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I cannot say enough good things about Master Chunyi Lin. He is amazing. He is the only person I have ever met who loves others unconditionally and does not judge anyone around him. He lives the happiness and contentment that I believe we are all searching for. It's right there in his heart and it shows on his face. I just thank God that I am so fortunate to know Master Lin.

I am the last person I ever thought would be studying some ancient Chinese practice called Qigong. But thank God I found it. I don't think I would be here today; I certainly wouldn't be in this good health, this good form, this happy, if it wasn't for Spring Forest Qigong.

I grew-up on a dairy farm in Ireland, a good, Irish Catholic, God-fearing soul. I got my work ethic and strength from my father and my belief in God and Christianity from my mother. My father suffered from depression for many years and it was a terrible thing to see.

I was a grown man and married when I finally came to the realization that I suffered from depression as well. I felt sick for many years before I was willing to acknowledge that I had a problem. About six years ago, I started seeking treatment for my depression and the panic attacks I would suffer. A doctor put me on a medication that was very successful but did not really solve my problem. My marriage began to fail and the depression got worse.

I have seen many different counselors and therapists and while I found all of it to be valuable it still didn't solve my problem and my marriage ended in divorce.

I work as an arborist and spend a lot of my days climbing trees to prune and shape them. I found my balance starting to suffer about two years ago and often became terrified when climbing. I didn't know what to do. Then, I just happened to be reading a magazine and there was this story about Spring Forest Qigong and it said something about "balance" or "life balance" in the magazine. And I thought if this is going to help me with my equilibrium then I'm going to go. So, I enrolled in this class in Spring Forest Qigong.

When I got there it wasn't all what I expected. For one thing, most of the other students were women, which made me feel pretty awkward. I thought, "Oh, cripes, this must be a woman's thing. I'm in the wrong class." But, as soon as I saw Master Lin, as soon as he started to talk, I knew I'd come to the right place.

I was so desperate to find answers at that point, to find balance, and not just for working in the trees but balance in my life. The truth was I wanted to find happiness. I wanted to know where happiness comes from and everything Master Lin said just spoke right to my heart. As I thought about what he said it all just seemed like such common sense.

When Master Lin teaches that the power of Qigong comes from love and forgiveness and sending that love and forgiveness to yourself and to everyone, it just made so much sense to me. That's what life is really all about. That's where happiness and contentment can be found. You could just see the happiness and contentment in the man's face. He was living proof.

Practicing the Spring Forest Qigong techniques I learned from Master Lin totally changed my life. That happiness and peacefulness just blossomed inside me. Even with all that I still never thought that I could detect blockages in someone else's body and help them to heal themselves like he said I could. But, I kept practicing and it's happening. I can do it. And, I know you can too. And, I'll tell you what it feels like. You know when you have a great dinner and then you have that vanilla ice cream for desert and it just tastes so good. That's what it's like.

When I do the exercises or I do a meditation now, just go into the emptiness like Master Lin teaches and not force it, just wait for it to come and that peacefulness always comes. It's almost like the mind goes to sleep and the spirit comes awake. I meditate and just the weight of the world leaves my shoulders and when I open my eyes it's just happiness and contentment. And to me, I think it's just a stairway to heaven.

If you ask me where I'd be without Spring Forest, I'd still be the hotheaded Irishman I've always been. And I probably would have gone through at least a couple of jobs by now. I would probably be like I was two years ago, just a hotheaded workaholic who consistently turned around and blamed pretty much everyone else for my problems, for my mistakes. I think that's where I would be if I was still alive, because I came pretty close to just taking off, just getting rid of myself. So, without Spring Forest Qigong I'd be here or I might not be here but I'd be in a hell of a mess.

I'd done a lot of work before I came to Spring Forest Qigong, but Spring Forest Qigong was just like the icing on the cake. It's just like having a key to unlock a door and inside there are one or two or three tools and you just take them out and you use them. You use them and you can literally take yourself down the path of happiness.

But, they're just tools. No one can use them for you. You have to do it for yourself.

Without a doubt in my heart, Spring Forest Qigong will work for anybody who consistently puts forth the effort to do a little Spring Forest Qigong meditation, a little exercise for themselves. You may not always feel like doing it, but, by golly, you go ahead and do it and it will pay you ten-fold.

Ho Jun Kim

Houston, TX

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