How Blockages are Created

THERE ARE MANY THINGS that can cause energy blockages in the body: accidents, wrong medication, food, even changes in the weather. But, the main cause of energy blockages is emotion. Emotions are good things but unbalanced emotions are very damaging to us.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Let me give you an example. To me, stress, anxiety and depression are the same thing, but in different stages. Stress comes first. It can create anxiety and then depression. So, why do we suffer from these things?

Let me share with you a couple of stories.

Past Regrets

Some years ago, I met a psychology professor named Nancy. A Chinese friend had recommended she come to see me. Nancy had been diagnosed with breast cancer. When she came to see me she was severely depressed and completely stressed out.

The first session she did not tell me too much about herself except some medical information from the hospital. She said that the cancer was very aggressive and the doctor wanted to operate right away. She was very scared and did not want to do it. She heard about me and decided to come to see me before making her decision whether to have the operation or not.

I did not say too much about it and asked her to close her eyes and meditate. During the healing, her tears kept coming out. Twenty minutes passed and she said she felt much better. Then she set up five more appointments.

When she came back for the second visit, she told me that her tumor was smaller and she felt very grateful. Each time when I worked on her, she cried. In the fifth visit she said the tumor had gotten much smaller and was now as small as half a penny. She was very happy about that. When we finished the healing, she was so emotional that she started telling me about her life.

She said that she felt so guilty for not taking good care of her husband when he was sick. He died very quickly after becoming ill. It was only after her husband passed away that she realized how much she had loved him. She felt she could not live without him.

She cried everyday and became very depressed. Whenever she was alone, she could not help thinking of her husband. She felt so guilty. She blamed herself and felt she had no hope in her life. Then, one day she found a tumor in her right breast. She was so frightened. She went to the doctor and the tests showed it was cancer.

We chatted quite a bit. At the end of our conversation, I said, "You are a psychologist. I am sure that you know how much our emotions affect our bodies, so let me ask you a question. Everyday you work so hard. For what?" she looked at me and asked back, "What do you think?" I said, "For survival?" "Right," she agreed.

"In order to survive, we do all kinds of things to make sure that our life is protected. We want the best different kinds of insurance we can get. We want the safest place that we can to live in. We want the best vehicle that we can to drive around. If life is for survival, what kind of quality of life are we surviving for, happiness or sadness?" "Happiness, of course," she answered.

"Then, where can we find happiness? Can we find happiness in the grief of the past? Of course, not. No matter how sad you are, the fact is that your husband has already moved on in his circle of life. Your crying and sadness and depression will never help to bring his life back to you. But, it can affect your survival."

"You cannot undo what is already done. If you really think that you owe your husband something, why not you use this as a lesson? In your future, when you have a new friend, you know how to take care of him, or you know how to take good care of your family. You do more good deeds for people around you. Your husband will watch you in heaven. When he sees this, he would be very happy for you and very proud of you too. "

"Throw the heavy sack full of junk stuff on your back away. Look for your happiness today. I think happiness is waiting for you. If you understand what I mean, you don't need to come back to see me. We can cancel the last appointment. Your blockage would go away by itself."

She looked at me and said that she never thought in this way. She said that she would think about what I said. One week later, she came back to see me. She said that she was going to throw the heavy sack on her back away and live a happy life. But she liked to come back to see me because she said that she liked my energy. I have never seen Nancy again.

A couple of years later, a woman came to visit me and said Nancy wanted her to say hi to me. It had been so long I did not remember who Nancy was until she reminded me. When I asked how Nancy was doing she told me that Nancy was doing fine. Her tumor had been gone for over two years, ever since my last appointment with her. She was a very happy and healthy lady now.

Nancy was healthy all her life before her husband died. After that she was so weighted down with guilt it created great stress and depression that contributed to her illness. Those emotions helped cause the energy blockages that in Nancy's case led to cancer. The 'weight' of those emotions caused many blockages in her body that kept her energy from being balanced.

By using Qigong healing techniques I was able to remove the blockages and help restore her energy balance; but, if Nancy had kept carrying that sack of junk stuff on her back, the blockages would have just kept coming back.

Nancy's Blockages

It will probably surprise you to learn that from a Qigong perspective Nancy's breast cancer had more to do with her kidneys than anything else. So, allow me to use

Nancy's case to give you a little more insight into how the energy systems in the body work.

Nancy had blockages in many places. She had some blockages in her heart energy system. These were caused by her feelings but this was not her major concern. Her heart system blockages had not yet affected her physical heart. But those blockages were affecting other energy systems in her body.

Nancy's grief and sadness caused greater blockages and problems with her breathing system or lung energy channels. The strong emotions of grief, because of their specific vibration and frequency, are connected most directly with the breathing system. The blockages in her breathing system, her lung energy channels, were the main cause of Nancy's depression. It is a bit of an oversimplification but Depression is always connected with blockages in this system. Depression is one of the mental problems that can come from blockages in the breathing system and lung channels.

