizing Materials such as silk, rubber and leather tend to act as partial insulators to prana. Patients should be requested not to wear s ilk s ince it makes it difficult to project prana on t hem. Leather or rubber shoes a nd leather belts should preferably be removed to make general sweeping more effective. Some healers also remove their shoes when healing in order to absorb more ground prana.

What Value in Practice

Energy Gates Qigong

My teacher, Lu Shui-Tian, challenged me to think deeply about my studies. I in turn askyou to reflect seriously on your practice. If you do not understand the underlying principles or why certain methods are practised certain ways, at certain times and under certain conditions, how can you say that you understand Qigong, or Taijiquan, or Bagua Zhang, etc. Ask yourself, are you simply following someone else's recipe with little or no understanding of your own After practising hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year, and possibly decade after decade, what have you achieved that is of true value to your skill, to your health and to your life

Definition of Qi and Qigong

From this you can see that in order to have a long and healthy life, the first rule is that you must live in harmony with the cycles of nature, and avoid and prevent the negative influences. The Chinese have researched nature for thousands of years. Some of the information on the patterns and cycles of nature has been recorded in books, one of which is the Yi Jing Book of Changes, & ). This book gives the average person formulas to trace when the season will change, when it will snow, when a farmer should plow or harvest. You must remember that nature is always repeating itself. If you observe carefully, you will be able to see many of these routine patterns and cycles caused by the rebalancing of the Qi fields.

Space Is Full of Consciousness

Shuji Inomata, M.D., chief researcher of the Electric Technical Research Institute and president of the Japan Consciousness Engineering Organization, reports on qi from the viewpoint of New Age Science. He maintains that qi spirals clockwise. His basic proposition is Consciousness mind and mass matter do not reciprocate directly. But when consciousness controls the current of physical time, positive and negative Shadow Energy flow in. There are two kinds of Shadow Energy yin and yang. These are called qi, or prana, in Oriental philosophy. We have recently begun to consider possible practical uses of such energy. This suggests that the Oriental world view of the unity of consciousness and body is being put to practical use, despite the viewpoint taken by much of Western medicine that maintains that mind and body function independently. As the Heart Sutra notes, Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form (for more on the Heart Sutra, see also page 145). Inomata...

Physical diagnosis using Tai chi and Qigong

Observe the person in a Qigong position. If the palms are in the same place as they started after about five minutes, and every other part of the body is in the correct position, then just performing T'ai chi and Qigong will be enough to bring that person back to good health provided the diet is healthy. However if the palms move independently, or the shoulders or arms, etc., then there is something wrong.

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Kate Britton Qigong

The qualities of movements are believed to determine how the Qi circulates. The softer and more gentle the breathing and the movements are the deeper the Qi can penetrate into the body and organs promoting good health and longevity. Continuous movements help prevent and remove blockages. Fast movements can be used to generate power but relaxation is essential. Fast tense movements can damage the body and ultimately block the development of Fajing.

Cleansing the Marrow Changing the Tendons

In Taoism your health is said to be impaired if your tendons are crooked, loose or weak. Diseased and crooked tendons will cause you to be thin and if the tendons are no longer resilient, this causes you to be easily fatigued as well. The fasciae can become restricted due to injury, resulting in scar tissue which is tougher and tends to contract and pull upon the surrounding tissues and tendons, impeding blood flow and interfering with the passage of Chi. Emotions can also be traumatic and can chronically alter your way of seeing the world and, thereby, the way in which you present yourself to the world. This is evident in many ways, most obviously by the way in which you hold yourself physically.

Trigrams In London Chinatown

Basic theories of Qigong are very important, Yin and Yang, the five elements and the Bagua (8 trigrams), these principles influence all Chinese thinking. If you study any Chinese art be it acupuncture, herbal remedies, calligraphy, and even cooking, then you should know these principles.

Pore Breathing Technique

I nhale a nd v isualize prana or w hite l ight g oing i nto the pores of the affected part. 3) Exhale and v isualize t he g rayish d iseased mat ter b eing e xpelled t hrough t he pores and through the health rays. Visualize the health rays being straightened. Straightening the health rays is very important since it is through the health rays that used up prana and diseased bioplasmic matter are expelled from the body. In pore breathing, you just simply inhale fresh prana through the pore and exhale the grayish diseased matter. Pore breathing is practiced by some students of KI-KUNG, (QIGONG) or esoteric martial arts and by some students of hermetic science.

