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THE OTHER MAIN REASON we have energy blockages in our bodies is that we lose our spiritual connection. We lose trust in the universe. The energy to heal your body, mind and spirit comes from the universe.

We are from the universe. We live in this body in the universe. And we will go back to the universe, too. Before we have our individual bodies to experience this life, we are one. We all come from the same source, the universe. We come from the universe. We go back to the universe. We are the universe.

Everything in the universe is made up of Yin and Yang energy coming together. These two are always attracted to each other. When the Yin and Yang energies move and encounter each other at a different point in time, a different place in space, and at a different speed, different things are created. That's why there are so many different and wonderful things in the universe. Because they all come from the same source, each one holds all the messages and information of the universe. This is true of everything, including our bodies.

Today, cosmologists and physicists, great scientists, know that everything in the universe came from the same source. Everything we see was created after the "Big Bang", a massive, incomprehensible release of energy. They don't know what form this energy was before the "Big Bang" but they know everything in the universe came from this form of energy.

Our physical body is Yang energy. Our spiritual body is Yin energy. Together they make us what we are. To focus only on our physical body, on physical things, and not focus equally on spiritual things creates an energy imbalance.

Spirituality is not religion, though many religions are very spiritual. Every religion that teaches love, kindness and forgiveness is very helpful in healing and can be very helpful in your practice of Qigong. Without love, kindness and forgiveness your healing cannot be as complete or as lasting.

Remember, thoughts and feelings are energy with different frequency, vibration and resonance. The energy, the frequency, vibration and resonance, of love, kindness and forgiveness are the most powerful for healing.

Qigong is not a religion anymore than the universe is a religion. The universe is simply the universe. The universe is a source of limitless energy that is there for all of us to call upon. In that energy are the answers to all our questions and the source of our healing.

Qigong healing is sometimes called information healing, message healing, signal healing. These are all the same thing just different words. These are all forms of energy. The universe holds all of this energy, these messages, signals, information. And, all of it is available to all of us all of the time.

All the messages of God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu are, of course, in the universe. Buddha said that you don't need to go to any place to find your Buddha; Buddha is in your heart. Christ said that you don't need to go to any place to find God; the kingdom of God is living in your heart.

When you trust this information, when you trust the universe, you ask the universe for help, you expect the information from the universe, you are going to get the right kind of energy you need. When this energy joins together with your own energy and you wake up the energy in your body, the power is beyond our imagination.

What is the tool to wake up the inner wisdom and power of the universe in the body? Trust the universe. Surrender yourself to the universe. Forget yourself. The more you trust the universe, the closer you go into the emptiness, the more energy will be awakened in your body.

So, we come to the password.

I am in the universe. The universe is in my body.. The universe and I are combined together.

Once you say that, relax completely and use your consciousness to FEEL the universe and your body are one. They are merged together such that you cannot distinguish which is your body and which is the body of the universe. The universe and your body are one. Try to stay in this sensation as long as you can. The longer the better. This is the experience of going into the emptiness.

In this way, the frequency and vibration of the energy of the universe, and your body can combine together and stay together longer. The energy of the universe will assimilate that of your body. Then, your energy centers, open, open, open! All the power, the perfect, limitless, healing energy of the universe is open to you to use in your healing!

The exact words you choose to say may be somewhat different. That is okay. The feeling and meaning are the most important. If you are a religious person you may choose to use a religious word to represent the universe. No matter what words you use, if they represent limitless love, kindness, forgiveness and energy to you, that is wonderful, and that is what matters.

The feelings you experience and the pictures you have in your mind will not be exactly the same as someone else. That is okay. We are all different.

Some of my students feel themselves floating through the universe. Others see themselves beside a beautiful mountain lake or by the ocean. One of my students told me she sees herself walking with Jesus.

Just let go of your conscious self and become one with the universe. When you do that, you will begin to experience the emptiness.

As you practice more, your experience and feelings will become ones of perfect peace, quietness and stillness. That is the emptiness. It is very beautiful and very, very powerful. This is where you find the healing power of


Let me share with you a story about another student of mine. He first came to see me for a personal healing and later on he became a Spring Forest Qigong student. When his wife and daughters saw he made such great progress in his health, the whole family became my students. We had so much fun when we met together.

Then, his wife and daughters stopped coming to my class. They had usually all come together but now only the husband was coming. One day, after my class, I asked the husband how his family was. He said everything was fine except Qigong practice.

He told me that one Sunday morning, his wife met someone in their church who told her Qigong was not accepted by God. This person told her God did not ask us to do Qigong. She was told, if we did Qigong, we could not join God in the Heaven after we died.

She was so scared that she stopped coming to finish her Qigong class when she was only half way through. She refused to allow their daughters to attend my class any longer. She also told her husband that if he brought the girls to the class she would divorce him. He did not want a divorce so he came to class alone. He also told me that he strongly believed that some day his wife would go back to Qigong again.

A couple months later, he called to tell me that his wife allowed him to use Qigong on the pain in her shoulders. Soon after that he called to tell me that his wife had decided to allow their daughters to practice Qigong in their rooms.

He said she'd changed her mind because of the positive changes she saw in her husband since he started practicing Spring Forest Qigong. She said he had become more loving and gentle and considerate. She liked these changes a lot and just couldn't see how Qigong could be evil when it led to changes like that in her husband.

Half a year later, he called me one day and was very excited. He said the whole family was coming back to take more of my Qigong classes. Now they've all finished the Fourth Level. They all want to become Spring Forest Qigong healers.

I have also had students tell me that after practicing Spring Forest Qigong they rediscovered their religious faith and started going back to their place of worship. I am always very happy when I hear these stories. I support everything that brings more love, kindness and forgiveness into our lives and our world. It is just so healing, for a person, for a family, for a community, for the whole world.

Again, Qigong is not a religious thing. But, Qigong is a spiritual thing because we are spiritual beings whether we recognize it or not. Love, kindness and forgiveness are very spiritual and very healing. That is why we practice Qigong - to heal. To heal ourselves, each other and our world.

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