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Chemo Secrets From a Breast Cancer Survivor

Undergoing chemotherapy can be one of the most terrifying things that you go through in your life. One of the most frightening things about chemotherapy is the lack of real information that most people have about it, and the unknown makes it so much more frightening as a result. This eBook, written by a young cancer survivor gives you the real story about what chemo is all about. The most valuable information you can get about chemotherapy is from someone that has already experienced it. This PDF eBook allows you to download and read it as soon as your order it. You can begin your journey of reassurance as soon as you want! Because that's what this is about: chemo does not have to be a terrifying unknown! Other people have gone through it before, and want to help you through it as well! This eBook is the guide through chemo that many people wish they could have had, and now you can have it yourself! More here...

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Highly Recommended

The very first point I want to make certain that Chemo Secrets From a Breast Cancer definitely offers the greatest results.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

The Accessory Therapeutic Method Of Qigong For Carcinosis

Although at present there are therapeutic treatment methods being used, a cure is by no means guaranteed. In recent years, this disease has been treated with an integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. When Qigong is introduced as an accessory, the therapeutic effect is often enhanced. In some cases, the symptoms are relieved, and the development of the disease is controlled so that the survival time is prolonged. In other cases, the patients are cured. This shows the heartening trend of treating cancer with Qigong. Qigong therapy does not kill normal cells, as does chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are used to kill the cancer cells, and enhance the autoimmune system, it can also help patients to regulate themselves and create an optimum external and internal environment for recovery from the disease. As a method for the prevention and treatment of cancers, Qigong should work together with other therapeutic steps, including...

Clinical Manifestations

Cao, 65 years old, was diagnosed as having malignant lymphoma in September 1986. He received chemotherapy for 4 months, and the tumour was reduced in size. However, his state deteriorated due to emotional stress. There were six palpital lumps under his neck, armpits and in the groin which were as big as eggs with obvious hardness and pain. He began to practise Qigong in May 1987. Twenty days later, the pain became less severe and the lumps smaller. After he had practised Qigong for two months, all the six lumps had disappeared and the patient

Chronic Debilitating Pain

I immediately signed up for Level Two. During this time, my mom was dealing with breast cancer. She elected to have a double mastectomy, but was extremely fearful of all of this because she had not yet recovered from a very traumatic kidney surgery. My mom had donated a kidney to my sister and it did not go well for my mom. Three years later, she was still experiencing a lot of painful discomfort. She did not know how she could possibly deal with this pain along with the pain of her upcoming surgery. My mom had always been healthy so the last couple years had been very difficult for her.

Prostate Cancer and TCM

Prostate Cancer Chinese And Western

In Western medicine, if the cancer is discovered at an early stage, operation can be pe remove it. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy is also used at most stages. While Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not claim to cure cancer, it has a good effect on it. TCM can help to relieve the symptoms, while prolonging and improving In 1999, I witnessed three men who were suffering from prostate ca ncer. The first gentleman I did not see as a patient, but knew through one of my friends. This gentleman was54years old and had been diagnosed in February 1999. He had been given chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment only. He was suffering from severe constipation,

How Blockages are Created

Some years ago, I met a psychology professor named Nancy. A Chinese friend had recommended she come to see me. Nancy had been diagnosed with breast cancer. When she came to see me she was severely depressed and completely stressed out. It will probably surprise you to learn that from a Qigong perspective Nancy's breast cancer had more to do with her kidneys than anything else. So, allow me to use Nancy's breast cancer was caused primarily by the blockages in her kidney energy channels. You see, the breasts are part of the kidney energy system. The breasts are physically closer to the heart and lungs but they are not part of the heart energy system or the breathing energy system. The breasts are part of the kidney system as are the bladder, the reproductive organs, the ears and the hair on your head. Nancy's blockages might have resulted in bladder cancer or ovarian cancer as easily as breast cancer. About the time I met Nancy, a young woman in her twenties named Amy came to see me....

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

One of my patients, Sophie D., was suffering from breast cancer. She came to see me because she has more faith in Chinese medicine than in Western medicine also she had seen my Qigong demonstrations and attended some of my seminars. After five treatments her condition had improved considerably -not just because my Qi cured her, but because she followed my instructions and every day did the exercises I had given her. Then one of the lumps disappeared. I believe that one day she will totally recover just by keeping up with the exercises.

Definition of Traditional Chinese Medicine

It may appear that I'm advocating TCM as the one and only healthcare system. Not so. Both TCM and Western medicine have advantages and limitations, and, in fact, the best results are often obtained from combining the two. For example, in Chinese hospitals, cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy and radiation but they are also given herbal medicine to combat the debilitating side effects of their treatment. This means that higher doses of chemotherapy and radiation can be tolerated by the patient, making the overall treatment more effective. To use another example If I broke my leg, obviously the first place I would want to go to is a hospital. But I would make use of TCM modalities such as acupuncture to reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.


Shaolin Eye Qigong

Some scientists believe that we have a built in redundancy - a kind of genetic time bomb that one day says time's up , others posit a theory known as antagonistic pleiotropy (this is where certain functions that help us survive in early life are destructive later on -reproductive hormone synthesising cells could well be among this category by causing breast cancer), but currently the most popular explanation in the West is that of wear and tear from 'free radicals'. This theory suggests that the nutrients that we eat and the air that we breathe in order to live over a long period of time has a 'corrosive' effect and gradually damages our cell and D.N A. structure so that it ceases to function efficiently. In particular this theory suggests that super oxides (one of the forms oxygen can take in the blood) do much of the damage. Much of the evidence for this theory is of course only correlative i.e. animals with a high metabolic rate live longer than those with a low...

Healing Testimony

I believe I was led to Master Lin and that it was, at its essence, an answer to prayer and my deepest longing. In the fall of 1998, I was wrestling with some hard decisions. I had just been told that my recent biopsy was positive and that my breast cancer had reoccurred. I had previously had two small lumps removed and followed the standard treatment course - lumpectomy and radiation. I was 34 at the time of my original diagnosis and now, at 38, I was being told that, once again, I had breast cancer.

Visits the UK

Meditation Health

I have been studying qigong for about 9 months using your book. I do all of the routines daily and never miss a day. I am a breast cancer patient and now appear to be in total remission and am feeling wonderful. I want to go further in my studies and become an instructor so that I may help others. sincerely B.D, Maine In the previous two issues, I have explained the basic theory ofTCM relating to the treatment of cancer This included the differentiation between different types of breast cancer and two of the most commonly used Chinese herbal patents in the treatment of cancer After two weeks he felt less depressed and was sleeping better. He had started chemotherapy treatment and was feeling sick and had a poor appetite. On the same prescription, I added Shang Zha and Bai Zhu to improve digestion. A lady, 56 years old, suffered from left breast cancer for five years. She first visited my clinic in July 1994. At the time, her left breast and arm were very swollen and purple in colour....

Qigong Treatment

There are three main kinds of treatments for diabetes mellitus. They are dietotherapy, chemotherapy, and exercise treatment. Adequate exercise is helpful to improve glucose metabolism, and prevent complications and expanding of diabetes mellitus. Qigong exercise is not only simple and convenient, but an

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