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This program comes from Shannon Panzo who is a well known mental photography specialist and it is designed for helping people to increase their brain ability by teaching them the techniques for boosting their reading speed, moreover this course focuses on building a strong rapport between a person's conscious mind and his subconscious mind, thus enabling a person to leverage the limitless power of his subconscious mind in various areas of his life. Zox Pro system includes 8 modules in their package which is designed in a manner using which a person can train his mind to perform better in various areas of his life, especially in the areas where their logical, intellectual, learning and performing skills are needed to be sharpened. Zox Pro training teaches people to use their photographic memory to remember things. This could be extremely useful for students and people who need to memorize books. There is no doubt that when a person taps into his photographic memory to remember things, he can have dramatic results. Read more here...

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Contents: Training System
Author: Richard Welsh and Shannon Panzo
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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this manual, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Zox Pro Training Companion Product

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Zox Pro Training Companion Product Summary

Contents: Audios
Creator: Todd Lee
Official Website:
Price: $97.00

Mental Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

Studies have proven that the more you use your brain, the sharper it remains, much like a door hinge If the door is in constant use, the hinges remain functional. If the door is never used, the hinges rust and refuse to move. The T'ai Chi and Qigong movements, while basically simple, do require you to think about them, at least in your beginning practice. Later, you think about your breathing, and later still, about your energy flow.

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Ladder Climb Stretch

Some people find that standing on one leg is not easy. If this is the case, you might be more susceptible to high blood pressure and strokes. When you stand on one leg, you need to relax your mind. If your mind is under stress, it will not have enough energy to function clearly and you will find it hard to concentrate and think. Standing on one leg is not about how strong your muscles are, it is about the balance of Qi in your brain. Just because someone has big muscles, it does not necessarily mean that they can stand on one leg for a long time. Therefore, this exercise is very good for your brain and for balancing your blood circulation. In order to be able to do this movement properly, the blood must flow along the body properly, instead of relying on big muscles. This is why standing on one leg can prevent strokes and high blood pressure. Another benefit is opening your chest when you reach up. It is very common for us to have poor posture and, without even knowing it, we will...

Regulating the Breath

The other side of the coin is that you can use your breathing to control your Yi. When your breathing is uniform, it is as if you were hypnotizing your Yi, which helps to calm it. From this, you can see that Yi and breathing are interdependent, and that they cooperate with each other. Deep and calm breathing relaxes you and keeps your mind clear. It fills your lungs with plenty of air, so that your brain and entire body have an adequate supply of oxygen. In addition, deep and complete breathing enables the diaphragm to move up and down, which massages and stimulates the internal organs. For this reason, deep breathing exercises are also called internal organ exercises.

Huiyin and Anus Coordination

Be very conscientious when you move Chi through this area. If you do not lead the Chi in the right path, the Chi may spread over your head. If it is not kept near the surface, it may enter your brain and affect your thinking. It is said that this can sometimes even cause permanent damage to the brain.

Relaxation activity

Progressively through this conscious command of contraction relaxation of resting muscles, you will improve and refine their responsiveness, contractive ability and of course their relaxation ability. Once your muscles are more familiar to their deeper relaxation state, in return your brain functions will also improve and understand from their side a deeper relaxation state.

Bone Breathing and Marrow Washing

Bone Marrow Nei Kung

Guide this sensation down into your skull, deep into your brain, cervical vertebrae, sternum, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and down through your legs. Feel it penetrating and enlivening your bones, deep into the bone marrow, washing, cleansing, energizing. This 'liquid-like' Chi spills all the way down to your feet. Feel it connecting with the earth through the soles of your feet be aware of the bubbling springs in the feet (the K1 points of the kidney meridian) breathing and pulsating.

Collecting Qi to the Dantian

Make sure that your eyes follow the rising hand. Both hands should move continuously, balancing themselves between top and bottom. If one hand is at the Sky Eye, then the other should be at the Lower Dant-ian. In this way your hands are always opposite and balanced. If you find that you cannot keep the balance between the hands as you move them simultaneously, then it means that one side of your brain is stronger than the other or that you are doing the movements too quickly, not connecting with your breathing.

Open the Back Channel the Governor

The first pump sends chi and spinal fluid up to the neck, the second receives the chi and spinal fluid and pumps it up into the brain. Opening the back channel is like bringing fresh air to a stuffy room. Your spinal column and head will be refreshed, the nerves will be activated, and the extra oxygen and blood flowing to your brain will make you feel more alert, more alive.

Cosmic Chi Kung Simple Combined Sequence Opening Movements

Smile into the perineum, palms, mideyebrow and crown. Then slowly raise the arms, palms facing each other to chest height keeping the elbows relaxed and sunk. Then slowly rotate the arms until the palms are facing down. Absorb the Earth Chi through the soles, perineum and palms feel it being absorbed into the bones and body like a steam or mist rising from the earth. Feel the earth force move through the center of the bones, up the calves, thighs (femur bones), through the hip bones, spine, scapulas, arms, neck and skull. Finally swirl the energy around your brain.

