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I wandered into my first Spring Forest Qigong class. My friend had just started a Level I class taught by Master Lin and invited me to join her. I didn't know anything about Qigong. I thought it was some sort of Chinese exercise program that would benefit me through physical exercise, maybe a little meditation thrown in. I had never done any energy work, can't say that I was even aware of energy work and had never meditated before.

After I began my class and discovered Spring Forest Qigong had to do with healing, both receiving and giving, I worked to keep an open mind, but my logical, western cultural orientation anchored me solidly as a skeptic. Little did I realize I had just taken the first steps in a remarkable journey that would change my life.

The changes that have taken place within me haven't been influenced by an epiphany event in my thinking, but a series of events that have individually forced me to address the way that I define not only my health and the health of others but the way I see and think about my world. I'll share with you a few of the events the universe has placed in my path.

While taking my Level I class, I had toyed with the idea that Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) healing might be like a sugar placebo. Perhaps it could work in cases where the people weren't "really" sick, but had only psychologically convinced themselves they were sick. Since they weren't really sick in the first place, SFQ could be used with them successfully as the person "unconvinced" themselves, thereby mimicking "real" healing.

For several years my son had been coming down annually with bronchitis which quickly progressed to pneumonia. It had a very predictable pattern. He would start experiencing cold-like symptoms, light congestion, then almost immediately it would come on hard and fast like the flu, move to his lungs with massive congestion and coughing on the level of bronchitis, and finally turn to pneumonia.

This night before I left for my Level I Qigong class, my son had started into this pattern. He was feeling miserable; the heavy congestion had started to move into his lungs. I returned from class and my son was asleep in his bed. His breathing was labored. I went in without waking him and "balanced his yin & yang" just as I had practiced in class that night then went to bed.

When we awoke in the morning he yelled upstairs to me, "Mom, my lungs are totally clear" and they were. I was surprised and delighted that my son was well, and decided that SFQ couldn't possibly be only a placebo idea, because my son didn't know what I was doing in my class and wasn't awake when I worked on him. I didn't really have an explanation for what occurred. I was pleased yet a little uneasy.

I struggled with concerns that Qigong might connect me with something, larger than I could understand or control, which had the possibility of being not only good but also evil. I asked myself if Qigong matched my understanding of what a cult was. I wondered if with all his command of that which I did not understand if possibly Master Lin could gain control of my mind or will.

For several years I had been having problems with my liver. The doctors weren't able to tell me exactly what was wrong. I had several elevated liver tests. The doctors said they suspected Gilber's Syndrome. They said they couldn't do much, they just tested my liver levels regularly to make sure they didn't elevate further. My symptoms were mostly fatigue.

One day, during my Level II class, we were practicing our movements. Master Lin, often worked with all of his student's energies during this time. On this occasion, he came behind me and began working with mine. All of a sudden, over my liver area, I felt what seemed like a giant bubble of pressure bursting and disappearing out my back. It felt so good to no longer have this pressure there, yet I didn't even know I had any pressure there until it was gone. Believe me, it was very real.

Shortly, after this class I went in for my scheduled tests and I thought I knew what they would find. In fact, one of the tests was totally normal and the other was nearly normal. The doctor said he couldn't really explain it. I was thrilled, I was not surprised, but the facts of what occurred did not fit into my understanding of the universe nor my belief system. When I think back, it amazes me that something miraculous like that happened and yet I still couldn't accept it for what it was. I wasn't ready yet.

During my Level III Class, a very dear loved one who lived out of state, had a seizure. The doctors indicated one of several possibilities, either a tumor, an embolism or an infection in her brain. I talked to Master Lin about it after class one day. He said that it was a brain tumor, in fact he said there were two, and very matter of factly, he proceeded to draw me a diagram of where each was located. I was totally blown away. The idea that someone could actually detect illness from long distance was so phenomenal that it actually scared me.

I was so moved by love for this person that I asked

Master Lin if he would work with her long distance. He agreed and also instructed me as to how I could help. I called and talked to my loved one. I asked her where the doctors said the brain problem was. She described exactly one of the places that Master Lin had indicated. I did as he said. When they did follow up testing on my loved one, the doctors could no longer detect anything wrong with her brain.