Tai Chi Chi Kung Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan

Without the circulation of chi through the channels, muscles and tendons of the body the Tai Chi Chuan movements are only physical exercises. The practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung awakens and circulates Chi energy and is therefore the foundation for the mastery of Tai Chi Chuan. The potential to develop our self-healing capabilities begins with the discovery of the flow of this vital energy through the Microcosmmic Orbit. This circulation is enhanced and sustained through the practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung which assists in improving health through correct posture, movements and calming of the mind. This particular form is comprised of 13 movements. Prerequisite Course No. 1 Opening the Microcosmic Orbit. Course No. 6)

Meridians Or Bioplasmic Channels

Just as the visible physical body has blood vessels through which the blood flows, the bioplasmic body has fine invisible bioplasmic channels or meridians through which QI and bioplasmic matter flow to be distributed all over the body. There are several major bioplasmic channels and thousands of minor ones. Through these channels flow prana or QI, that nourishes and invigorates the whole body. 1) They absorb, digest, and distribute prana to the different parts of the body.

Stones In The Urinary System

2) A pply l ocalized s weeping o n the meng mein c hakra, k idneys a nd t he sex c hakra. T o soothe and disinfect the affected kidney or kidneys, energize with light BLUE prana for 7 breathing cycles. 3) To gradually disintegrate the obstruction, energize the kidneys directly with light GREEN prana, then with light orange prana. With infants, children, and older people, energizing has to be shortened. Use only light whitish-green prana. Do not use orange prana because it may cause the meng mein chakra to become over activated which would result in high blood pressure. Should this happen, inhibit the meng mein chakra with the use of blue prana. 3) First, energize the back heart chakra and the lungs with light whitish-green prana for five breathing c ycles, then with l ight w hitish-blue pr ana for f ive b reathing c ycles. T his is t o cleanse and disinfect the lungs. If the infection is severe, energize with light violet prana for ten breathing cycles. 4) For strengthening a nd e...

Chapter Body Construction Iron Shirt

This chapter is concerned with the construction of fasciae and their structural interrelationship with bones, muscles, and tendons. Further, instruction on the muscle tendon meridians (or acupuncture routes) of the body increases an awareness of the body's construction, which awareness is vital to the work at hand the creation and storage of Chi energy and its circulation throughout the body. Dr. Michael Posner, a practicing Chiropractor, provides an introduction to this chapter by discussing the major keys to good health through an understanding of body structure. Learn as much as you can about the way that you are constructed because it will speed your progress. Knowing what makes you tick and how you are put together is very important in putting you in contact with yourself through Iron Shirt Chi Kung.

Changing the Quality of Qi

In healing, the qi of the bright full moon is equivalent to Xi (Chinese saline land) in Chinese medicine, which can be used for calming overexcitement or lowering a high fever. On the other hand, the golden morning sunlight is Bu (Chinese repair), and is generally used for treating various malfunctions. The qi of the morning sun is extremely effective in improving health, and not only as a training for external qi.

The Five Essential Techniques of Qigong Practice

Regulating the heart mind is a technique to calm your mind and tune your consciousness into tranquility. It is the way to refine your Shen (spiritual energy) and improve your health on the spiritual level. In Chinese shamanism, a healthy physical body always holds its spiritual body. A person will become ill if the spiritual body separates from the physical body. For instance, a person who tries hard to find a job and doesn't succeed for a long time will find that the digestion function may become imbalanced because the Will (Spleen spirit) Regulating the sleep is a way to strengthen your health and refine your Shen fff during sleep. You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping. A good quality sleep will recharge you and make your Shen ffi strong. A poor quality sleep will make you feel exhausted and grumpy. To help our students improve the quality of sleep, we teach a sleeping Qigong form. When your energy gets strong, you will need less sleep than normal but do not force...

Problems Encountered In Selfhealing

Many healers find it difficult to heal themselves. The healer may be good at projecting prana but may have little practice in self-healing. The healer is either too tired or weak or doesn't care enough, or the healer simply prefers to rest and be healed by another healer.

The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

The Secret Martial Arts

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan with normal breathing relaxes the body and mind and opens the twelve primary channels. This can effectively maintain your health. With normal breathing, when you inhale the Lower Dan Tien expands, you gently expand the Huiyin and anus, and at the same time use your Yi to lead the Chi to the bottom of your feet and further into the ground. However, when you exhale, the Lower Dan Tien withdraws, you gently hold up your Huiyin and anus, and at the same time use your Yi to lead the Chi upward to the Baihui. This is a calming and cleaning process which is used in almost all Chi Kung practices. Normal breathing and the coordination of the Huiyin and anus is the key to calming down both the physical and mental bodies, and it is one of the most effective ways of changing the body from Yang to Yin.

Activate the Immune and Defense System

The body has various mechanisms which combine to provide protection and defense against illness and disease. These mechanisms enable the body to produce various cells and bodies which act against invading or unwanted substances. As soon as a foreign body is recognized, the immune system will be triggered and will act to provide the most efficient means of eliminating the danger and return the body to a balanced state of health. A strong and healthy body will have good resources to protect itself from negative or sick energy. The aim of these practices is to help you to realize the potential of true harmony within yourself. To activate the immune and defense system is to increase the production of red and white blood cells. To do this we activate the bone marrow and lymphatic system. Guide the student or whole group together in all of these steps. You will not lose energy by doing this. You will gain more energy because you are all connected together in the group power. The crucial...

