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This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. Continue reading...

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Basic Self Defence Training

Knowing some self defence is always a useful skill, it might even save your life one day, just because you have learnt some skill. To become good at one style of martial art takes a long time, although it is the best way to reach a high level. If you do not have much time and want to learn some techniques to protect yourself you can train using the following instructions. However, in reality, things can happen in many different circumstances, so you will have to practise often. Then once the situation arises and you have trained, then you will be able to manage. Chan agreed and said, So you see, when you face your problems at least they are sorted out and you can get on with your life and maybe find heaven.

Finding the Center by pivoting

Of course, energy projections are not always so tangible and easy to perceive. In your daily life, you may feel others projecting their emotions or attitudes towards you, perhaps eliciting a noticeable amount of reaction from you. By definition, reaction is a projection of energy in equal amount and in the direction opposite the initial action. Reacting to other people's energies is likely to escalate conflicts and produce more drama. If you do not like turning your life into a nightmare, learning to be Centered will empower you to switch from reacting to responding to the flow of energies coming at you from others Responding means ability to sense the flow of oncoming energy and allowing your Center, the core of your Being, to take charge of the issue. With practice, you will be able to translate this principle from crude physical energy projections to emotional and psychological projections in every sphere of your life.

Q What do you do if you just feel bored while smiling like nothing is really happening

Because even if it appears nothing is happening externally in your body or in your life situation, the reality is that you are being born each moment. Creation doesn't stop just because you are feeling bored. To even be able to create a bored you is an exciting process that requires the cooperation of the entire chi field, which means the entire Cosmos. So when you are bored, just appreciate the entire Cosmos is working hard to sustain

What the Year of the Horse Has in Store for

If you find your horoscope is not good then if you learn how to change it then your future will also change. But if you think you are so lucky, then you can turn selfish and in the end your life will become bad. The future is based on two elements. One is the prenatal element that you were born with. This determines how tall you will be, whether your hair is brown and your eyes blue. The other element is the postnatal element which comes after you were born. Even if you were born a nice, compassionate person, if you just think of yourself, by the time you have grown up you will be selfish. This will influence your life and your decisions as to which way you go, good or bad.

From the Han Dynasty to the Beginning of the Liang Dynasty BC AD

Ing substance for which Chinese Taoists have been searching for millennia. They originally thought that the elixir was something physical which could be prepared from herbs or chemicals purified in a furnace. After thousands of years of study and experimentation, they found that the elixir is in the body. In other words, if you want to prolong your life, you must find the elixir in your body, and then learn to protect and nourish it.

Using Dumeridian To Generate Fa Jing In Martial Arts

You must also sink your weight (Qi) into the ground when you use any of these punches as this will give you more power and stability. Once you have it though, you will be able to launch any attack from anywhere and from any short distance. And this is where fighting happens, in your face Fighting does not happen from a distance. A good fighter can be in your face before you can blink, and the short range methods using fa-jing are the only way to protect yourself in these situations. And if a fighter is not in your face in a matter of seconds, then he is not worth fighting anyway, you should just walk away and allow him to claim victory If the fight is for real however, and your life is threatened then the methods that I will give in this book will give you all you will need, given the fact that you will of course have had some basic training in fa-jing and looseness. My main thrust in teaching is to always teach people how to fight first. So it is not in my nature simply to give you...

Qi Exercises to Generate more Qi

Qi What is it Qi, now where did that word come from Qi (pronounced Chee ) is also known as chi, and to the Japanese it is called Ki. Chi is your life force, your energy. It is vital for without Qi you would be dead for there would be no life in you. Most people gather Qi without even knowing it they gather it from the foods they eat and by sleeping. Others have discovered how to gather more Qi through meditation, martial arts like Tai Chi (Taiji), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and through deep rhythmic breathing from the stomach. There are several other ways but I won't list them all here. If one has a vast amount of Qi he will live longer than others who have not gathered extra Qi will. Daoists believed through meditation and Qi training one could become immortal. There are several legends of very old Tai Chi masters being able to fly because of this amazing energy. But aside from Qi there are a few other energies I will list them. Yi Yi is intention. You will. You use Yi everyday to talk to...

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

A It is difficult to do so on your own. Throughout your cultivation process exist many problems that put your Xinxing to the test. The protection extended to you by the Fashen (law body) is to prevent endangerment to your life. He, however, may not take care of certain problems that need to be overcome, resolved and comprehended by you. Sometimes when evil messages come, they may tell you what the lotto numbers are, but the numbers may be right or may be wrong. Or, it could also tell you other things. It is all up to you. When your mind is upright, evil things can not invade. As long as you guard your Xinxing well, there should not be any problem.

