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OUR FEELINGS, thoughts and emotions are all energy. Each has its own energy frequency and vibration, as all things do. When that frequency and vibration meets the frequency and vibration of an organ in the body they will produce resonance. When this resonance of "negative" feelings happens too often or is too strong, it can cause damage to the organ. The resonance created by positive, balanced thoughts and emotions can help to strengthen and heal the organ.

This may sound strange to you but there are many eminent scientists who theorize that vibration is key to understanding the universe. It is part of what they call "string theory." Their theory is that the basic building block of everything that exists is not particles but things they liken to an infinitely small piece of "string" with

Qi (Energy) Vibration & Frequency only one dimension. And, it is the vibration of the "string" that determines what kind of particles it attracts and therefore what the "string" becomes.

Chinese scholars, in their long time observation, learned that over-excitement affects the heart energy, anger affects the liver energy, fear affects the kidney energy, depression affects the lung energy and too much mental work makes imbalances in the stomach and pancreas energy. If we let these powerful, "negative" emotions stay in the body for too long, the vibration of these feelings will certainly cause blockages, make damage to the organs, and we get sick.

Think of your own life. You respond much differently to a smile than you do to an angry look. A smile is uplifting. It makes you feel better. A smile helps your body relax. Your respiration, heart rate, immune system, every part of you is positively affected. An angry look creates the opposite reaction.

We like the energy vibration from a smile but we don't like the energy vibration from an angry look. The angry vibration hurts the liver energy in your body, while the vibration from a smile will comfort your soul and helps the body to heal.

Everyday in big and little ways we have the opportunity to choose "heaven or hell." We have stress, anger, fear, jealousy, because we choose to have them. They cause energy blockages and damage to the body.

We have many choices. We can choose to ignore these "negative" things when they happen. We can choose to forget them, forgive them, or we can choose to accept them in a positive way. For instance, we can choose to think they are great opportunities to help us grow. And, in reality, that's exactly what they are - great opportuni ties for us to grow and to purify our own energy.

We have love, kindness, forgiveness, happiness because we choose to have them. They help to heal the body, mind and spirit. The vibration of love energy is the most powerful in healing, whether healing yourself or helping others.

These are not only the most positive choices; they are also the most practical ones. They help you and heal you, while the others hurt you.

I think the choice is an easy one. Practicing Spring Forest Qigong can help lead you to that healthy choice every day. Try it and you'll see. You'll soon find yourself making that healthy choice more and more without even thinking about it.

We are so quick to judge things. Something that seems very negative can turn out to be very positive. When I look at my own life I know how true this is. I went through much pain and suffering in my life that filled me with anger and resentment. Every time something that looked positive happened something else would happen to cause me pain.

But, if it hadn't been for all that pain, the suffering, the injuries, I might never have found my true path. That is the way I choose to look at those things now. Those are the experiences that led me to the greatest joy I could ever have, helping others everyday.

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