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

To acquire Postnatal Qi we need to work -in other words, we need to use energy in order to get more energy. When you cannot afford any more energy you will become ill and have to rely on other things -medicines from the West or East, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and so on. And when these can no longer help, you will have come to the end of life's road. Basically, whether you are strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy, depends on your Original Qi -whether your parents gave you a healthy body with strong internal organs and a strong skeleton.

Cleansing And Energizing

Pranic Energy

IN P RANIC H EALING, there are two basic principles cleansing and energizing the patient's bioplasmic body w ith prana or v ital e nergy. It is by cleansing or re moving t he d iseased bioplasmic matter from the affected chakra and the diseased organ, and by energizing them with sufficient prana or vital energy, that healing is accomplished. These two basic principles are the very foundation of pranic healing. One such case is that of a patient who suffered from chronic abdominal pain, loose bowel movements and vomiting due to emotional factors. There was pranic congestion around her abdominal area. Energizing with prana was applied without cleansing the affected part. Although she was relieved, within twenty to thirty minutes the pain, loose bowel movements and vomiting recurred and intensified. These were radical reactions or steps taken by the whole physical body to cleanse and remove the diseased congested bioplasmic matter from itself and to normalize its condition. Three hours...

How Blockages are Created

This is why Qigong does not focus on treating symptoms. Treating symptoms is only temporary at best. Remember, the whole purpose of Qigong is to balance all the energy and energy systems in the body. That is the only way we can achieve perfect health and our goal of enhancing the quality of every aspect of our lives.

Is There A Hard Style Qi Gong

Wuji And The Internal Organs

You can never know when you will get into a fight, but you can be sure that you will one day bccome old. In China, one hundred years ago, there was no National Health Service. Your health was your responsibility and without it you would probably not survive. It would be stupid then to sustain injuries through Wushu training. This is why traditional Wushu emphasises Qigong. It then becomes your own personal survival kit, keeping you healthy, and preventing other people from hurting you. This is a much better definition of 'practical'

Relationship between sport and medicine

By combining with favorable psychological conditions such as higher combative willingness, optimism, self involvement in learning process, daily work out all these parameters integrated in a comprehensive physical training program are offering to your body extremely favorable conditions to strengthen it, preventing it from diseases while increasing its efficiency in working environment and certainly prolongs its life. Scientific experts have clearly demonstrated that it is the lack of physical exercises which is the origin of various diseases such as those related to overweight, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, etc all belonging to the category of modern diseases. Because of this lack of physical exercise, cardiac, pulmonary and digestive functions, but also the whole body's metabolism function will gradually decline faster than the natural course, vascular elasticity weakening this will decrease the resistance against many diseases. So if any...

Up and Down Coiling Shang Shiah Shyuan Parn TBi

Four Six Stance Wushu

The motion of the rocking is very simple. You simply shift your weight from leg to leg in coordination with the arm movements. When you move forward, the action of the arms is balanced by the rear leg, and when you shift your weight to the rear leg and withdraw your arms, the movement is balanced by the front leg. The repeated rocking movement helps you to develop a feeling for centering and balancing, and to build the root from which power can be grown. Although this set was originally created for Jing training, many Tai Chi practitioners have found that it can significantly improve leg strength and also train both physical and mental centering and balance. This also contributes to good health.

Self Defence for Women

Allinurl Self Defence For Women

The Feng Shui of the garden is very important and so we must take care of it as it relates to our health. Even if you do not have a garden, you must have some public space or park nearby. This will be good for your health and wisdom. Even a small garden needs to be taken care of and then we can use it when we have leisure time and enjoy being in it. Then we will never be under too much stress and so we will be healthier. A healthy body will bring us luck and success

Righteous qi the development of inner and outer balance

Zheng qi (also written cheng ch V) is often translated as moral righteousness (literally righteous qi ), however there is a specific meaning for practitioners of physical arts, and particularly internal martial artists. The common translation of zheng qi has to do with the development of strong character and is consistent with the development of social consciousness and a prosocial lifestyle. Classically, zheng qi occurs when one is in harmony with the principles of heaven and earth. This definition applies to physical discipline in the sense of correct practice or appropriate practice. It is said that Ba Gua practice nourishes zheng qi. What this means is that correct qi practice will not hurt your back or injure your health in other ways. When you attain a sufficient level of zheng qi, illness will be minor and you will seldom have any health problems. It became common knowledge that practicing with one's back leaning too forward, hunched over, or chest stuck out may be injurious to...

