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When yourSifu and seniors tell you to start teaching your own class - you had better start to teach your own class!!! Actually, I felt very flattered and honoured when I was asked. I have been studying Qigong for seven years and Wing Chun for over six, and still feel that I have only started to scratch the surface of these incredible arts. After assisting the teaching of the central London class for the last couple of years it seems like a natural progression to start up my own class.

In actual fact, I never intended to take up Qigong. I was far more in to very physical martial arts and traditional western health training (weights, running, etc). However, I injured my back my early twenties. I spent 18 months going through the western medicine route, which included being immobilised for 6 months and in a body cast for 3 months. I was like an old man, unable to even sit for long periods without being in pain. I desperately wanted to get back to having an active life. When all the 'conventional' medicine did not improve my situation, the doctors suggested surgery.

Knowing the risks of surgery, and feeling it to be 'unnatural' I looked into 'alternative' remedies. I researched many. Acupuncture helped, and the acupuncturist suggested that I do Tai Chi. I discovered my Sifu, Michael Tse, and he suggested that Qigong would help. Today, I am healthy, strong, and back enjoying life and martial arts. Qigong literally changed my life

Through Qigong and Wing Chun my life has improved immeasurably. I am definitely a better person because of it and cannot imagine my life without it. Through the Tse Qigong centre I continue to learn, as well as making excellent friends.

My class is in north London (Barnet). Hopefully, this will give more people the opportunity to learn and train in these unique and beautiful arts. It is my sincere wish that people can get as much from Qigong and Wing Chun as I have.

Peter Walfisz

Peter is qualified to teach the Dayan Qigong syllabus and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He can be contacted on 07958484139

Neale is qualified to teach the Dayan Qigong syllabus. He can be contacted on 64 4 298 7974

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