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Relaxation, a principle in qigong exercise, means both physical and mental, for only when one is relaxed mentally can he be so physically. However, relaxation here does not mean slackness or inattentiveness,but means relaxation with attentiveness, relaxation with tension and tension without rigidity, dominated by the conscious mind.

" Tranquil" here means to keep a serene mind during qigong exercise. Tranquillity is relative, there exists no absolute tranquillity. The so called "falling into quiescense" in qigong is different from natural sleep and general rest. It implies a special tranquil state with consciousness, or in other words, a special conscious state with tranquillity.

Relaxation and tranquillity are mutually promotive; proper relaxation often results in tranquillity and tranquillity can —154—

facilitate good relaxation.

Both the relaxation and tranquillity mentioned above should be achieved naturally,so should the regulation of posture, breathing and mind concentration.

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