Using Sword Fingers

• Hold your fingers in the Sword Fingers position. (The tips of your little and ring fingers touch the first part of your thumb. Your middle and index fingers rest together and point straight out.)

• Say the password in your mind, "I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I combine together." This message opens the door to receiving the universal energy.

• Ask your friend to take three slow, gentle deep breaths and just relax. (If they want to focus on a wonderful memory or a place or something that makes them feel happy and peaceful, that is good, too.)

• Point your Sword Fingers towards an area where your friend feels pain or discomfort. (At this level you will need to ask your friend where this area is. In my advanced levels you will learn how to detect the energy blockages in the body yourself.) You do not touch your friend. You work at a distance of 6 to 18 inches away from the body. Move your Sword Fingers around to break up the energy blockages. You can move your Sword Fingers in a circular motion or in a slicing or chopping motion.

• (Do not point your Sword Fingers directly at your friend's heart. For the heart, use your Sword Fingers from the side. This is the most effective.)

• Visualize a stream of beautiful light energy coming out from your Sword Fingers and breaking up the energy blockage.

• Once you feel the energy blockage is broken up, (this should only take about 15 or 20 seconds) you need to remove the blockage.

• Use your hand to remove the blockage. You do this by opening your hand and visualizing energy shooting out from each of your fingers. You can use one or both hands. I recommend using only one hand.

• Visualize the energy coming out of your fingers and going into the part of your friend's body where he or she feels pain or sickness, or whatever the problem is.

• Visualize the energy changing the blockage into air or smoke. (Or feel free to be creative and use a different visualization that helps you focus the power of your mind.) Take hold of the air or smoke. Take it out of the body and throw it away. The energy blockage is simply extra energy in the body that you return to the universe. It is not bad energy, there is no such thing. It is just energy that is in the wrong place.

• Keep pulling the air or smoke out until you feel the blockage is clear. (Do not pull energy from the top of the head or from the front of the heart. This is not effective. Work on the head and the heart from the sides or from the back.)

• As you are pulling out the energy blockage it may feel stringing or sticky like spaghetti or taffy. It may feel warm or cold. People feel different sensations while doing this. Keep pulling until the sensation changes or you feel it is all gone. This should take only a minute or two, sometimes a little longer.

• While pulling out the blockage, repeat in your mind, "Blockages open. Pains are gone. You are completely healed." Say this to yourself with great confidence and clarity.

• When you feel the blockage is gone, you give healing energy back to the area where you removed the blockage. This helps to balance the energy and get it flowing freely and smoothly.

• Use your palm to give healing energy. (The frequency of energy from your palm is different than the frequency of the energy coming from your Sword Fingers.)

• Visualize the energy as beautiful light coming from your palm. You give energy back to the area by moving your hand in and out nine times. Always move your hands gently that way the energy will be more comforting to your friend.

• At the end, ask your friend to take three slow, gentle, deep breaths, rub her or his hands together and then massage his or her face, starting from the chin area, up along the sides of the nose to the forehead and then out and down in a circular pattern. This is the best way but don't make a big point about it. Any gentle massaging motion will be good. This helps to bring them out of their relaxed state without feeling spacey.

• Now, say to your friend, "You feel better now!" "You feel great now!" Just as you are sharing your healing energy with your friend, you want to share your positive energy and confidence. This is very helpful, too. (Don't ask, "Do you still feel the pain?" This could send the wrong message and could cause your friend to search for the pain and bring it back.)

That's it. It's just that simple. Try it and you'll see.

The more confidence you have and the clearer your focus the more effective you will be. The key is your desire to help, the love and compassion you have in your heart. This is where the healing energy comes from.

The gift of healing is one you have always had; now you know a technique to use to share this gift with your family, your friends and the whole world. From this moment on you will always know there is something you can do to help. And the more you use this technique, the more you give this gift to help others, the more your ability will increase.

Important Points

• In Spring Forest Qigong healing, the more energy you send out to heal others, the more you will receive.

• In Spring Forest Qigong we practice using the universal energy which is limitless and always available to you.

• If you are a spiritual or religious person, call upon the energy of your spiritual guides (God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, whoever they might be). Joining their energy with yours will be even more powerful.

• Always wear a smile on your face when you are practicing Spring Forest Qigong whether for yourself or when helping others.

• The stronger your focus and visualization, the more successful your healing.

• While you are doing the healing, visualize universal energy coming into your body through every cell and gathering in your lower Dantian. (You do not have to focus on this constantly, just see it once or say it once in your mind and that will be enough.) In this way you collect more energy during the healing than you send.

• Always remember that you are helping someone else to heal themselves. The healing itself comes from the energy.

• Feel confident. Focus on how much you love people, not on success or failure. We do not control the outcome, only the effort and the message.

• Remember that it is the vibration of the energy of love, kindness and forgiveness that is healing.

• Embrace your desire to help your friend. Focus on how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to help others as you help yourself to grow and purify your own energy.

• You can use Sword Fingers to help others and you can also use your Sword Fingers to help yourself.

• This technique can be very helpful for sprains, headaches, stiffness or pain in the joints, shoulders, back or anywhere in the body, muscles aches and pains, sinus congestion, coughs, growing pains in children, stomach aches, and many, many more things.

At this beginning level you will have to ask your friend where the pain or problem is, then you can work on that specific area. It is possible there are other energy blockages in the body that are contributing to their problem.

In Level II and my more advanced classes you will learn how to locate all the energy blockages in the body and how to remove those and help your friend to balance all the energy in their body. But the Sword Fingers technique alone can be very helpful and effective.

I have shared this healing technique with thousands of people and they have been using this technique to help a lot of people, their friends, their family, even their pets and plants.

One man wrote to me from Texas. He learned the Sword Fingers technique from my Level One home study package. He used the healing technique on his mom's shoulders and knees and within a half an hour all her pain went away.

Another student, named Tina, told the class that the same night she learned the Sword Fingers technique in class she went home and found that her seven-year-old daughter had an ear infection. She tried the medicine but it did not work and her little girl was still in a lot of pain and discomfort.

So, Tina nervously tried the Sword Fingers on her daughter's ear. Within twenty minutes the pain went away and her daughter slept soundly through the night. The next morning she got up and went to school just like nothing had happened the night before.

One of my students, named Gwen, even helped her husband to get rid of very painful warts on his feet using this technique the very first day she learned it in my class. She says the warts had been a source of terrible pain for her husband for more than a year.

Another young woman told of how one of my students used this technique to help her and the next day a blemish on her nose was completely gone. She was very self-conscious about this blemish because it just wouldn't go away and no make-up would cover it. It was a small thing, but to her it was big. She thought this was a miracle. That led her to become a student.

Another student, named Joan, learned the healing technique in my class. She went home and tried it on her dog that had arthritis in the legs. When she was done, her dog got up and walked without limping.

Many students have used this simple technique to help their pets, their cats and dogs. Animals are very sensitive to this energy and find it very soothing.

Believe it or not, helping others is that simple. If you are skeptical that is okay. Many people are in the beginning. If you use the technique, you will see what happens.

I could tell you many stories, in fact you will read some of them in this book, of students who started out very skeptical, with friends and family who were even more skeptical. But, once they have the experience of Qigong healing for themselves, their doubts are gone. (Denise Douglass-White's story on page 178 or Cres Schramm's story on page 225 are good examples.)

If your friends are skeptical that is okay, too. Don't try to convince anyone that this works. If they want you to help them, that is wonderful. If not, that is okay, too. You can still send them the energy of your love, kindness and forgiveness, in your thoughts or prayers.

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