Practice Principles and Methods

A Because we cultivate both mind and body, age does not matter. As long as you focus on cultivation and can follow the guidelines of Xinxing as I illustrated, the phenomena of prolonging one's life will appear as you cultivate. Does not that give you enough time to cultivate However, there is one thing pertaining to exercises that cultivate both mind and body. When your life is extended, if there is a problem with your Xinxing, your life will be immediately in danger. Because your life is prolonged for the purpose of cultivation, once your Xinxing deviates, your life will be in danger immediately.

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

That center is your unconditioned being self. All the layers around this core are your subtle bodies and the layers of your physical body. These layers, both subtle and physical, are your conditioned becoming self. Once you get all the polar conditioned aspects dancing and smiling around the mayday pole in the center, your life will flow effortlessly. Some of the patterns of conditioning will disappear others will remain, but will find themselves in balance with something else.

Yun Xing Yu Shi ft M Moving Clouds Make Rain

Falun Gong Mouvement

Xing means move, do, element, or achieve. Yu means rain. Shi means give or execute. The Chinese concept of clouds and rain contains sexual connotations clouds and rain are a Chinese traditional synonym for intercourse and represent the way of giving birth to new life. In traditional Chinese literature, intercourse is likened to clouds clouds are the Qf that is produced when Heaven and Earth embrace while ejaculation is equivalent to the bursting of the clouds, bringing forth fertilizing rain. Tigers are indeed known to vocalize most vigorously when mating or fighting over a mate. As Yang creatures, tigers exhibit sexual prowess and their body parts are treasured aphrodisiacs. Tigers have frequent intercourse, climaxing in a dramatic ejaculation when the male tiger roars and bites his partner's neck.

The Qi Energy and Peak Performance

Whenever I hear this I always think the players should be practicing Qigong. Qigong is all about energy, all about peak performance. You simply cannot have peak performance in sports, in health or any other aspect of your life when you have energy blockages in your body and your energy is not balanced and flowing freely the way it was intended to do. It really helps with perspective, with values. It helps you identify what's important in your life. It helps with that process. You begin to realize that you're a spiritual being and it helps you to form a kind of personal relationship with something bigger than yourself. I think without a doubt that is the most important aspect of this. It helps bring a sense of peace and clarity to whatever you do. If Spring Forest Qigong can help you to be the best athlete you can be that is a wonderful thing, but if it can help you, as Jim says, to be the best person you can be, to live your life with peace, clarity and joy, that is the most...

Circulate your Chi in the Microcosmic Orbit

Microcosmic Orbit

In the preceding breathing exercises, you have been asked at certain points to circulate the Microcosmic Orbit. Your life-force energy thus must be circulated through specific pathways in the body efficiently and safely to be used for healing and growth. The Microcosmic Orbit circulation uses the power of the mind to help activate the sacral and cranial pumps into pumping the life-force energy throughout the body.

How to use this Course

The remaining two audio sessions are for exercise and meditation. The lirst, called Active Exercises, helps you with the active exercises that you learned on the video. Each side is approximately 30 minutes. On Side A, I will guide you through these exercises Beginning of the Universe, Forming of Yin and Yang, Moving of Yin and Yang, Breathing of the Universe, and Joining of Yin and Yang. On Side B, I will guide you through Harmony of Universal Energy, Seven Steps of New Life, and the ending exercise, Harvesting Qi. If you choose to do just Side A, be sure to finish the session with the Ending exercise-it is easy to memorize.

Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

While there are said to be few, if any, martial arts systems more powerful than Da Cheng Chuan, you experience its enduring benefits as you go about your life and work. Your mind and body become exceptionally alert. Your mental and emotional faculties are refreshed. You experience greater resilience under pressure and recover more easily from illness and injury.

The Qigong Six Healing Sounds

Healing Sounds Qigong

Emotional factors play a major role in your life. You cannot separate the emotional life from the physical. Your feelings live in your body and affect all aspects of it. Here are the seven basic emotions with the organ of the body they affect This last exercise is done best lying on your back with legs extended and hands at your sides. Breathe normally and relax. Inhale and feel your body expand. As you exhale, make the Triple Burner healing sound and visualize a large soft roller or gentle loving hands rolling over your body from your shoulders to the top of your thighs, pressing out any negative feelings. Breathe normally and bring your mind back to the starting position. Relax, inhale and feel your body expand with wonderful glowing health. With each outward breath, silently make the Triple Burner healing sound and feel the roller gently press, releasing all unhealthy Qi energy from your body. Feel light, clean, refreshed and free. Repeat exercise as needed. When you are finished,...

What Value in Practice

Energy Gates Qigong

My teacher, Lu Shui-Tian, challenged me to think deeply about my studies. I in turn askyou to reflect seriously on your practice. If you do not understand the underlying principles or why certain methods are practised certain ways, at certain times and under certain conditions, how can you say that you understand Qigong, or Taijiquan, or Bagua Zhang, etc. Ask yourself, are you simply following someone else's recipe with little or no understanding of your own After practising hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year, and possibly decade after decade, what have you achieved that is of true value to your skill, to your health and to your life In Feng Shui mountains are often seen as supporting features, that protect and guard you from behind. However, there is more knowledge relating to mountains that must be understood to appreciate how a mountain might affect your Qi and your life.

