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"ONG" means the heart of wisdom. This is the wisdom of the universe. "MA LEE" means a person's heart, which is full of changes. "BAE MAE" means the purity of the heart, the emptiness. "HONG" means the enlightenment of a person with the wisdom of the universe, or with the power of God.

"ONG" sound can help with problems in the eyes, the ears, nose, and all kinds of headaches and head problems. "MA LEE" can help with problems in the throat, shoulders, elbows, and the heart and lungs. "BAE MAE" can help with problems in the spine, back, kidneys, stomach, and intestines. "HONG" can help heal the problems in the joints of the body and the legs.

In Taoist meditation, there are also many chants. The most popular one is the six-word chant - SHEE, OOO, HOO, XEE, CHUI, YEE. "SHEE" is the sound of spring. It helps with all problems in the liver system. "OOO" is the sound of summer. It helps heal all problems in the heart system. "HOO" is the sound of seasons. It helps with the pancreas. "XEE" is the sound of fall. It helps with problems in the lung system. "CHUI" is the sound of winter. It helps with the problems in the kidney system. "YEE" goes to the THREE-JIAO, which is in the middle section of the torso between the heart and the liver.

As with all things, sounds, too, are energy. And, like all energy, each sound has its own frequency and vibration.

The vibrations of different sounds are well-known and we even have equipment for measuring the vibration and frequency of sound. It is not as well known that the vibration of sound can also help open up the energy channels in the body and help the body heal. Also, for the purpose of meditation, sounds can help you go into the emptiness faster and deeper.

The Sounds of Spring Forest Qigong

In Spring Forest Qigong we practice two sounds: "OHHMM" and "MWAAH." When you chant or meditate on "OHHMM", the energy runs down from the throat to the bottom of the torso along the front channel. When you chant or meditate on "MWAAH", the energy travels up the back channel, called the Governing Channel, along the spine.

These two main channels form the "Small Universe" in the body. Placing your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth connects these two channels. In this way, the energy of the sound helps open the "Small Universe." If we can keep the "Small Universe" open, the Qi will always flow smoothly and remain balanced and there will be no sickness or energy blockages in the body.

(It may be logical to think that people who cannot hear cannot benefit from the use of these sounds. This is not so. People who cannot hear can still benefit from them. Remember, we said that everything is energy with its own vibration and frequency. Thoughts are energy just as sounds are energy. Just focusing the mind, meditating on the words that create these sounds without actually hearing them also makes very good use of the vibration and frequency of these "sounds.")

Each aspect of Spring Forest Qigong, the breathing, the movements, the thoughts and meditations, and the sounds, all work together to help heal the mind, body and spirit completely. You may not be able to see the Qi energy as it flows through your body but it is real and now you have some experience with how the Qi energy works.

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    What is the chant which is said in Chi Gong?
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    How to prounce siz word chant,omg,male lee,bae mae,hong?
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