Cracking In Forehead When Clearing Third

Energy Coming For Third Eye

Now, extend your hands out to the front, very far away - pushing, pushing, pushing. Push. Turn your palms inward, and extend your middle fingers inward toward your third eye. Picture a crack in the middle of your forehead, and pull the crack open. Feel the light from the heavens opening it and feel the light from the heavens shining into your brain. 4. Close the third eye. Again, open. Pull open-close-open. And, close. With the third eye open, the light from the heavens shines into your brain and reflects down to all your organs. Open and close the third eye 3 - 9 times.

Channeling the Earth Force Washing the Bone Marrow

Qigong Breathing Power

Be aware of your Tan Tien and expand your mind down past the earth to connect with the galaxy below you. Multiply and bring your mind back to the Tan Tien. Gradually feel the Chi being absorbed through the whole body and absorb it into the bones and body like a rising steam or mist. Feel the earth force move through the center of the bones and enter the bone marrow move up the calves and thighs (femur bones) through the hip bones, spine, scapula, arms, neck and skull. Finally swirl the energy around your brain. 'Focus at Tan Tien and Universe'.

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Imagine that your physical body is a machine, and your Qi is the current that makes it run. Without the current the machine is dead and unable to function. It is the same with Qi in your body. For example, when you pinch yourself, you feel pain. Have you ever thought How do I feel pain You might answer that it is because you have a nervous system in your body which perceives the pinch and sends a signal to the brain. However, you should understand that there is more to it than that. The nervous system is material, and if it didn't have energy circulating in it, it wouldn't function. Qi is the energy which makes the nervous system and the other parts of your body work. When you pinch your skin, that area is stimulated and the Qi field is disturbed. Your brain is designed to sense this and other disturbances, and to interpret the cause.

Consciousness and Relaxation

In recent fundamental brain research, it has been found that the average person uses only four to five percent of their brain cells. This small portion of active brain cells lies at the surface of the cerebrum. It means that the vast numbers of brain cells in the deeper layers of the cerebrum are asleep.

Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

The techniques for personal development in this book have traditionally been practiced in the martial arts. But the high levels of energy they generate help to transform everyday life. They increase your stamina and brain power. The results work wonders in demanding professions. They give you resilience in high-stress environments and unlock astonishing creative power in the performing arts.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

Or, as the name indicates, fused and then distributed throughout the body wherever they are needed. So when you don't collect the energy at the end of your practice you have no way of knowing where that energy may be stuck. If Chi has collected in your head or chest you may be in for a lot of trouble because your brain is very sensitive to heat and you may have terrible headaches and possibly delusions. When your heart overheats, you find that you can't breathe well and that it beats too quickly. In regard to this there is a rule in Tao which is to keep your head cool and your feet warm.

Physiologic characteristics of Zhan zhuang

During this exercise muscle oxidation (releasing food energy) may reach up to twofold increase and oxygen consumption up to fourfold. In the same time, metabolic wastes (carbon dioxide, lactic acid) are also increasing and signal the respiratory centers in your brain, which, in turn, stimulate the respiratory muscles, telling them to work harder. With practice this stimulation will be reduced as the muscle will be able to accept more oxygen during a same respiration cycle. Your breath is then deeper and your blood more enriched by oxygen. As in ZZ you are always free of any suffocation, there is no risk to happen any oxygen debt in your respiratory system so that during and

Open the Three Tan Tiens

Heart Consciousness

Cut and project your fingers long into the middle of your brain. Spiral your Tan Tien and the universe. Leave your fingers there. Concentrate on your Tan Tien spiral-ing - your heart, crown, the universe above, below, front, back left and right all spiral-ing. Your Tan Tien is a big empty space primordial force darkness. You can put so much Chi inside there The Chi penetrates into your brain.

Is it better to train Upper limbs or Lower limbs Basic testing force exercises

Importance Wuji Stance Zhan Zhuang

The sensory and motor areas communicate with each other to control input of sensations from the body and to take appropriate motor action. Planned movements are controlled by the motor area. Our motor area sends signals down nerves to our muscles to tell them to move. Delicate movements need more brain power than big ones, so our lips and hands have larger areas of the homunculus controlling them than our legs. Because the left side of our brain controls the right side of our body, every time we want to move our right hand it is our left brain that is doing the work. Conversely, every time we want to move the left side of our body, it is the right side of the brain that controls it.

