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The coordination of will and qi, as the term implies, means that in qigong exercise, will should follow qi and vice versa. The practitioner should not put undue emphasis on exerting will to guide qi, which usually leads to forced "gentle, fine, even and long" breathing other than that acquired naturally through correct practice; nor should he force unnecessarily abdominal respiration which leads him to buldge his belly and throw out his chest on purpose,losing naturalness. Another deviation can be seen in the fact that when the motion of qi is felt inside the body, the practitioner forces it by will to flow in a definite di-rection.This is also against the principle which needs the function to be formed naturally through practice.Xue Yanggui of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) wrote in his book Mei Hua Wen Da Pian (Questions and Answers of Meihua) that " the tranquillity of the mind regulates the breathing naturally and in turn regulated breathing brings on concentration of the mind naturally; this is what is said that mind and breathing are interdependent and regulated respiration produces serene mind".

It is not advisable to put undue emphasis on realization of the flow of qi either. The cold, hot, tingling, distending, itching, light, heavy, floating, deep or warm sensation experienced during qigong exercising will go along a certain route. It is improper to pursue such kind of sensation intentionally or to exagger ate it, or force oneself to gain it.

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