Form Two Carrying A Monster Vanquishing Pole Across on the Shoulders

Pithy Formula

Stand on tiptoe upright,

Stretch the two arms wide,

Set the mind quiet, the breath even,

And the eyes and mouth widely open as if stunned.

Posture and Essentials

Proceed from the last stance. Turn both palms slowly into yin palms (palms facing the ground) and move them sideways respectively to form a straight parallel line. Simultaneously, lift the heels slightly to stand on tiptoe (when skilled one may touch the ground with only the big toes). Concentrate the mind and look fixedly ahead, with the chest drawn in and the back strainghtened, abdomen contracted and buttocks relaxed, and tongue stuck against the palate (Fig. 4-11). Do it for 9 or 18 respiratory cycles.

Fig. 4-11 Carrying a Monster-Vanquishing Pole Across on the Shoulders

Respiration and Mind Concentration

Breathe naturally, concentrate the mind on Laogong (P 8)

Fig. 4-11 Carrying a Monster-Vanquishing Pole Across on the Shoulders and on the toes. Turn natural respiration into abdominal when one gets familiar with the exercise; concentrate the mind on Laogong (P 8) when inhaling, and when exhaling, guide qi along the Channel of Hand-Yangming to the Channel of Foot-Yangming then to the big toes, on which the mind is then concentrated.


The Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming originates from the head. It is identical with the Stomach Channel of Foot-Yangming in the nature of qi. At the beginning of practice, the practitioner may feel heaviness in the two shoulders and hotness in the palms. When he is well versed he may feel a qi flow coming out from Laogong(P 8), his fingertips itching and distending, accompanied by a flood of qi of yin-es-sence from the earth towards Laogong(P 8). At this time, the practitioner should exert will and internal strength to suppress qi to prevent its flooding upwards, with his toes setting steadily on the ground as if they were attracted by magnet, so that qi can be activated all over the body with the Channels of Hand-Yangming and Foot-Yangming as the hub, and rendered to flow continously especially along the vessels of the extremities, which may make the practitioner extremely ralaxed and comfortable. This form is the basic exercise for training qi—emitting manipulations in terms of one- finger—meditation and flat-palm pushing, pulling and leading.

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