Master Yun Hang Taichi

Tai Chi Chuan Yang Sau Cheung

The turning point in Master Lam s career was his introduction to a Yi Chuan master, who had trained in the tradition ofGrand Master Wang Xiang Zhai. By testing myselfagainst this master, I found that his system was far more powerful than anything I had learned already, Master Lam recalls. After this I changed everything, using the forms I already knew but with a new power that gave my martial arts new life.

Getting in touch with the Universe

Such a sense of wonder may arise in between the out and in breath and the in and out breath in that moment of emptiness when life is for a fraction in suspense. Then one is filled again with new life force and the Lower Tan Tien, enjoying the bio-electromagnetic current, in which the essence of food and air is converted, enters into waves of fine vibrations which ripple in all directions. It is like a drum whose skin has the right tension and internal pressure to produce a powerful sound. The same is true with string instruments. If the strings are too tight, they snap. If they are too loose, you cannot play. Only when they have the right tension does music become possible.

Crazy Little Thing Called Stress

Although there are many different definitions of stress, the one that I like best states that stress is any change you encounter in your life. Today the words change and stress are often used synonymously, particularly in light of global terrorism and the national terrorism alert code. As a rule, people feel threatened by

The Five Essential Techniques of Qigong Practice

Regulating the breath is a way to help you to relax and achieve tranquility. It is a way to strengthen your life force and harmonize the flowing Q and blood. It is an important way to unite the physical body and spiritual body. The four patterns of the breath are Feng (wind), Chuan ffff (wheeze), Q f (air), and Xi (grow). Feng means there is noise during breathing. Chuan means there is blockage in the breath, even without noise during breathing. Q means the breath is heavy, even without noise or blockage during breathing. These three breathing patterns are not harmonious. The fourth one, Xi, is the harmonious and balancing breathing pattern. Xi means the breath is smooth without blockage, soft and constant without noise. A Qigong practitioner is able to calm the mind and allow the consciousness to stay in a peaceful, harmonious, tranquil state through practicing Xi. In Chinese shamanic traditions, we apply mantras to elevate the breath to the Xi level. Regulating the sleep is a way to...

Smile to the Dark Ocean Beyond the Stars

We can just as easily allow our inner smiling wave to flow beyond the stars, beyond the galaxies and black holes out there. We can smile to the field of pure space itself, the dark velvety part of the night sky which is just pure dark energy, pure potential, waiting to be tapped by us. Remember, it may look like an empty void, but its actually open space filled with unborn chi, like a pregnant cosmic womb ready to birth future galaxies and life forms. That cosmic womb contains the primordial seeds of your future thoughts, feelings, and sensations - all waiting to be downloaded, like cosmic interactive patterns that you will use to shape your identity.

Is There A Hard Style Qi Gong

Wuji Taiji

We are not like boxers who train for a prearranged fight three months away. They know they have to put in the required amount of training otherwise they will not be able to compete. For the average person there is no point in training hard for three months or even three years and then never train again. When you train, never take short cuts. After all, there is no hurry to learn. You may get in a fight tomorrow, but you probably won't. In fact you may never have a fight for the rest of your life, so take your ,,meB by Daniel Poon

Breathing And Relaxing

The state of your mental and nervous systems has a profound effect on your breathing and the functioning of your entire being. Thoughts and feelings have obvious effects on your respiration and your heartbeat. They have a powerful influence on the chemicals released into your bloodstream and on the tension in your muscles. A classic example of this is the effect of worry on the heartbeat, the breathing rate, and the digestive system. These same effects can be detrimental to your Chi system, blocking the flow of energy through your body, and restricting your ability to absorb and utilize the universal Chi that surrounds you every moment of your life.

Disabling Panic Anxiety Attacks

The interviewer asked him one last question which was , Can you leave our viewers with something they can practice at home Master Lin showed the hand and breathing movements of the Seven Steps of New Life. I followed along and it had an immediate effect on me. The program ended. I quickly wrote down the telephone number, called for a catalog and signed up for Levels I, II, & III and two Tai Chi classes.