Non Thinking and Consciousness

Qigong Pain Free

Now we are standing at the entry to Emptiness. I am calling step 5 the samadhi of non-thinking. If you can visualize finger-counting for ten rounds, step 5 will be easy. After practicing step 4 in the three-dimensional television of the brain, all you have to do is abruptly switch the television screen off. This may be easier if you inhale once deeply and then exhale very deeply (in the Raku-raku breathing method described in Chapter III), with your shoulders relaxed and buttocks slightly tightened. In this stage, although the brain is functioning coherently, you should not be thinking of anything. You may feel as if the inside of your brain is blank. Descriptions of this stage differ from one person to the next. After you complete this stage, perform step 4 again and you should be able to enter deeper samadhi (Figure 23-3), but this time you are conscious. Then, turn off the television again for even deeper samadhi of non-thinking. Step 7 is to repeat samadhi under conditions of...

The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

Meridiane Laogong

The exhale, and lead Chi into the marrow and internal organs on the inhale. The inhale also leads Chi upward to your brain through the inside of your spine. If you do this right you will feel cold and light, and you may also experience a sense of rising. When you exhale this way you should feel hot, expanding, heavy, and sinking. You can see that inhaling is a way to become more Yin, while exhaling is a way to become more Yang. Inhalation is Kan while exhalation is Lii.

Defense and Immune System Defense System

Work on yourself first to activate your Sacrum. Project the sacrum as big as the universe. Breathe and compress the universal Chi into the sacrum until it rises up to fill your brain. Project out into the universe, multiply the energy and spiral it back down. Project it to the students and tell them to touch the sacrum. 3. Touch the Mideyebrow and Crown, which control the Pituitary and Pineal Glands respectively. Touch the third eye, feeling it open and feel the light from heaven entering into your brain and into your body. Touch the crown. Feel your fingers reaching deep inside and feel the Chi penetrating all the way down to your perineum. Fill the glands with Chi. Give the command Clear, clean and bright fill with violet light and return to normal function .

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

Have you noticed that after a meal you often feel tired and sleepy This is because most of the energy in your body goes to your stomach to digest the food. As a result your brain loses energy, your mind is not as clear, and you feel sleepy. The same is true of what we drink. Only pure water is absorbed directly from other liquids, such as supermarket soft drinks and alcohol, the body has to separate out the beneficial elements and eliminate the negative ones. Even something healthy like fresh fruit juice cannot be absorbed directly to become part of us. So whenever we eat or drink, we need to use our energy our Qi. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you will still feel tired and sleepy. This is because there is a right and a wrong way to sleep, and you have picked the wrong way. If at night you just lie down on your bed without any preparation, you are not sleeping you are collapsing And when you lie down and close your eyes it does not necessarily mean you are resting. Your...

Advanced Smile left brain right brain center brain

Now invite the left and right half of the brain to smile into each other in the center of your brain. The left and right brain hemispheres smile at each other and find some common ground, some beautiful meeting space where they flow together. Biologically, this meeting place is the corpus callosum, the crossing point for the two hemispheres in the cerebral cortex, the upper brain. Energetically, it is the meeting space of yin and yang in your head, neutralizing each other, fusing into the center of the self-awareness center of the head. Smile from this center, and feel for the response One minute silent practice.

Chapter Tai Chi Chi Rung

When practicing Chi Kung, you should always pay attention to regulating your body, breathing, and mind. You must keep regulating them until your mind does not have to be on the regulating, and the regulation happens automatically. Then you will be able to feel the Chi, and your Yi will be able to lead it easily and smoothly. Ultimately, you will be able to lead Chi to your head to nourish your brain and raise your spirit of vitality. Once you have learned how to use your Yi to lead your Chi effectively, then you can start working toward several goals in regulating your Chi. First, you want to make the Chi circulate smoothly and strongly in your body. Second, you want to build up the Chi to a higher level to strengthen your body. Third, you want to lead the Chi to the skin and also to the marrow. This will keep the skin fresh and young, and keep the blood factory (the marrow) functioning fully. Finally, you want to lead the Chi to your head to nourish your brain. It is the center of...

Forget about your Palms

An extremely important theory of Cosmic Healing Hand Techniques is to 'forget about your palm'. This means that you should only use the palm (which is incredibly sensitive), for 'guiding' the universal energy into the right spot, sending out a minute beam of light, like a laser, that marks the place where the energy should be sent. Your palm is connected to your brain, which has been sunk into your Tan Tien. The light marker will serve as a beacon for the force that is directed down by your mind. Draw down the Universal Chi, guide it to the right spot and give the command Stay . This is very important, otherwise the Chi will disappear once you move your hand.

Step Smile into the Three Brains

Smile into the essence of all that natural peace and personal bliss on top of your head, melted into a golden egg made of warm, glowing, liquid light. Let this warm liquid golden light begin to dissolve and flow down through your brain, to your third eye. If it spontaneously changes color, allow that new color to remain. If neither of these methods works for you, you can also imagine that you are smiling into a mirror, into your own smiling eyes. Then you shift into your mirror-image eyes, and smile back into your physical eyes and third eye. This mirror self represents your energy body, and like the other practices, feel the smiling eyes beaming golden light into your brain.

