Differentiation of Symptoms and Signs

Generally, hectic fever, flaccidity, perspiration, vexation and so forth are included in the yang and heat syndromes; chills, contracture or rigidity and stagnation are included in the yin and cold syndromes. Deficiency syndrome is manifested by contracted, numb and weak feeling of qi; excess syndrome by distending, turbid, outflowing, tingling and densified qi. Soreness and distention are indicators of swelling due to external injury. Lightness and superficiality reveal exterior syndrome while heaviness and deepness suggest interior syndrome. Turbidity flowing with the course of channel means transmission of pathogenic qi to the interior which should be prevented in time, and that flowing against the course of channel means the initial generation of pathogenic qi. Thinness indicates insufficiency; denseness means accumulation of pathogenic qi or stagnation of qi. Knottiness and sluggishness represent stagnation of qi and stasis of blood. Disorderliness indicates disorder of qi activities. The feeling of joy, anger, anxiety, sorrow or fright means that the pathogenic factors of the patient have influence on others.

Qi of diffe rent viscera have different colours. The heart—qi is red, lungqi white, spleen—qi and stomach-qi yellowish green, liver—qi green, gallbladder- qi blue, and kid-ney-qi dark purple. Qi of the healthy organ is clear, lucid and clean while that of the diseased organs darkish, grey and turbib. Whether an organ is disordered and the extent of disorder may right be revealed by these colours of qi.

The diagnosis of diseases with outgoing-qi must be combined with the four diagnostic methods of TCM (inspection, auscultation and olfaction,interrogation, and pulse feeling and —294—

palpation) as well as modern techniques using instrument Detection of qi may reveal the general conditions of genuine qi, pathogenic qi and other approximation , which can only be taken as one aspect in diagnosis of a disease. Comprehensive analysis of all the data acquired with various techniques should not be neglected. Deliberate mystification of the detection of diseases by the use of outgoing-qi alone may lead to forfeiture of the chance for treatment.

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