Tai Chi Harmony of Cosmic Being

Golden Embryo Taoism

This inner frown is a form of self-inflicted chronic stress. Over time, it begins to weigh on us, as if we were wearing our resistance to life like a big heavy chain around our neck. Unfortunately, we often inflict this inner frown on those around us. If you look into the mirror of your life, you can see if this is the case for you. We each need to ask ourselves, I am ready to get serious about throwing off this heavy yoke, and begin living more lightly, guided by our inner smiling self

Shen Jian Zhan Xie iffim fl Spiritual Sword Kills the Demon

Meaning Shen means spirit, divine, or essence. Jian is a sword, which is a symbol for wisdom. Zhan means cut off with a sharp motion or chop. Xie means evil (as in Xie Qf), devil, demon, or ghost. Xie means all the factors that cause illness. It may be a blockage in your body, problems in your life, unbalanced emotions, or anything that pulls you away from or blocks you from your endeavors. In our Qigong practice, we always feel resistance this is the evil Q that makes us feel that it is all right not to practice. If we don't have wisdom, we follow this outside face that is beautiful and alluring but keeps us from moving forward. The spiritual sword represents special wisdom which we need for cutting off the evil energy. Through practice, we will become stronger physically and spiritually. We must develop the ability to kill the inner demons that prevent us from moving into a better state. The symbolic meaning of this movement is that new spiritual life will be born through the kill.

Self Defence for Women

Allinurl Self Defence For Women

This collective feeling is so common yet misunderstood, as people become overwhelmed by it, and in panic, they freeze. Actually this feeling is nothing of which to be ashamed it must be acknowledged so that it can be controlled and used to advantage. Even battle-hardened soldiers say that a soldier claiming to know no fear in battle is either a liar or completely mad. Cus D'Amato, Mike Tyson's former trainer, once said, A fighter has to know fear . Identifying the external signs in an opponent, while disguising them within yourself, increases the chances of victory, which may one day save your life. (Psychological advantage and deception, is two thirds of the battle won.) The final part of our look at how the garden or lack of one effects your Feng Shui and so your life's energy.

Righteous qi the development of inner and outer balance

These are the true domains of Ba Gua Zhang. It is more than a martial art, it is a high ait of transformation and mastery It becomes moving meditation, and a way for one to look at the wonders of creation. In practice of the art seek out the sublime meaning underlying the guas, for they have the potential to radically change your life.

The Qi Energy and Your Sixth Sense

It will help you to make better decisions in your work or at school. It will help you to make fewer mistakes in your life because when you learn to hear your inner voice clearly and calmly you will know what you should do and what you should not do.

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

During these treatments, I used my Qi to make my patients' energy stronger, to get rid of negative Qi, to smooth the channels, to open the acupuncture points and to strengthen the internal organs. When the internal organs achieve balance, the illness goes. But after the treatment the patient needs to conserve his or her energy. No matter how famous the Qigong master who uses his energy to help you, if you do not keep the energy but use it to enjoy your life, playing games, chatting with your friends or watching TV, you will become exhausted and will regress to how you were before your treatment.

Chapter Six Holding Patterns

If you find yourself wishing you could get rid of your tension, then you need to accept and learn the lessons presented by your holding patterns in order to integrate your new awareness into a more harmonious way of being. If you agree that everything that ever happened to you was supposed to happen, given your energy that was supportive of the way things unfolded in your life, then you may also consider that your holding pattern is exactly what you needed to experience in your body up until now. You can appreciate it as a catalyst for personal transformation providing you with a great lesson about experiencing life as you dream it up. As my friend, Lama Surya Das puts it, let go of the person you used to be, so that you can be who you dream of being. In other words, the grand dream of Dream Being can be revealed and manifested by living your dreams. These archetypal states of consciousness dream up corresponding realms of existence complete with their specific ways of perception,...

Styles and Types of Qigong

The Buddhist school is aimed at liberating the mind through the Qigong exercises. Many Buddhist exercises are inwardly oriented to focus your attention on the spiritual aspects of your life. As a result, these are often described as static, or non-moving, Qigong exercises.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

Shape Tracing Worksheets

So sometimes it is good to act a little dumb or foolish if it means you can keep balance in your life. If we know Yin and Yang theory, then we know that if there is a supporting element, then there must also be an element that controls and takes energy away. In the controlling cycle, metal cuts wood wood takes the nutrients from earth earth stops water water extinguishes fire and fire melts metal (see below). Understanding the relationship of the elements in both the supporting and controlling cycle will help you to understand all aspects of Chinese culture and also help you to balance your life and health.

Transcending Holding Patterns

To receive a first-hand experience with Qi Dao Coaching, please visit www.qidao.org coaching and enroll into my coaching program. At the commencement of our coaching relationship, I would like to establish a reasonable degree of rapport with you by being fully present and open to your interpretations of your experiences. I have no real need for your medical history and would not ask you to retell me those stories that make you think This is who I have always been - it is the story of my life and thereby habituating the memories and traumas lingering in your body-mind. Your past experiences leave their imprints on you for as long as you keep identifying with the same old beliefs and attitudes perpetuated by those stories and letting their energies run your life. Since I can do only so much One of the most direct ways to deal with suffering is through addressing any discrepancies between your current state of affairs (although it is a process rather than a state) and whatever dreams you...