Through the course of time I was learning to trust the guidance of this gentle and very good man. He helped me to slowly begin to accept. Yet, just when I became accepting of one thing, I would be exposed to another level of being astounded.

With almost no forewarning my mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme- a level 4 (the worst) cancerous brain tumor. I had Master Lin work with her long distance several times but he was clear that the help he could provide would not cure her of the disease- it was too far along. It was a difficult time for my family. Although Mom was very open to Qigong treatment, other family members were not. It was hard being directly faced with, and operating at the juncture of two separate belief systems, that which I had been brought up with and that, which was evolving for me.

At the end of my mom's life, we provided hospice care in my home and were her primary caregivers. Her death in our home was not what I expected. The end was very difficult. For hours she gasped for breath, like a marathon runner at the end of a race, worn out and exhausted. It was torturous to watch this remarkably kind and wonderful woman having to use the last of her human strength to fight yet another final battle.

As I witnessed, the process of her transition I felt moved to help her with Qigong yet was unsure if I should intervene. My brother and sisters were present in the room, so I didn't want to use movement, as it seemed invasive. I decided to place my hand on her chest and silently asked for help for my mom. Almost immediately, her breathing began to slow down, her body relaxed and she died.

My poor little belief system was becoming riddled like a pincushion. Something needed to change. Time and time again the universe asked me to open my mind. I began to open my mind to a whole new way of thinking-body, mind and spirit.

I learned to meditate. I read about anatomy and physiology. I learned to detect energy blockages in people's bodies. I researched Qigong. I began to respect my own body in a new way that caused me to choose more exercise, better nutrition, elimination of harmful substances, regular meditation and to make changes in my lifestyle that would reduce stress and increase the balance I need in my life.

Last fall, a friend who is a duella (assists in births) asked me to help one of her clients whose baby was in breech position. I asked another Qigong friend to help and we worked long distance with this woman over the weekend. Both my friend and I had a strong sense that this fetus was a girl. On Monday morning the pregnant woman went into the doctor for a procedure to manually turn the baby but they discovered the baby had already turned.

The duella friend asked me to help with another client whose baby was breech. Again, my friend and I worked with the woman. Again the baby turned. Again we had an unasked for sense of the baby's gender, this time a boy.

The babies delivered. The first was a girl and the second was a boy, just as we detected.

Over the holidays, my family and I visited my sister-in-law out of state. She has had regular migraine headaches for years. She had a really bad one when we were there. She took her medication in the morning but it didn't help. I offered to provide Qigong therapy. She accepted and after I worked with her, her headache was totally eliminated. She was dumbfounded. I smiled.

I'm working with a young boy now who has a congenital heart defect. I had the most remarkable meditation that showed me a clear picture of an event from one of his past lives. I had just barely begun to think about the possibility of past lives before this message was placed before me. I was startled, a little shaken, but accepting.

This story still unfolds, yet I am certain that I am where I should be. I am healthier and stronger than I have been in decades. I have grown spiritually. I feel grateful to the loving relationships I have with my family and friends. I am forever in debt to Master Chunyi Lin. He has opened my eyes, mind and spirit to the connectiveness of all life, to the miracle of our lives and the unlimited potential we have as human beings.

I work now as a volunteer for the Spring Forest Qigong Association. I listen to the stories of others like myself and am continually moved to tears, at the number of people that Chunyi Lin has both directly and indirectly effected, by helping to improve their health and their lives. In the short time span of about five or six years, modest, unassuming, quiet, gentle, good humored Master Lin, has brought Spring Forest Qigong to this country, not only changing my life, but impacting the lives of hundreds of his students. His work continues to ripple out through his student's work to positively impact the lives of thousands.

After five years of involvement with Spring Forest Qigong I can say that I have seen enormous good come from the practice of Spring Forest Qigong healing. I have observed no evil, in fact I feel protected from evil through my association with Spring Forest Qigong. Chunyi Lin has no evil intent and Spring Forest Qigong is nothing like a cult.

Spring Forest Qigong has provided an opportunity for me to stretch beyond my understanding of the world in which I live, to explore the furthest reaches of my human potential. I consider myself proof that any average person can learn SFQ, no matter how slow they are to assimilate the lessons placed in their path. I feel privileged, blessed and lucky to have wandered into that first SFQ class to learn from Master Chunyi Lin.

Tom Gow Two Harbors, Minnesota

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