The Stepping Warm Ups

Because T'ai Chi movements include a stepping pattern that is perhaps unique to this art, it would serve us well to practice this particular walking style. The following warm-up gets you up and moving, gets the blood circulating and the synapses in your brain firing, and improves your balance and your kinesthetic sense. (Your kinesthetic sense is your sense of where your body is in relation to the ground and objects around you. If you are the type of person who constantly bumps into things, your kinesthetic sense may need some refining.)

Swimming Dragon Gong

Body Sitting Crossed Legged

This movement is also good for the brain. Do you know that your balance comes from your brain It does not come from the muscles. Muscles give the strength to support you, but balance and good circulation comes from the brain. Therefore if you can do this movement, your brain will be very clear, good at analysing problems and your memory will be good. So this movement is very good for your brain and preventing strokes.

Iron Head Arts

Coil soft silk around your forehead about ten times. Now wrap one or two iron pieces around your forehead on the outside (you could use something like chain mail etc). Bump your head against a wall two times only each day. While training you MUST lift your Qi to fill your brain. At first do not over exert force otherwise you will damage you not so tough skull. Gradually over time bump the wall with your head a bit harder. Slowly increasing the force. After more than one year later use seven or eight pieces of silk instead of ten. Then after hundreds of days more practice, decrease the silks to four of five rounds. One more year later you can bump the wall without using silk. It is very painful for a trainee to bump their head straight against a wall but step by step your head should now be as hard a brick. One must first cultivate one's character before practicing this skill.

What is QIGONG

Make Uranium Ore

Scientists still don't know why we sleep. The heart still functions while we sleep. The blood still flows. The lungs breathe. Your brain is still active. So are your muscles, just ask anyone who tosses and turns a lot. But, physiologically there is no reason for sleep. So, why do we sleep Sleeping is a natural meditation. Sleep is one of the ways to help balance the energy in our bodies. That's why we need sleep. Qigong is all about energy balance and sleep is one type of Qigong. Physical activity is the Yang part of our everyday life. Sleep is the Yin part of everyday life. As in all things, Yin and Yang need to be in good balance. Sleeping is a passive way of practicing Qigong.

What Is the A Nerve

Kosuke Oki

Japanese pharmacologist Kosuke Oki has written extensively about the relationship between brain activity and stimulation received though the soles of the feet The activity of the A-10 nerve is worth noting, particularly in connection to healthy brain functioning and learning ability. The reason for this is that human creativity occurs at times of the A-10 nerve's overactivity. Creativity evolves by means of the A-10 nerve, through an excess of awareness and pleasurable sensations. Creativity and pleasurable sensations act in concert and are inseparable. I think that activating the A-10 nerve is an extremely effective form of brain training. In order to activate this nerve, you need to train yourself physically, so that your body becomes ready, whenever necessary, to secrete important hormones such as proopiomelanocortin (POMC), which is a crucial resource of vital energy and stamina Walking and running are both good forms of training for the health of the brain. The strongest...

Closing Thoughts

Qigong meditation relieves stress, which is one of the major causes of disease. It also slows the heart rate and respiration. It strengthens the immune system. When you do meditation, your brain sends chemical messages to your body to help you relax. It also enhances an over all


Fosa Temporal

It's interesting because the energy I have been describing in my teaching is exactly what they were measuring during their testing. So I went there and did the measurements with them. I just did the Inner Smile, smiling into my abdomen. They picked up these readings very quickly and said, Your brain waves are going lower, lower and resting - and you are nearly in the sleeping state. At the same time, the muscle tension

Sacrum Alignment

Microcosmic Orbit

Internal force .) Once you can develop and feel the force in the C-7, you will be able to exert the force. This entire process is called self-adjustment of the cranial pump and will activate the cranial pump. (Fig. 3.55) The action of the cranial pump will greatly increase, thereby increasing brain power as well. Circle nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise at C-7. Feel the Chi energy join the scapulae, the arms, and the hands and fingers together. You will feel the Chi start to flow from the thumb and fingers of one hand to the thumb and fingers of the other hand, like a jumper cable. Use the eyes to look at the thumbs and direct the Chi to that point.


Breathing are interdependent, and that they cooperate with each other. Deep and calm breathing relaxes you and keeps your mind clear. It fills your lungs with plenty of air, so that your brain and entire body have an adequate supply of oxygen. In addition, deep and complete breathing enables the diaphragm to move up and down, which massages and stimulates the internal organs. For this reason, deep breathing exercises are also called internal organ exercises.

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