Section Five Qigong Deviations

Deviations of qigong refer to the adverse reactions of qigong exercise which make the practitioner uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Such reactions are physically and mentally harmful. They may even lead to confinement of the practitioner to bed or mental disorders. So the qigong therapist should attach great importance to such deviations by providing timely instructions and proper treatment.

From our experiences in rectifying deviations in 68 cases (53 cured, 10 improved and 5 with no effect), we believe that qigong deviations can be cured very quickly provided timely instructions in exercise and proper ratifications are given. Delayed treatment or treatment with careless emission of

outgoing-qi should be avoided, otherwise the patient's qi activities may be disturbed and the deviation exacerbated other than improved. Etiology

(1) Failure to obey the principle of "exercising in light of concrete conditions", for example, those who are not fit for the exercise of intrinsic qi circulation force themselves to do it.

(2) Exercising or practising without instructions of an experienced practi- tioner, or practising unduely for quick results.

(3) Being overly suspicious, some people may fail to respond to the tiding and qi effect in the correct way. And those who are mentally weak may have too heavy a psychological burden in the course of qigong practice so that they gradually fall into victims of deviation.

(4) Some practitioners often fail to master the principle and methods of the "three regulations" (regulation of posture, respiration and will), fail to exercise in accordance with the given instructions, or change their styles now and then. All these may get themselves confused mentally and physically.


Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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