Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

(1) The Automatic Qi Circulation Exercise for Bowel Movement

„ Lie supine, relaxed and quiet, breathe evenly and put the tongue against the palate. Taking the navel as the centre of a circle, move the abdominal muscles with qi following will. The moving of qi starts during inhalation from the point right to and beneath the navel clockwise to the point left to and above the navel, and continues to flow forward during exhalation back to the original point to complete the circle. Conduct the moving of qi for 81 circles from the smallest circle at the navel to the largest at the sides of the abdomen. Beginners of the exercise may at first try to direct qi to rotate with the help of respiration and the movement of the abdominal muscles. When skilled, one will be able to guide qi to turn only by will.

(2) Patients with constipation of excess type may practise the exercise of rubbing the abdomen and "hu" (exhaling) qi; and patients with constipation of deficiency type may practise the exercise of taking yellow qi (Refer to "Gastralgia").

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