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I was born and raised on a farm near Clements, MN. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in alternative healing and the spiritual side of life. Friends from Minneapolis told us about this Chinese man at Anoka-Ramsey College who did some sort of Chinese healing. My husband, Joseph, and I contacted the college and attended an informational evening introducing Master Lin and Qigong. We were intrigued and decided to sign up for Qigong classes. We were getting ready to move to Texas and wanted to complete Level 1 & Level 2 before the move.

The classes were most interesting. As I listened to what Master Lin had to say there was logic and reason in the concept of Qigong. Why shouldn't we be able as creatures of God to use universal energy to heal others and ourselves? Why not acknowledge and utilize the energy within? It made logical, reasonable sense to me. What Master Lin teaches makes sense to me therefore, for me it is true.

My husband and I both try to be very proactive about our health. We exercise and take nutritional supplements. Initially, my pro-active approach to health stemmed from my having some problems with western medicine. I am terribly allergic to antibiotics and most prescription drugs. Taking medication often prolonged my recovery. Some years ago, I had what was referred to as a simple operation to remove veins in my legs. I was supposed to be in-and-out of day surgery in a couple of hours. But, I went from the operating room to the coronary unit. My husband thought he was going to lose me. And, it was all because I was allergic to the anesthetic. The antibiotics and pain prescriptions also reacted negatively to my system and I was taking additional drugs to counter-act the negative side effects of the first round of drugs. Several weeks were added to my recovery time.

Experiences like this one and several others over my lifetime have prompted me to ask what can I do for myself to avoid getting into trouble again? I just knew in the core of my being that what Master Lin said was true and Spring Forest Qigong would work for me. We completed the classes and moved to Texas in the fall of 1998.

It was in Texas that I had my incident with the spider and experienced long-distance Qigong healing. The workspace at my new office had not been used for some time. It had old supplies stacked on the floor and the area needed to be cleaned-up before I could feel comfortable working.

I got down on the floor and was going through a pile of brochures stacked under a desk. When I got to the bottom of the stack a small spider about the size of a wood tick, but with long, odd-looking legs (like extra big wheels on a truck) came right at me - very fast - like a racing spider. He was speeding right toward my knees and without thinking I smashed him with my right hand. He "died" about four o'clock in the afternoon. As I was driving home I noticed I had a bump on my middle finger about the size of a pea. It was painful and felt stiff. I thought that little spider must have bit me.

I came home and told Joseph what happened and explained that my finger and hand was feeling kind of weird. In the morning, my hand was swollen and Joseph said maybe I should call the doctor. But, I didn't want to do that because of my past experience with western medicine and drugs. I didn't want to risk making the incident worse. After all, it was such a little spider. I thought it would turn out like a bee sting and be okay in a day or two.

By the time I came home from work that night the swelling and stiffness was up past my elbow and tender under my arm. Joseph told me I was starting to act a little goofy. He called Master Lin and handed the phone to me. I told Master Lin I had been bitten by a little black spider. Master Lin said, "No, it was a brown spider." And then I realized he was right, it was a brown spider. Little did I know until about a year later that it is known as a brown recluse spider and it is very poisonous. Their favorite places to hide are under and behind undisturbed stacks of boxes and junk.

Master Lin advised me that I might have to incorporate western medicine along with the Qigong because the poison had spread and the brown spider is extremely poisonous. I said no. I'm confidant Qigong will work for me. I was more concerned about what western drugs would do to me.

Master Lin instructed me to fill a glass of water and place my hand over the glass. Next, I was to drink some of the water and replace my hand over the glass. Master Lin sent long-distance Qigong healing energy to me. After the healing I followed Master Lin's instruction and sat quietly for 15 minutes. Next I did the Small Universe meditation. I went to bed and when I got up in the morning, the swelling underneath my arm was gone. The swelling started at my finger and ended at my elbow. I was so grateful for the healing and felt confident that I had taken the right course of action.

I went to work that day and since Master Lin had said to call him again I called that evening as well. We went through the same routine as the night before. I followed with the Small Universe meditation after sitting quietly for 15 minutes. In the morning, the swelling had receded to just my hand and fingers.

I called Master Lin the third night, and received my third long-distance healing. Master Lin said it would take ten days or so for my condition to clear up. And he was right. The next morning, the swelling was gone and I was back to a pea sized bump on my finger, which vanished in approximately 10-14 days.

About a year later, I was talking to a woman from Texas who is a BSRN and teaches at one of the nurses' colleges. We were discussing alternative medicine and how the curriculum at her school has changed over the years and now included classes dealing with alternative concepts. I told her about the spider bite and that's when I discovered it was most likely a brown recluse spider that bit me. She relayed several incidents of students coming from the North and not being aware of poisonous spiders. They too, did not give much thought to being bit and thought it would pass in a day or two. Both of the people she told me about ended up in the hospital near death.

I am grateful to Master Lin for sending Qigong healing over the telephone to me. And for our being able to attend Qigong classes.

I've had several other healing experiences with Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong. The most recent one was in March 2001. We had returned to Minnesota and it was the last day of a big ice storm. I went into the office early and had to go around to the side of the building to get in. I slipped on the ice and my legs flew out from under me and I came crashing down on my elbow. I went home wearing a sling and instructed not to drive for four to six weeks. I am in sales and I live in my car. I had to do something fast.

The next day we went to see Master Lin and I had my arm in the sling and was hobbling around due to bumps and bruises on my body. I couldn't rotate or lift up my arm. Master Lin treated me with Qigong and when he was done he said take your sling off. So, I took my sling off and he said rotate your arm and I said "Ooo-kay." I was amazed. I could rotate and lift my arm. Master Lin cleared the blockages away from the injury and there I was the very next day using my arm without any pain.

It is just amazing and wonderful how Master Lin uses Spring Forest Qigong. He could keep the knowledge to himself but he believes in sharing and teaching others to do what he does. Master Lin shares his gift with anyone who asks for healing and who is open to exploring new ways of thinking. For me, Spring Forest Qigong is the best gift I have ever received. I believe Spring Forest Qigong and Master Lin saved me much pain and suffering and possibly saved my life. Having Spring Forest Qigong in my medicine cabinet and Master Lin as my teacher I am prepared to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Cres Schramm Ramsey, MN

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