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In 1991, a week after graduating from college, I had a near death experience due to an allergic food reaction that changed my life forever. It has been a journey from that point on trying to get better and regain health.

I had moved from Minnesota to Colorado to do an internship and my parents and I had spent our last day together in the mountains where I had the severe reaction. I was an hour away from help, but by the time we reached my new home, I was regaining consciousness. Right from that moment I changed. I was going into interior architecture/ space planning before this happened and the next morning I knew I had to pursue the healing and spiritual arts.

This experience made my connection to the spiritual world so much more meaningful than ever before. Words cannot express the feelings experienced during the time I was with the angels. One minute I was experiencing pain and the effects of an allergic reaction; the next I was in the Light. I was in a place of complete, unconditional and powerful love like I had never felt before. Something very powerful happened to me in Spirit. I found a beautiful and radiant life in this Light and that there is only love and complete acceptance for all.

I have worked with my inner self for 11 years and have learned different ancient wisdom teachings, meditation techniques and healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Reiki, Flower Essence work, etc. I attended 4 years at Sancta Sophia Seminary as part of the drive I needed to pursue at that time.

Despite all that I was learning and practicing, I continued to go through swings of poor health, feeling a bit better and again falling back down again. The final low point in my health, a couple of years ago, I began praying for the right person who could help me since my doctors did not have the answers either. Two weeks later I met Chunyi Lin and I am so grateful for his presence in my life.

When I began learning Spring Forest Qigong I knew that this is what I was searching for. Within a few weeks of practicing Qigong twice a day I was seeing positive results. I went from 5 years of being nearly flat on my back, weighing 85 pounds, and experiencing debilitating symptoms to regaining energy and some strength to move around. Other people couldn't believe the changes in my progress and my neurologist at Mayo Clinic has recently asked what I am doing to help myself. This Doctor is unable to help many of his patients get to the point where I am now and I can't wait to show him continuing progress as I beat more odds.

I use Spring Forest Qigong with a client base. People are drawn to me from my own experiences and comment on the peace and calmness that I have within me. They want to do whatever it is that I am doing to help myself. Individuals come for different reasons, some to reduce stress, to feel connected with Spirit, to help them on their own path when they feel so much inner struggle and for health and wellness.

One amazing story happened in the summer of 2001. A woman, whom I have worked with in the past, came to me because she was under a lot of stress. She did not tell me that her father was dying. When I was working with her, I detected huge blocks in her lungs that were not normal for her. I had never felt something so thick, heavy and dense. I removed blockages wherever I was guided to do even though I thought it was so unusual. I do not usually tell people what blockages I work with and I keep in mind that Chunyi Lin tells us to reinforce and keep the experience positive to not bring up any fears. Something kept tugging at me to share the blockages that I detected with her. I said, "I don't know if you are working around toxins, chemicals or smokers, but just be aware of what you're breathing because dense blockages were detected in your lungs". Intuitively I let her know that I felt as though I was working on her father. She then told me that her father was dying of emphysema and lung cancer complicated with pneumonia. Her father lived 7 hours away and she was on her way to be with him because he wasn't expected to survive the night. She felt that she needed to balance her system before she left town.

A few days later she called me and said, "You're not going to believe it!" When she got to the hospital her father was conscious, laughing and telling jokes. The doctors couldn't figure out how his condition had changed so drastically and discharged him. He unexpectedly survived another 6 months.

This client came to me to help her through a difficult time and it was as if a force higher than her had brought her in to help her father. For me it taught me that you don't even need to know what is going on with the person and that miracles can happen at any distance. You just use the skills that you know to help people with pure love, kindness and forgiveness and whatever needs to be worked on will happen. It's like Chunyi Lin says, just work on the blocks and let the outcome happen. It's a power bigger than us.

I used to think that God, the Angels, our Masters...were somewhere in the clouds, way far away. Now I know that they are only a breath away. Whenever I do Qigong for myself or for others, it is my time to reconnect with the same Light and love that I experienced during my near death experience. I am happy to share this feeling of the Light through Qigong and know that anyone can connect with this same energy. The quiet time during Qigong meditation is time to connect with Spirit, our loved ones and ourselves.

Stacy Langager Rockford, MN

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Christian Faith Healing

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