Part One Born A Healer

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Born A Healer 3

My Way to Qigong 6

My Healing Bonus 12

My Terrifying Childhood 14

My Father's Arrest 17

Abandoned and Hunted 19

Our Escape 25

Healing in the Countryside 31

Life as an "Undesirable" 34

Returning to Normalcy 39

Focusing on Qigong 43

My Wife's Tumors 47

My First Trip to America 52

Becoming a Qigong Master 59

Part Two An Introduction To Qigong

An Introduction to Qigong 64

You and Qigong 65

Qi (Energy) is Everything 67

Understanding Qigong 69

Qigong Breathing 70

Qigong Movements 72

Qigong and the Mind 73

Qigong Meditation 76

Qigong and the Sounds 80

Energy Blockages 84

How Blockages are Created 88

Stress, Anxiety, Depression 88

Past Regrets 89

Nancy's Blockages 91

Future Fears 94

The Qi (Energy) of Emotions 97

Qi (Energy) Vibration & Frequency 100

The Qi (Energy) of the Spirit 103

The Qi (Energy) and Peak Performance 109

Sports Performance 110

Knowledge and Responsibility 111

Confidence and Calm 112

Perspective and Values 113

Helping Others Perform 114

Learning Performance 116

Work Performance 116

Marliss'Story 117

The Qi (Energy) and Your Sixth Sense 120

The Qi (Energy) of Love, Kindness & Forgiveness 125

Spring Forest Qigong 137

Three Basic Spring Forest Qigong Exercises 147

Helping Others to Heal 160

Sword Fingers 161

Important Points 166

Part Three Students' Stories

Students' Stories 172

Patrick Dougherty,

MA, L.P., Licensed Psychologist 173

Stress Relief

Denise Douglass-White 178

Healing Myself, My Children and Others

Tom Gow 185

Bone Marrow Disease

Darcie Gustine Grim

Chronic, Debilitating Pain 189

Michael Hackett 199

Depression and Balance

Ho Jun Kim 203

From Alcoholism to Enlightenment

Colleayn T. Klaibourne 208

Severe Allergic Reactions

Stacy Langager 212

Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Migraines, Allergies& Helping Others

Louise Ludford 216

Disabling Panic, Anxiety Attacks

Angie Meierding 220

Long Distance Healing

Cres Schramm 225

A Skeptic's Experience

Sue Sivula 238

Brain Stem Injury

Chaconas Sproles 241

Discovering My Spiritual Path

Shannon Swedberg 244

A Healing Testimony

Robin Trombley 247

Peace of Mind

Esther Trejo 249

Lung Disease

Kathy Weihe 252

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Closing Thoughts 255

Research on Spring Forest Qigong 258


Anecdotal Reports 260

Research Results 261

Clinical Implications 262

Coauthor's Notes 265

About the Authors 278

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