Chapter The Root of Tai Chi Chuan Yin and Yang

Chi Kung practitioners believe that your body is always too Yang, unless you are sick or have not eaten for a long time, in which case your body may be more Yin. Since your body is always Yang, it is degenerating and burning out. It is believed that this is the cause of aging. If you are able to use Water to cool down your body, you will be able to slow down the degeneration process and thereby lengthen your life. This is the main reason why Chinese Chi Kung practitioners have been studying ways of improving the quality of the Water in their bodies, and of reducing the quantity of the Fire. I believe that as a Chi Kung practitioner you should always keep this subject at the top of your list for study and research. If you earnestly ponder and experiment, you will be able to grasp the trick of adjusting them. Theoretically, a Chi Kung practitioner would like to keep his body in a state of Yin-Yang balance, which means the center'' point of the Yin and Yang forces. This center point is...

Holding Out pattern of tension

Following its unique logic (some might call it crazy wisdom'1) Qi Dao emphasizes the necessity to learn whatever you can learn from all your holding patterns before being able to transcend them It is similar to attending a class that you have not been able to learn anything from. If you keep flunking the same test, you will have to take that class over and over again until you really learn whatever you have to learn there. Only then will you be able to move on with your life-long education. It does not mean that your lessons will become any easier, but at least, you will not be stuck with this one for the rest of your life.

Realm of Consciousness

To discover or to reconnect with this pattern of holding tension, imagine yourself turning into a wild animal, a beast that can be assertive, self-serving, pushy or even aggressive when necessary. Think for a moment, Things are going to be my way or the highway 1' Even without trying to hold yourself in any specific way, you will, most likely, find yourself Holding Forth. There is really nothing wrong with this way of being as long as it is serves as an appropriate response to the demands of your life. When it is not necessary, however, Holding Forth can waste a lot of your energy and cause undue tension and pain in many areas of the body.

What other Qigong experts say about Qi Dao Tibetan Shamanic Qigong

Lama Tantrapa has shared his precious family tradition revealing the connection between the way you hold yourself and your culture of movement. It will stimulate you to reveal and manifest innate life dreams as you establish a new paradigm of consciousness for yourself. The most profound dream experiences happened to me after reading this book on more than one occasion. Many doors were opened to deeper and deeper layers of awareness and insight into the intricacies of my subconscious. I certainly hope you will delve into this wonderful book to find greater healing, peace and joy in your life. The practice of Qi Dao is not just another exercise program. It is a process of becoming free and natural. I knew from the first time I met Rinpoche that what he had to offer was very different from anything I had ever experienced before. To my surprise, practicing Qi Dao has far exceeded my expectations. I now live my life with more joy, freedom, and excitement than I ever dreamed possible. If...

Holding Down pattern of tension

Since the practice of Qi Dao does not involve diagnosis and treatment of any symptoms, the objective of your current studies is exploration of the learning opportunities presented by holding patterns. Recognizing the wisdom of the flow of your life will teach you to trust that it always guides you in the exact direction you need to explore. You will really benefit from your journey of discovery as soon as you learn to appreciate your current experiences. Holding Down may add some extra challenge to this trip by making you feel less confident. Rest assured, the more experiences you allow yourself to have, the more experienced you will become and the more confidence you will find in yourself.

Short History of Tai

Unless you practice genealogy as a hobby, or become so intensely involved in T'ai Chi that it takes over your life (not that there's anything wrong with that ), a long retelling of the history of T'ai Chi would probably just serve to make you curl up in your recliner and take a nap. I'll promise to keep this brief if you promise to read it and try to understand why T'ai Chi is such a special endeavor.

Front Kick defense against a Lotus Kick with a knee

These are a few simple examples of going with the flow of Qi projected at you rather than opposing it. Qi Dao requires going beyond intellectual understanding of this principle by exercising it regularly. If you embody this principle utilizing Harmonious Culture of Movement, you will become an embodiment of your knowledge, capable of translating it into all other spheres of your life. Ultimately, Qi Dao teaches you to transcend any opposition and turn your opponents into friends by assisting them in uncovering and manifesting their own deepest, most profound dreams.

Past Present and Future

From the shamanic perspective, to learn about the Sheng we must understand the Si (death) because once we are born, we face death. It is the same for all beings. Birth is the beginning of death. The ancient shamans didn't think that death was the end of life. They thought of death as the gateway to new life. In shamanic cosmology, the past, present, and future are all one they are nonseparate, so all beings exist in concurrent past, present, and future lives. The important part to remember is that the present life must be treasured because it is the result of the past life, and the future life will be the result of this present life. All of our lives are connected. Many people are afraid of what the future will bring. They are afraid they will get sick and they are afraid of death, but they don't really think about what they should do for their health now in the present. They don't really treasure the moment and they may be wasting their vital energy by ignoring the present. Then,...

