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The disease is often caused by masturbation in adolescence, deficiency of the kidney-qi due to intemperance in sexual life or dampness and heat of the Liver Channel.


Failure of the normal sexual life characterized by ejaculation of semen at the beginning of the sexual act and prostration of the penis immediately after the ejeculation is the main manifestation of the disease.

Premature ejaculation due to deficiency of the kidney-qi have the symptoms of soreness and pain in the waist, weakness of the knees and feeble cubit pulse. Densified, cold and tingling qi may be detected at the lambosacral region and the lower abdomen with the flat—palm hand gesture.

Premature ejaculation due to dampness and heat of the Liver Channel may be accompanied with vexation, bitterness in the mouth, dark urine, urodynia or itching and swelling of the pudendum, and yellow tongue coating and taut, forceful pulse. On flat-palm detection, densified and stagnated qi may be felt at the lower abdomen and around Shenshu (UB 23).

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