Form Three Holding the Heavenly Gate with the Palms

Pithy Formula

Hold the heavenly gate with the palms and look inwardly up,

Stand on front sole and upright.

The whole body is planted as a sturdy pine,

And the teeth are clentched tight.

Saliva gushes as the tongue is pressed against the palate,

With nasal breathing the mind is set quiet.

As the two fists are slowly lowered,

Strength is exerted as if pulling a heavy weight.

Posture and Essentials heels simultaneously to stand Fig. 4-12 Holding the Heavenly Gn tiptoe, the heels inclining Gate with Hands slightly outwards to set the "Yinqiao Storehouse" (the point Huiyin, Ren 1) closed, at the same time set the point Huiyang (UB 35, 5 fen lateral to the coccyx, a point of the Urinary Bladder Channel) open. Clench the teeth and rest the tongue against the palate. Apply inward-vision to stare through Tianmen (Heavenly Gate) at

Proceed from the last stance. Raise the hands (in yin palms) slowly from their respective side in an arch till they are above the head. Turn the yin palms into yang (palms facing upwards),with fingers of the two hands pointing each other and the back of the hands toward Tianmen (2 cun above the front hairine), as if holding the heavenly gate. Lift the the space between/the two hands (Fig. 4-12). The procedure may last for 14 or 28 respiratory cycles.

Make fists, the arms falling slowly along the original arc until they are in the stance "Carrying a Monster-vanquishing Pole Across on the Shoulders".

Respiration and Mind Concentration Take nasal inhaling and oral exhaling first. When the posture of the form is assumed, turn both inhaling and exhaling into nasal and guide qi down to Dantian. The breath should be fine, even, long, slow and continuous. During inhaling, the mind is set on Dantian and, during exhaling,lifted to between the two palms. When qi is in circulation, let the mind follow qi.

' After the posture "holding the heavenly gate" has been assumed with the breath even, qi sent down to Dantian, and the point Huiyin (Ren 1) closed and Huiyang (U B 35) open, qi will be activated along and around the Yangming Channels and all the qi vessels of the body will be filled with qi naturally. The practitioner may feel qi of the Three Yin Channels go adversely up along the Three Yang Channels to Huiyin (U B 35), where it continues to flow upward along the Du Channel, opening up Sanguan (the three passes) automatically. The flow of qi is felt most apparently when it goes along the Stomach Channel, the Liver Channel, the Gallbladder Channel and the Large Intestine Channel. Sometimes qi is still active and in circulation after exercise. When staring at Tianmen (Extra), the beginners of the exercise may feel a force of attraction between the two palms while the experienced may feel that there is white cloud floating between the two palms, a lingering charm that gives —186—

one an extremely graceful feeling. When the teeth are clenched, quivering of the root of the ears may occur and the quivering will spread to the temples. The mouth will be full of saliva which should be swallowed and sent mentally down to Dantian.

This form is essential for exerting "internal strength" and guiding qi in emission of qi with manipulations with pushing, pulling and leading and hand gestures of one-finger-medita-tion, flat-palm and sword-fingers.

4. Form Four Plucking and Resetting the Stars Pithy Formula

Over the head hold the sky with one palm, Stare at Inner Laogong in calm. Inhale by nose and exhale by mouth, Attentively shift the eyesight to another palm. Posture and Essentials Proceed from the last stance. Lift the right hand slowly in an arc to about one fist off the forehead. Lower the left hand simultaneously and rest the back of it on the left side of the small of the back (Yaoyan, Extra). Concentrate the sight on Inner Laogong (P 8) of the right palm

Lift the left hand to about Resetting the Stars one fist off the forehead and lower the right one and rest its

back on the right side of the small of the back. Concentrate the sight inwardly on Laogong (P 8) of the left palm. Exchange hands and do the same. Practise for 11 or 22 respiratory cycles.

Respiration and Mind Concentration

Take nasal inhaling and mouth exhaling and make the breathing even. While concentrating the mind on Laogong (P 8) of the raised hand, make the Inner Laogong (P 8) of the raised hand, the two eyes and the Outer Laogong (P 8) at the back of another hand linear, and as one exhales and inhales, the point Yaoyan (Extra, the small of the back) will fluctuates. Concentrate the attention on the Inner Laogong (P 8) of the raised hand when exhaling and on the Outer Laogong (P 8) of the lower hand when inhaling. The mind, the Inner Laogong (P 8), the eyes and Yaoyan (Extra, the small of the back) should move slightly along with the fluctuation.


The hands and the eyes are linear as if they are attracted by something to the line. Along with breathing, mind concentration and the movements of the eyes and Yaoyan (Extra), the practitioner may feel itching of the eyes at first, but after some practice he may feel very comfortable. This form emphasizes the Spleen Channel of Foot-Taiyin. It may help collect and preserve qi of the Three Yin Channels and convey it to the Three Yang Channels, making qi in the Three Yang Channels flowing upwards. The well versed practitioner may perceive a cluster of white cloud circling around Laogong (P 8).

The form is foundamental for training qi—emitting manipulations of pushing, pulling and leading with spreading-claw, dragon-mouth and flat-palm hand gestures.

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