The Thief on the Beam

The father answered, To be a good human being, you should work hard and not be lazy. Not like that thief up there on the beam As he said this, the father pointed upwards to the beam and then he looked upwards and said, You, up there, come down here now. The father scolded the thief but eventually said, I know you have a good heart and are just lost. So I am going to help you and hopefully you can take this opportunity to change your life.


Direction customary to your native village. You would be thoroughly indoctrinated to make sure your identity, beliefs and worldviews were aligned with the conventional views of your village. Miscommunication and differences in viewpoints cause most of human conflicts and wars. Many of us also assume that the grass on the other side of the island is greener than on our own side. Consequently, the feelings of greed, envy and unrest arise. Have you ever tried to improve your life by leaving your old home, work, or partner, hoping that the new one would make you happier How can you sit here quietly when someone over there seems to enjoy a better life than you But when it comes to being truly where the grass is supposed to be greener, you may suddenly feel anxious about getting into an unexplored territory (perhaps, having to oust the former inhabitant of the place) just to realize that you may continue feeling dissatisfied, wanting again juicier grass, more grass, more possessions, hoping...

Holding Down

If you find yourself habitually Holding Down, it may often feel as if someone else is holding you down. You may feel put upon, oppressed, or even humiliated by others. This usually means that you do not feel in charge of your life, projecting the sense of not having power over your own experiences. If you think that you are not good enough, you may also be giving others power over you.

Being in the Flow

One of the central beliefs that promotes being in the flow is the belief that everything always happens exactly the way it has to happen. Perhaps you had some experiences in your life that were dramatic or even traumatic at the time. With time, maybe even years later, you might realize that you actually became wiser due to having had those difficult experiences under your belt. As it were, what did not kill you really did make you stronger. Moreover, the energy of the circumstances of your life and its flow at that particular time had to match the energy of the event otherwise, there would have been no way for the event to manifest. If you wish that things went differently for you in the past, consider that they actually would have been different only if your energy had been different. Indeed, your awareness and beliefs have everything to do with your energy moment by moment. Struggling against the flow of a night dream is a sure way to turn it into a nightmare. Similarly, if you...

Work Performance

Qigong is simply the best way I know to balance the energy in your body and keep it flowing freely and smoothly. When your mind and body are calm and relaxed they simply function better. With that you can have peak performance, be the best you can be, at whatever you choose, and enjoy your life to it's fullest. Try it for yourself and you'll see.

Need a Teacher

That is why I say to you, find the skill or art that you will enjoy, hopefully for the rest of your life. Then when you do, just carry on. Take small steps and do not expect big results, then, in the same way water can wear down stone, eventually you will make progress Best wishes, Michael Tse


Shaolin Eye Qigong

In the West we try to make ourselves fit by hard exercise, such as running, aerobics and weight training. However all these functions, by forcing a rise in the metabolic rate (when you exercise you get out of breath - no pain, no gain , or so the saying goes). By doing this kind of exercise you are in effect shortening your life This isn't quite Due because the benefits from regular exercise can sufficiently reduce your metabolic rate for there to be a net gain. But what if there was another way to improve your fitness one that didn't involve raising your metabolic rate to lower it Wouldn't this be a better system to use of exercise you are in effect skortening your life

Tibetan Chi Kung

Have you ever thought that your life journey was meant to be a grand adventure, rather than a misadventure Perhaps, you are one of those lucky individuals who have experienced being in the flow or. as some athletes call it, uin the zone. If you have experienced it, you will probably never forget the profound sense of harmony associated with being in the flow. And if you have never experienced it, at least, you may be able to imagine yourself being empowered, centered and present. Your imagination may be as potent as your memory in preparing you for this exciting adventure in self-realization and learning to live a dream life. Imagine a world where men and women can travel through life in harmony with each other and the world around them where every human being can be in touch with his or her inner nature. Everyone there feels confident and free of any artificial limitations that religions, society, or family upbringing tend to impose on people. In such a dream world, everyone has an...

Brain Stem Injury

People ask me how all this is possible. I believe it is possible by moving the energy in your body. Things happen in your life, little daily challenges or bigger challenges that cause stress. If you don't know how to work through them these stresses cause your energy to get stuck and cause symptoms of stress or illness. If you can learn to move your energy yourself or have someone move your energy for you, your energy moves freely again. You let go of those things that are causing physical or emotional discomfort. It just clears things up. It's healing. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. To me it's a God send. The practice of QiGong is something everyone can benefit from. Once you have had an experience with QiGong you want to keep it a part of your life. Like I said before, Spring Forest QiGong improves your life physically, emotionally and Spiritually. It helps you begin to know the real person you are, to let go of

Our Escape

After the Cultural Revolution, I didn't trust people any more. So-called good friends turned out to be the ones who wanted to take your life. So-called evil people turned out to be your angels. What an upside down world I didn't even trust my parents. In my mind, my mother had simply abandoned her four little bananas.