Chapter Tai Chi Chi Rung

Once you have learned how to use your Yi to lead your Chi effectively, then you can start working toward several goals in regulating your Chi. First, you want to make the Chi circulate smoothly and strongly in your body. Second, you want to build up the Chi to a higher level to strengthen your body. Third, you want to lead the Chi to the skin and also to the marrow. This will keep the skin fresh and young, and keep the blood factory (the marrow) functioning fully. Finally, you want to lead the Chi to your head to nourish your brain. It is the center of your whole being, and your health will have a firm root only if your brain is functioning well. If your brain is healthy, you can raise your spirit of vitality, which is the main key to the secret of longevity.

Introducing moving and nonmoving

Many factors affect normal heart rate, including your age, activity level, and the time of day. The chart below shows the normal range of a resting heart rate (pulse rate after resting 10 minutes) in beats per minute, according to age. In general, the lower your resting heart rate, the more efficient your heart is and the healthier you are.

Points for Attention in Training Qi

The training of qi should be combined with cultivation of one' s moral character. Qian Jin Yao Fang Valuable Prescriptions) written by Sun Simiao (Tang Dynasty, the middle of 7th century) says, The way to keep in good health is to avoid long-time sole walking, standing, sitting, lying, looking and listening. and He who is good at health preservation is who

Application To The School Of Wu Kam Chin

Considering the stress under which most people live in modern civilization, this ancient wisdom from China is of utmost importance for present day man. Tai Chi Ch'uan is a form of effortless, gradual and continuous movement which harmonizes with nature and the universe. If properly performed, it revives, revitalizes and, in time, after long practice, rejuvenates every cell of the human body. Thus, it is possible to restore a sick body or improper mental attitude to perfect health again.

Chakral Breathing Technique

Inhale slowly and concentrate on the affected chakra. Visualize the chakra drawing in or inhaling fresh prana. Hold your breath for a few seconds and visualize the prana being assimilated. Exhale slowly and visualize the chakra throwing out or e xhaling t he g rayish di rty m atter. Hold y our br eath fo r a fe w s econds and visualize the chakra becoming brighter and healthier. Repeat the process four times. the chakra and the organ inhaling or drawing in prana. Visualize the prana as passing If you feel heaviness or pranic congestion on the chakra and in its organ or organs after doing chakral breathing, just inhale without willing prana to go into the chakra and its corresponding organ or organs. Exhale and visualize prana going out of the chakra and its corresponding organ or organs. Visualize the chakra becoming duller. Continue doing this until the condition normalizes.

How Does TCM relate to Tai

As we saw in the Qigong exercises, each movement has a relationship to an organ, an organ system, or to general Qi flow in the body. When you perform Qigong or T'ai Chi, you are practicing Chinese medicine You are moving your body in a way that influences your health through the meridians and channels, as well as your physical health through the gentle flexing and bending of the joints.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

Shape Tracing Worksheets

In Healthy Living Gong, we can also use the Five Element theory to help us choose the right exercise to work on a specific problem. So to make the liver stronger, we can do Collecting Qi to the Dantian. If you want to make your kidneys stronger, then you can do Old Tree with Winding Roots and Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest.

Transcending Holding Patterns

Closing the gap between the way you are at the present moment and the way you need to be to manifest your dreams can seriously enhance the quality of your life. With practice, you will discover a greater sense of equanimity, which is identical to being Centered, thus preventing stress from building to the levels harmful to your health and well-being. The practice of Qi Dao will empower you to shift in and out of various states of consciousness required for one type of activity or another, while still maintaining the ability to freely return to your Neutral state. Being Centered will also help you develop a greater sensitivity to the subtle flows of energy within and around your body, since you will no longer struggle with the constant pull of your energy field off Center that can throw you off balance. This will build a strong foundation for mastering being in the flow.

Chapter The Root of Tai Chi Chuan Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang theory is also applied to the three great natural powers heaven, earth, and man. For example, if the Yin and Yang forces of heaven (i.e., energy which comes to us from the sky) are losing balance, there can be tornados, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. When the Yin and Yang forces loose their balance on earth, rivers can change their paths and earthquakes can occur. When the Yin and Yang forces in the human body lose their balance, sickness and even death can occur. Experience has shown that the Yin and Yang balance in man is affected by the Yin and Yang balances of the earth and heaven. Similarly, the Yin and Yang balance of the earth is influenced by the heaven's Yin and Yang. Therefore, if you wish to have a healthy body and live a long life, you need to know how to

Internal martial arts are born

They developed a style of freedom that came out of a new way of thinking and being that presaged a time when the training of the mind and the body would be inseparable. Holistic health practices and increased integration of the supraliminal mind would form the foundation of a full and happy life. The early martial philosophers have become a model of mastery for serious students of the internal in the late twentieth century.

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