As you might expect, the breathing system includes the lungs, throat, nose and sinuses. But, the breathing system also includes the large intestine, skin and the hair on your skin except for the hair on your head.

A problem in any system can and usually does eventually lead to problems in other energy channels and systems. In Nancy's case, her most serious blockages were in her kidney energy system. This system is extremely important because kidney energy is the life force of the body. Low kidney energy affects all the other systems. Nancy's system was getting weaker and weaker.

Nancy's breast cancer was caused primarily by the blockages in her kidney energy channels. You see, the breasts are part of the kidney energy system. The breasts are physically closer to the heart and lungs but they are not part of the heart energy system or the breathing energy system. The breasts are part of the kidney system as are the bladder, the reproductive organs, the ears and the hair on your head. Nancy's blockages might have resulted in bladder cancer or ovarian cancer as easily as breast cancer.

Focusing solely on the blockages in her kidney channels might well have allowed her body to rid itself of her cancerous breast tumors. But, that would not have solved Nancy's problems. That would have only been treating the symptom and not the overall problem. It would have done little to help Nancy with her depression for example.

Even with those kidney channel blockages removed and the tumor gone from her body, Nancy would have gotten sick again and probably pretty quickly. She might have gotten another tumor in her breast or in another part of her anatomy connected with the kidney system. Or, she might have developed another problem entirely. That would have depended on where the most serious blockages occurred next and which energy channels and system were affected most.

This is why Qigong does not focus on treating symptoms. Treating symptoms is only temporary at best. Remember, the whole purpose of Qigong is to balance all the energy and energy systems in the body. That is the only way we can achieve perfect health and our goal of enhancing the quality of every aspect of our lives.

By removing all the blockages in each of her energy systems, I helped Nancy's body return to balance. But, the blockages would have kept coming back if she hadn't changed her thinking and view of life.

To learn about all the energy systems and channels in the body and how they interact would require many years of study. The wonderful thing about Qigong is that you don't need to know any of that information to receive the full benefits of Qigong. You don't need to be an automotive engineer to take your family on a lovely drive through the countryside, do you? Of course not, you just need to know how to drive safely.

Learning and practicing Spring Forest Qigong will give you all you need to remove the energy blockages in your body and keep yourself in perfect balance with the energy flowing smoothly. All you have to do is learn and practice.

Future Fears

About the time I met Nancy, a young woman in her twenties named Amy came to see me. She was married and had young children. Her doctor had found lumps in her breasts. She had surgery but another lump developed. There was a history of breast cancer in her family and when another lump was found she was very worried.

When she came to see me it was obvious what was happening to her. I told her that her problems were caused by stress. She worried about so many things. Material things. Financial things. Would there be enough money for things? Would her children get the right education? So much worry. So much stress.

I told her to take things easy. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever doesn't happen, doesn't happen. Don't focus on things. Focus on how wonderful life is. Life is short. You don't have time to worry about all these things. Focus on positive things.

I used the techniques of Spring Forest Qigong to remove the blockages in her body and to help her to balance her energy. After her first visit the tumor was 95-percent gone. It was down to the size of a pea. After her second visit it disappeared completely.

Later, she wrote me a letter. She said that when she left my house after the first visit she just felt so wonderful. She said that she noticed all the beautiful things that were all around her. She said that for the first time in her life she really noticed the birds singing and how wonderful they sounded. She noticed that the grass was green. She said she'd never realized that grass was green before.

So many people go through life not noticing all the beautiful things the world has to offer. A smile. A laugh. A sunset. Or, that the grass is green.

There is nothing wrong with material things. There is nothing wrong in wanting a beautiful house or a fine car or wanting the best things in life for your children. All of these things are fine. But focusing on them, struggling to get them, fearing that you won't have them, all of this causes your energy to be out of balance. It can cause stress and other negative emotions that cause blockages and sooner or latter will result in disease. And, what is disease but dis-ease.

Don't focus on material things at the expense of spiritual things. It's not worth the price you will pay. Keep all things in their proper balance. Please remember, Qigong is all about balance.

Nancy was weighted down by worrying about the past. Amy was weighted down by fears about the future. The result was the same. Their emotions created energy blockages that eventually made them very sick.

By practicing Spring Forest Qigong, you may find, as many students do, all things in your life will start falling into a perfect balance quite naturally and beautifully. As your energy changes and starts coming in to balance, your perception of the things around you, the experiences you have, will also start to change. The way you react and respond to these experiences will also quite naturally start coming into balance. You'll find you are not living in the past or for the future but living fully in this moment. I think you will agree this is the most enjoyable and fulfilling way to live.

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