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1. Constipation of Excess Type

It is usuattly due to accumulation of heat in the stomach

and intestines caused by exuberance of yang in the body and consumption of pungent or hot food, or due to impairment of the body fluid and obstruction of fu—qi (qi of the hollow organs) resulting from intense heat inside the body, or due to stagnation of qi and failure of fluid transportation caused by emotional depression.

2. Costipation of Deficiency Type

It is mostly seen in those who have just recovered from an illness or have just given birth when they are still deficient with qi and blood, or in those suffering from insufficiency of yang—qi of the Lower—jiao and accumulation of yin—cold, which makes it difficult for the intestine to perform normal transporting function.


1. Constipation of Excess Type

Difficult defecation or reduced frequency of defecation (once every 3 — 5 or 6 - 7 days) of dry and hard stools, feverish body, thirst, poor appetite, taut or slippery, replete pulse and thin, greasy or yellow dry tongue coating. Flat- palm detection may reveal stagnated, hot and distending sensation of qi.

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Constipation Prescription

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