Microcosmic Orbit

The Microcosmic Orbit is the foundation of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice. Each new practice is dependent upon the high quality of your meditations and your ability to perfect the Microcosmic Orbit. In order to master Cosmic Chi Kung, one must practice meditation daily. The meditations in the Microcosmic Orbit also strengthen the 'Original Chi' and teach you the basics of circulating Chi. They allow the palms, the soles of the feet, the mideyebrow point and the crown to open. These specific locations are the major points where energy can be absorbed, condensed and transformed into fresh new life force.

Healing Testimony

Cancer had been one of my greatest teachers and I had made many thoughtful decisions about how to take responsibility for my health and my healing. Thinking back on it now, however, I see how busy I had been trying to work at maintaining my health. I'm sure many people faced with a cancer diagnosis fall into this pattern You try to learn as much as you can about cancer, seek out alternative therapies, vitamins, supplements, etc and attempt to incorporate all this into your life. I had made a clear decision that I was done with cancer and was disheartened and discouraged when it returned. ness and ease that it can be incorporated into your life. Making time to do the exercises is making time for your spirit - and truly integrating the mind, body & spirit necessary for healing. Simple, but profound a perfect description for Spring Forest Qigong.

Your middle age

Chi Kung Exercises

So what exactly do you do if you want to try Zhan Zhuang at this stage of your life First of all, don't confuse it with aerobic and muscle-building exercises - neither the effect nor the experience is the same. Don't expect that sort of sweat and pain. The second thing to bear in mind is that Zhan Zhuang works at a very deep level, tackling profound inner disorders. So if you have accumulated the effects of 40 or 50 years of stress, bad posture, illnesses, and all the other headaches of daily life, you can expect a lot of unusual sensations once you start your training. These are described in Chapter 3.

Stress Relief

One December when I was especially tired and stressed out with work, two young kids, a marriage and all the complexities of life, I called up this friend of mine who was also wandering all over the place searching for a better life and we had lunch. I said, Jim, I'm tired. I'm stressed out. My practice is feeling pretty boring. I'm tired all the time and feel like my life is a grind. I've just been reading about this stuff call Qigong. There's a class down at the community ed center. Some guy's offering two two-hour classes that he promises can change your life. You ever heard of that stuff I think the key to the whole thing is breathing. When you learn how to breathe and breathe with the right images in your mind, your breath can change and your life can change. If people just learned the breath work and if you gave people just three of the Qigong exercises that focused on the breath, that alone could significantly change their lives. It is that simple. One of the things I've learned...

Good Qi sick Qi

WE PRACTISE QIGONG for good health, but what is the philosophy behind it all Essentially, it is to live your life so you stay calm, peaceful and are in harmony with nature. This is based upon the thinking of Daoism, Confucianism (Ru Jia) and Buddhism. 'Your date tells your life and death. My prediction tells your good and bad. I can save you, if you believe me.'

J oroscope

then you were born in the year of the Horse. This year will be a time of changes. There is someone of the opposite sex who comes into your life that makes you a little bit confused. Concentrate on what you really want ratherthan bedistracted. Think carefully about both sides before making any decisions. Be careful of your health, particularly the heart and lungs.

The Life Cycle

The first stage of life, from birth to young adult, is the spring season. As we can see in nature, new life is emerging and growing in the spring. Farmers need to take good care of their land during this season. They need to plow and fertilize the land, sow the seeds, and feed, water, and fertilize their plants. Similar to this pattern in nature, Chinese shamans regard a new baby as a new life tree in the world. Parents need to take good care of their babies on the physical and spiritual levels. During the baby-to-young-adult stage, a person is not only growing physically very quickly but is also learning very quickly. A person should study and get a good education during this time period because this is the best time for learning. People at this life stage have the best memories and the ability to easily absorb knowledge. The third stage of life, from middle-age to older-age, is autumn season, the harvest time. People in this time period should enjoy their lives, enjoy the harvest...

The colour of health

Healthy people have good luck because when you are healthy, the internal organs and energy in the body is balanced and the mind is clear. When your mind is clear, your judgement will also be clear. So you will not easily be affected by tricky people or someone who is not sincere. You will automatically stay away from those people and know how to develop your life properly. By practising Qigong every day, you will get healthy and the more healthy you are, the more luck you will have.

