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Cancer Survivor

It is a sincere honor to be able to share my personal story about working with Master Chunyi Lin and my experience with Spring Forest Qigong.

I believe I was led to Master Lin and that it was, at its essence, an answer to prayer and my deepest longing. In the fall of 1998, I was wrestling with some hard decisions. I had just been told that my recent biopsy was positive and that my breast cancer had reoccurred. I had previously had two small lumps removed and followed the standard treatment course - lumpectomy and radiation. I was 34 at the time of my original diagnosis and now, at 38, I was being told that, once again, I had breast cancer.

Cancer had been one of my greatest teachers and I had made many thoughtful decisions about how to take responsibility for my health and my healing. Thinking back on it now, however, I see how "busy" I had been trying to work at maintaining my health. I'm sure many people faced with a cancer diagnosis fall into this pattern...You try to learn as much as you can about cancer, seek out alternative therapies, vitamins, supplements, etc...and attempt to incorporate all this into your life. I had made a clear decision that I was "done" with cancer and was disheartened and discouraged when it returned.

The second time around I knew that I had to approach my healing differently. I had learned many things about the importance of bringing mind, body and spirit together to heal but I don't know how much of it I had actually put into practice. I had a lot of head knowledge and this was actually part of my problem I also was afraid and I didn't want to make any decisions out of fear.

This is how I was led to Master Lin. I voiced this same concern to a therapist I was seeing at the time. She shared her own experiences working with Master Lin and told me of his wisdom and gifts for healing. She assured me that I could trust his insights. Something resonated deep within when she shared this story and I wanted very much to meet and work with Master Lin.

I will never forget my first session with Master Lin. I felt reverent in his presence...and I still do each time I see him...he is just such a radiant spirit. I had a powerful experience when he sent energy to my body. I felt a warm, melting sensation as blockages opened and life energy began to flow. I wanted to learn more about this Spring Forest Qigong! Master Lin also asked talked to me about my fear. He said to me, "There is conflict in the world, just as there is cancer in the body, but there is so much more peace. We can think about the conflict but why not think about the peace?" His words were beautiful and comforting.

Doing the Qigong exercises has really helped me to get back in touch with my whole being and nurture myself. Could it be that sometimes we just really forget how to breath...how to draw in the energy of the universe...to commune with our Maker and appreciate all that surrounds us? I understand fully how blockages are created in the body and see how our culture fosters illness, especially cancer. We are exposed to so many things in our environment and our lifestyles are often filled with activities and stress. It only makes sense that if we have blockages - physical and emotional - illness will develop.

The beauty of the Spring Forest Qigong is the gentle ness and ease that it can be incorporated into your life. Making time to do the exercises is making time for your spirit - and truly integrating the mind, body & spirit necessary for healing. "Simple, but profound"...a perfect description for Spring Forest Qigong.

I took Level 1 & 2 classes from Master Lin and learned a great deal. He is a wonderful teacher and his life experiences are very moving. I know I'm a different person since my introduction to Spring Forest Qigong and Master Lin. I'm calmer and more centered. I'm more sure of myself and less concerned with myself! I certainly move through the world differently...more at peace...more with the flow than against it. I share my understanding of Qi and its flow with our two horses and others on the farm, often able to sense when they need some of my energy. And, I always get back more from our encounters!

I have remained cancer-free for the last 2-1/2 years and will continue to practice Spring Forest Qigong for the rest of my years here on earth. It's become a form of meditation and prayer and I trust that it's making a difference in my life. I feel blessed to have traveled the path of my life's journey and so lucky that it led to Master Lin.

Robin Trombley Coon Rapids, MN

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