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Insert the filiform needles into Zhongwan (Ren 12) and

Zusanli (St 36) jknd then emit qi to them with pushing, pulling t and rotating manipulations to get qi balanced.

3. Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

(1) The Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise

Sit or stand quietly. Relax the body in an orderly way from the head to the chest, the abdomen, the back, the waist aad the lower limbs and lastly relax the epigastric region again, imagining "quiescence" when inhaling and murmuring "relaxation" when exhaling, for 5 — 10 minutes.

(2) The Exercise of Taking Yellow Qi

Sit quietly breathing naturally and distractions expelled. Get the upper and lower teeth tapping each other 36 times while stirring the saliva with the tongue. Swallow the .-saliva 3 times after the tapping and at each time send it down to Zhongwan (Ren 12) mentally. Then imagine yellow qi. Breathe in the yellow qi through nose, fill the mouth with it and, during exhaling , send it slowly down to Zhongwan (Ren 12) and then disperse it through to the extremities and the skin and hair. Repeat the procedures 10 times.

This exercise is indicated for insufficiency of the spleen and stomach.

(3) The Exercise of Rubbing the Abdomen and Exhaling

Take the same posture and conduct the same teeth—tapping and saliva—swallowing as mentioned above. Then put the right palm gently on the epigastric region. Inhale slowly to get the mouth filled with qi, and murmur "hu" when exhaling while rubbing the abdomen with the right palm clockwise for altogether 11 respiratory cycles.

This exercise is indicated for syndrome of excess type, hyperactive liver-qi attacking the stomach as well as stagnation of the cold pathogen in the stqmach.

(4) The Daoyin Exercise for Regulating the Spleen and Stomach

Pushing the Abdomen-. Rub the palms against each other to get them warm, then overlap them (right above the left in male and vice versa in female) and put them below the right breast.Push from the chest downward to the right side of the lower abdomen when exhaling and reposition the palms when inhaling 10 times. Do the same along the midline and the left side qf the chest and abdomen 10 times respectively.

Rubbing the Abdomen-. Rub the palms against each other to get them warm and put them overlapped on the abdomen with the Inner Laogong (P. 8) against the navel. Rub clockwise and counterclockwise 36 times respectively while guiding qi to circulate with the movement of the palms.

Case One

Wu, female, aged 48, came for the first visit on April 14, 1979.

Complaints Pain in the epigastric area for 2 years which was more severe in the second year and radiated to the back and the hypochondria, accompanied by gastric discomfort with acrid regurgitation, dizziness and insomnia. Frequent administration of Western and traditional drugs failed to take effect.

Examination Physical examination revealed soft abdomen, impalpable liver and spleen, tenderness in the right-upper abdomen, reddish tongue proper with thin yellow coating (thick yellow coating at the root of the tongue) and deep, taut

pulse. Flat—palm detection revealed densely stagnated, tingling and distending qi at the upper abdomen, and densely stagnated qi between the 8 th and 12 th thoracic vertebrae of the right side of the back. Barium meal examination showed irritable symptoms of the duodenum with local tenderness and bad filling, and dotted soybean-sized niches beside the greater curvature at the duodenal fundas.

Diagnosis Gastralgia (Duodenal ulcer):

Treatment Qi was emitted with flat-palm hand gesture and pushing, pulling, rotating, quivering, leading and fixing manipulations to the points Shangwan (Ren 13), Zhongwan (Ren 12), Liangmen (St 21), Shiguan (K 18), Ganshu (U B 18), Weishu (U B 21) and Pishu (U B 20), once every other day.

Course of Treatment Emission of qi twice relieved the pain in the stomach and turned the stools normal and sleep even. All the symptoms and signs disappeared after 15 sessions of treatment. Barium meal examination showed normal duodenum. The follow-up visit in 1980 found no relapse and the patient was healthy.

Case Two

Gao, female, 35 years old, came for the first visit on May 18, 1982, who was given an outpatient number of 121651.

Complaints Distending pain in the abdomen for 8 years which had been aggravated in the last three months, accompanied with preference for warmth and aversion to cold, aggravated pain after taking cold food or even abdominal discomfort at the sight of cold food, dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, cold extremities, lassitude and watery stools.

Examination Physical examination found fullness of the abdomen, slight tenderness in the upper abdomen, impalpable liver and spleen, reddish tongue proper with thin yellow coating and thready, taut pulse. Flat-palm detection revealed dense, stagnated and tingling qi at the epigastric and hypochondriac regions. Barium meal examination showed prolapse of the stomach and reduced gastric tension; the lowest point of the lesser curvature was 3 cm below the inter—iliac—crest line.

Diagnosis Gastralgia (Gastroptosis)

Treatment Emision of qi was performed with flat-palm gesture and pushing, rotating, leading and fixing manipulations toward Zhongwan (Ren 12), Liangmen (St 21), Baihui (Du 20), Pishu (U B 20), Weishu (U B 21) and Zusanli (St 36); then needles were inserted into Zhongwan (Ren 12) and Zusanli (St 36) and qi emitted toward the needles with dragon-mouth gesture and pushing, rotating and leading manipulations. The treatment was carried out once every other day.

Course of Treatment During emission of qi the patient felt warm in the epigastric region and the warmth went along the Ren Channel and the Stomach Channel. During emission of qi to the needle inserted in Zusanli (St 36), the patient felt that a warm flow of qi ran from the point to Shangwan (Ren 13) along the Stomach Channel,The symptoms were obviously alleviated after 5 sessions of treatment, and disappeared after 20 times. Barium meal examination showed that the stomach was normally repositioned and the disease was completely cured.

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