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This exercise is very good for healing the lungs and skin and to balance the energy inside and outside of the body.

If you are doing the Moving of Yin & Yang prior to doing the Breathing of the Universe you make the transition in the following way.

Finish the Moving of Yin & Yang by slowly bringing both hands to a stop in front of your navel at the position of your lower Dantian.

For men, stop with your left hand inside of your right hand. For women, stop with the right hand inside of the left hand.

Again, your hands do not touch each other or your body. This space allows you to keep the feeling of the emptiness.

• Now, focus your mind on your lower Dantian and take three slow, gentle, deep breaths.

• Then, as you inhale the fourth time, move your hands apart and open to the sides.

As you exhale, bring your hands in towards each other but your hands do not touch.

Continue doing this movement with each inhalation and exhalation, slowly and steadily.

Imagine you are using your whole body to breathe.

When you open your hands, feel the energy as it expands in the space between your hands.

When you close your hands feel the energy being compressed in the space between your hands.

With practice, and perhaps very quickly, you will actually feel the energy expanding and compressing.

Use your hands and body to feel the energy moving while you use your elbows to guide the movements.

• While you inhale, visualize the pure universal energy flowing into your body through every part of your body and gathering in your lower Dantian.

• While you exhale, imagine any pain or sickness turning into smoke or air and shooting out from every part of the body to the end of the universe.

• Do not let your body sway while doing these movements. Just keep your body still and relaxed and always wear a smile on your face.

Do this movement for 5 to 10 minutes or longer if you have the time.

By moving your hands in this manner and combining the breathing technique, you help to open blockages in the whole body, especially the lungs.

When you finish this movement, stop your hands in front of you as if you were holding a ball of energy in front of your navel - your lower Dantian. Take three slow, gentle, deep breaths in through your nose.


When you are finished doing your Spring Forest Qigong exercises you should always rub your hands together and then massage your face in the following way.

Starting from the chin, gently rub your hands up your face, along the sides of your nose, up to your forehead, then out and down in a circular pattern along the sides of your face and back down to your chin. Then, start up again in the same manner. Massage your face in this way several times. Doing this helps to bring your focus back from the emptiness.

You may do these exercises in combination, one right after another; or, you can practice just one at a time. Try to practice them whenever you feel the need to completely relax and renew yourself. Even if you only have a few minutes, these exercises can be helpful. Of course, the more you practice these Spring Forest Qigong exercises and the more time you can spend doing them the more you will feel the energy and the deeper you will be able to go into the emptiness.

Always remember to say the password whenever you begin your exercises. By saying the password - "Iam in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I combine together." - you open yourself up to the universe and its limitless supply of healing energy.

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