Through a lot of hard work this book, which I have dreamed to have for a long time, is finally a reality.

I wish to express my deep thanks:

To my Masters and spiritual guides for all they have imparted and continue to impart to me,

To my wife, Fang, and son, Ming, for all their love and support,

To Mr. Liang Yongxi, my teacher, my mentor, my spiritual adviser, and my very dear friend, for all his guidance and support throughout my life,

To my students for all the joy they have given me, for the stories they shared for this book and for giving me the opportunity to share the healing energy of Qigong with them,

To my co-author for his loyalty, advice, and research, for all his hard work, day and night collecting information from my students all over the country, and for shepherding this project through to completion,

To all the wonderful people at Gallop Studios in Minneapolis who took the photographs for this book and its cover,

To Laura Johnson for all her efforts and skill in the design and layout of the book,

To all of the many others who helped make this book possible.

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Healing Inside Out and Outside In

Healing Inside Out and Outside In

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