Chapter Three The Points

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Other names for the points (Xueqiao) used in qigong include Shuxue, Xuedao, Xuewei, and Qixue. In outgoing—qi therapy, they are habitually termed Qiqiao (qi orifice) or Xueqiao (point and orifice). A point is the locus where qi and blood of the zang (solid) and fu (hollow) organs and the channels and collaterals of the human body comes in and goes out.It interrelates the internal organs and tissues through the channels and collaterals and can manifest the physiological and pathological changes in the organs and tissues. A point can also serve as an exchanger of qi (vital energy) between the human body and the universe. It responds to the stimulations triggered off by needling,moxibustion, massage (Tuina) and electricity and, similarly, to provocation by outgoing-qi. through which it regulates the functions of the inner related zang and fu organs and the channels to cure diseases.

A point plays a special role in Qigong practice. Having undergone the self—training of mind concentration, breathing and posturiziation, a skilled Qigong practitioner can direct some of his points to "open" or "close". Once the point is opened, the practitioner will be sensitive to qi, able to perceive and differentiate the healthy qi, the pathogenic qi and qi of other types. This function was called "shen" (spirit) by the ancients. Outgoing—qi therapy is right developed from this philosophy. The therapist detects diseases and emits outgoing-qi —106—

based on his own sensitivity to qi and the ability of his points to open and close in order to regulate the qi activities of the patient and to expel the pathogenic qi to cure diseases.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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