An Eternal Life

In the death period of winter, a tree holds its life energy in its roots and waits for spring to come. Seeds embrace their life energy and wait to sprout. This is the death time and the prenatal time, a time of transition. Winter is preparing for spring. It is the time for selecting and storing the best quality seeds for the next year. Once spring comes, the seeds can be planted. This is like the prenatal time before the egg and sperm come together. In the old tradition, parents cultivated before the father and mother had a baby they needed to prepare for the new life coming. The old wisdom traditions specified a lot of techniques for preparing the womb to receive the seed. In the moment that the sperm and egg combine, the universal energy and ancestral energy combine and new life is created. This time period is equal to the transition time between winter and spring. Winter is the death time, and death is the processing period for the new birth.

Breathing techniques

If you find it difficult to relax the chest while standing in a Qigong position, lie down and place your palms across your stomach. As you breathe in, feel the lower abdomen pushing outward and try to totally relax the chest. It may not look too cosmetic but it may just save your life. Feel your palms rise with each breath and lower with each exhalation. Try to not force the action, just breathe and it should happen naturally IF YOU ARE RELAXED. If you have access to a small child, see how it breathes and copy that. If you have been doing heavy exercise then the chest may rise a little more with the breath, but generally the chest should not stick right out.

Energy Awareness

Tibetan Qigong

You can apply this principle of Orientation in different spheres of your life. Some things, like your computer screen and keyboard, the books you read or hand tools, can be used more efficiently when they are in alignment with your Centerline. In most cases, you can find a way to Orient yourself towards the things you deal with.


When you have completely finished with all of your exercises and are ready to do your Qigong meditation, you should then do a finishing movement called Shou Gong. This movement is described in Chapter 12, in the section on meditation (page 116). Shou Gong is only done when you are finished with your practise, not between each movement. Otherwise it will interrupt the energy. Having a good ending is even more important than having a good beginning, because every ending is just a new beginning.

Being Attentive

Attention is the interface between what you know and what you do not know. You cannot learn without paying attention, since you cannot remember that which you pay no attention to. Development of attention always requires acceptance. Being attentive is only possible when you accept what is. You cannot be attentive to something you do not accept, simply because when you are not accepting it, you are busy resisting it or running away from it. engaging in fight or flight' instead of just being present Such lack of acceptance creates the rigid dualism of right and wrong, judgment of actions and threats of adverse consequences. For instance, when you label something as good, you may create an expectation that it should be good not only for you but also for others. It may also imply an expectation of continuous goodness or badness despite any common sense. Many things that were deemed good yesterday may not be so good today and what resonates with one person may not resonate for others....


1999, then you were born in the year of the Rabbit. You will be quite busy this year, but you should be careful, as you might injure yourself. Do things slowly and also look before doing. In the beginning, things will be a little bit difficult, but in the end it will be okay. If you can overcome the difficult times, it will be good for your life. However, you should not make big plans for this year.

Being Awake

Most interestingly, awakening is not a one shot kind of a deal, because even after the most profound awakenings, we all have the tendency to fall asleep over and over again. Although this process has its own ebb and flow, you can catch and ride a wave of awakening by consciously identifying with the creator of the dream, the dreamer of the dream drama you call your life. Becoming one with the dreamer will encourage you to accept full responsibility for your destiny as well as empower you to manifest a more creative and abundant life for yourself and all your dream characters.

The Forces Of Nature

The five power movements from the Da Cheng Chuan tradition. But it would be a serious mistake to think that what you will learn is how to be violent. With profound knowledge, wrote Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai, this helps to mold your temperament, cultivating you in faithfulness, sense of justice, benevolence and bravery. The whole point of this practice, he declared, was not victory or defeat, but to achieve comfort, increase your strength and put zest into your life.

Exploring Holding In

Dying, consider that today is a good day to die, since you never know when you may expire and quit dreaming this particular dream. Today, you can accept your mortality and live your most fearless day on earth consciously manifesting your life's purpose. Obviously, if you do not happen to die today, you will have an opportunity to live another day being even more aware of the meaning of life than before. This is a simple but profound way to transform your life into a chain of powerful steps, each one more momentous than the one before. Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan would say that happiness is to act with the full knowledge that you don't have time I wholeheartedly agree that using death as your personal advisor can fill your acts with amazing power and bless your life with love and freedom.

Chapter Four

Webkinz Wolf Pack

At different stages in your personal relationships, at different times of the day, or at different times of your life, you have all these different voices competing with each other. The Daoists call these inner voices the body spirits, the jing shen. The best strategy for harmonizing them is to start off with the outer smile and start working our way in, making contact and gathering the different fragments of ourselves together, until we get to our true center. Then we can smile our way back out again through all the many colorful layers of our self.

Going Beyond

After about a year of the basic training - the first nine positions -you may feel ready to progress to a higher standard. To many Western people, a year may sound a long time, but if you understand that profound change and growth take time, you will have the patience to continue practising. Remember that you are learning how to realign - and even replace - some of the more distorted and disrupted energy patterns of your life. That sort of radical change cannot be accomplished overnight.

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