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I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and myelodis-plasia in December of 1998. I tried many different treatments and my doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant. We held many bone marrow drives up here but I didn't find a suitable donor. Out of 500 who were tested, only my sister and half-brother were a half-match, but that's only a forty-percent chance of success.

I'm a letter carrier and have been for 17 years. I walk five miles a day on my route and when I was first diagnosed I didn't go back to my route for six months. Then when I did go back to work by the time I got home I was pretty pooped. It was on to the couch I'd go.

One Saturday in October of 1999, I was out on my route and ran into a fella named Tom Sullivan. He asked me if I'd found a donor yet and I said no. Then he told me about this man, Chunyi Lin, who teaches this healing called Spring Forest Qigong. Tom had already been through Levels 1 through 4.

I'd never heard of it so he told me what it was all about and gave me Chunyi's number and I gave him a call. To the Western mind it's not easy to accept because if it can't be seen, touched or measured, it's not real. But, I'm open to pretty much anything and I learned with the Qigong it goes back thousands of years so there's got to be something to it.

I made an appointment and drove down to see him. I went to his home and I walked in and explained what was going on and I sat down and he did his thing. Then as I was leaving, just as I had my hand on the door, he said, "oh, by the way Tom, your back will feel better tomorrow."

I hadn't said anything to him about my back. That was the least of my problems. But, by golly, it did and I haven't been to a chiropractor since. I used to go to the chiropractor all the time. I'd stop in on my route in the morning. I'd be in his office by 10 a.m. and my back would be out again by 12:30 and that went on for two or three years. But, not anymore since that first treatment with Chunyi. And, I do the Spring Forest Qigong myself now, of course. I get a ping once in a while but I just do my Qigong and like that it's just gone.

The first two times I went to see Chunyi I didn't notice too much of a difference besides my back being okay and all that. But, the third time down I went, "Whoa." That was a burst of energy. I felt great.

I got home that night after driving down there and back, about a five hour drive, and I worked in the barn until about 11 o'clock. And, I've been pretty much having a lot of energy since then. That wouldn't have been possible before. My oncologist is surprised I'm still doing my route. In fact, my oncologist is so impressed he's sent patients to see Chunyi. And, since doing the Qigong, I don't hit the couch anymore. It's just go, go, go.

I keep a pretty heavy schedule here. I'm a very active 4-H leader still. I've got 34 kids this year. I'm saddle club president and a union officer in our union and a union steward and a County Fair board member. In the winter, I coach basketball.

We have two kids, sixteen and twelve. We have a little 13-14 acre farm and keep four horses. We're into horses, fast horses and gaming events on horses. I give my 4-H

kids free horse back riding lessons and let them ride my horses in competition for two years. There's always lots of chores to do. Been doing some remodeling around here. Put a new bathroom in this winter. So, I put in long days.

I've taken all the Spring Forest Qigong levels now and I try to get at least a half hour of the meditations or exercises in each day. With the Qigong I've found I can power up when I have to.

I do healings up here too now and I have a pretty steady clientele. I don't charge anything and I have a pretty good success rate. People keep coming to see me. Everything from fibromyalgia to stroke, bad backs, that's pretty common, people with a lot of stress. I'd say about 97-precent of them get relief for anywhere from three days to three months. I even give my horses treatments before they go out to run and it makes a difference.

I just recently got back from seeing my bone marrow doctor and he can't believe how well I'm doing. In fact, he can't believe I'm still alive. Ninety-percent of the patients who have the same thing I do, who have damage to the same chromosome I do, die within the first year. My bone marrow doctor has never had a patient who survived longer than three years, except for me. It's been more than four years for me and I'm still going strong.

If you ask me where I'd be without the Spring Forest Qigong, I probably wouldn't be here. If I was here, I probably wouldn't be able to work. Couldn't do all the things I do now, that's for sure. That Qigong has really been the ticket I think.

Qigong has allowed me to maintain a very high quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually. I always look forward to seeing Chunyi. He charges my batteries up like the energizer bunny.

For people who doubt it I just say try it. You've got nothing to lose.

Darcie Gustine Grim Stillwater, MN

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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