Rotating the Sun and Moon in Turn

Set the left hand at the level of the point Tiantu (Ren 22) and the right hand at the level of Shenque (Ren 8), with the centre of the two palms facing each other as if holding something in the arms. Firstly take a breath and send qi down to Dantian, then exhale to guide qi to the space between the palms. Pull the hands toward each other and pull them in the opposite directions alternately with internal strength several times. Fig4~36 Rotating the Sun When the feeling of qi has been at- and Moon Alternately tained, turn the hands and the forearms clockwise and counter- clockwise alternately 25 times (the Heaven number). Then turn the hands and forearms counterclockwise and dockwise alternately 30 times (the Earth number)(Fig. 4-36). Close the two palms in front of the chest like a Buddhist greet-seg to end the exercise.

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