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1. Have a good understanding of training qi and study carefully the essentials of it and adhere to its principles. Pay at tention both to the teacher's instructions and to one's own initiatives. Be confident and do the exercises in sequence and step by step.

2. Once a inethod of practice is determined, one should be constant and persevere with it. Do not waste the time on changing the practice methods.

3. The frequency and duration of training-qi practice should be determined flexibly in line with the physique and health status of the individuals and their skill in qigong. It is advisable to increase the practice frequency and duration gradually.

4. It should be taken as a principle that the practitioner should choose a quiet environment with fresh air for practice. Better results can be achieved if the dynamic exercise is done in the open or in a place with flowers, grass and trees. Practice in the hot sun or against cold, strong wind and rain with thunders and lightening, or in a place near old, withered trees or near old graves should be avoided.

5. The training of qi should be combined with cultivation of one' s moral character. Qian Jin Yao Fang {Valuable Prescriptions) written by Sun Simiao (Tang Dynasty, the middle of 7th century) says, "The way to keep in good health is to avoid long-time sole walking, standing, sitting, lying, looking and listening." and "He who is good at health preservation is who knows the twelve mottos or the twelve lesses-less thinking, longing, desire, meddling, talking, laughing, anxiety, amusement, joy, anger, readiness and wickedness" . Practice under overfatigue, starvation and overeating should be avoided. The practitioner should keep a light heart and lead a regular life.

6. To be ready for the practice, go defecate, loose the clothes and wear soft flat-sole shoes.

7. Adhere to the principle qf the three steadiness-—-stead' starting, steady performance and steady closing of the exercise.

8. Do not premeditate qigong effect, e.g., to force yourself to experience hot sensation in the lower abdomen or a certain sensation of qi. If qi effects occur during practice, dp not try to identify it or to be overjoyed or frightened. Just let it take its own course.

9. Attention should be paid to avoid sudden panic. If one is suddenly frightened during exercise, one should not be panic—striken. The proper way is to find out the cause of the panic and to guide qi to its origin (the Lower Dantian), then continue or terminate the exercise.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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