Sword Fingers Practice

• First hold your fingers in the Sword Fingers position. Your middle and index fingers rest together and point straight out. Your ring and little fingers are curled in towards the palm with the pad of the thumb placed over them.

• Hold up your other hand and point your Sword Fingers towards the palm of that hand just an inch or so away from it.

• Say in your mind, "Send energy out from my Sword Fingers to my palm."

Sword Fingers

• Keep pointing at your palm and move your Sword Fingers around in a circular motion.

• What do you feel? Feel the energy? Many people feel the energy immediately. Some take a little longer. Be paitent.

• Now, visualize there is energy like a beautiful, powerful light, shooting out of your Sword Fingers, point them at your palm and move them around again.

• Move your Sword Fingers back away from your palm about six inches and continue the circular motion.

• You can still feel the energy. You don't have to be very close. In fact, try this through a table or the back of a chair. Hold your Sword Fingers on one side and your open palm on the other. You can still feel the energy moving.

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