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AFTER MY EXPERIENCE at the soccer field, where my basketball injuries, indeed all my old injuries going back to childhood, were healed so miraculously, I devoted all my free time to Qigong practice. I practiced at least two hours a day, sometimes four or six hours and even longer when I had a day off. I just loved it. I found it was so powerful.

Some people are doubters and there were people like that around me. They said that Qigong was a psychological thing, all in your mind and nothing to get excited about. But, after what I had experienced I knew it was more than that. I practiced and practiced and did research on Qigong.

I felt so happy and joyous inside now. All my hatred was gone. I was not depressed any more. I looked at things in a positive way. That day at the soccer field the Qigong master had talked about the power of forgive ness. Not just saying the words but having true forgiveness in your soul. He talked about how powerful that kind of forgiveness is. How it increases the flow of Qi in your body. He talked about how your body and mind and spirit are all one. He said that without true forgiveness you could never be completely healed.

I knew what he was saying was true. I had suffered so much and I was filled with anger. I had never forgiven anyone or forgotten what they'd done. I was even angry with my parents. I was so little when the nightmares of the Cultural Revolution started I could never understand how they could run away and leave four little children to face so many dangers alone. I loved my parents and respected them but I had never forgiven them. I had never forgiven myself for being so angry either.

I took what the master said to heart. Then, in my meditations I recalled each of the people I knew had hurt me by name and I forgave each one of them by name. I no longer blamed them. I realized now that the former friends who had turned their backs on us had little choice. If they'd helped us they would have suffered the same fate. I forgave them and later on we were able to renew our friendships.

I forgave my parents. I forgave myself. Once I did this, it was like 'snap,' I was free. The very next day I felt completely different. My chest felt so open. When I looked around, everything looked so beautiful. Then, I realized my Qi, my energy, was so full. My soul felt so free. It was so wonderful.

After that, the healing took place so fast. All the pain in my body, all the problems in my back, my feet, my knees, my eyes, were all gone. I felt as if all the pain and problems had just shot out of my body to the end of the uni verse. They were just gone. Completely gone.

During the first two months of practicing what the master taught us, my entire life changed. For the first time, I had experienced the healing power of Qigong and I knew I wanted to make it a part of my life to help others. But, I didn't know how.

The master did not teach us how to help others to heal. But, during one of my meditations I could see him so clearly and I heard his voice say, "You can use my energy together with your energy and through your visualization you can send this energy out to help others to heal." I knew it had to be true. So, I tried it.

My father-in-law had a very bad stomach problem. He could hardly eat anything at all. So, in my meditation, I visualized myself going into his stomach. I saw lots of junk stuff inside so I took it out. I visualized this window in his stomach and I just kept grabbing this junk stuff and throwing it out the window. Then, I saw these little holes, dark spots, black spots in his stomach and I visualized the energy coming in, gold energy, white color, whatever came to me in my meditation I just used it to smooth out his stomach and soothe it.

Later, when I saw him, I asked him how he was feeling. He said from about three-thirty to five o'clock his stomach just started singing like crazy. He was working in the street, selling clothes at the time. He didn't know what was going on but when he got home that night he was so hungry. He just started eating. He couldn't believe it. His stomach was fine. I just said to myself, "Wow!" And, since then, his stomach has been fine. He was healed.

I also used this technique to help a couple of my students who had asthma and sinus problems. It was during a school break and when they got back to college they told me they had thrown their medicine away. They had each gotten this feeling they didn't need their medicine anymore. So, they threw it away.

I spent as much time as I could practicing the movements and meditations the master had taught us. I practiced his teachings for about a year and a half. Then, something happened to my wife.

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