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(1) The Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise

Take a sitting or lying posture. Relax the whole body step by step by means of concentrating the mind on one part after another, while saying "relax" silently, in the order of the head, shoulders, upper limbs, back, waist, hips, chest, abdomen and the lower limbs. Carry out the relaxation 3 — 5 times with natural respiration.

(2) The Qi Circulation Exercise

Take a sitting or lying posture with breath even, mind concentrated on Dantian and distractions expelled. When a flow of hot qi is felt accumulating in Dantian and rushing toward the coccyx, take antidromic respiration and lead qi to go upwards from the coccyx to Baihui (Du 20) along the Du Channel and then to go downwards via the chest and abdomen and finally back to Dantian along the Ren Channel, to com plete a "small circle of qi", which is followed by concentration of the mind on Dantian for a while before ending the exercise.


Meng, female, a 22 year old typist, came for the first visit on April 9,1983.

Complaints The patient complained of suffering from insomnia for more than a year, which was manifested as inability to sleep, dreaminess, palpitation, irritability, aching-pain and discomfort all over the body, dizziness, heavy sensation in the head, bitterness in the mouth, dryness of the eyes, perspiration, shortness of breath and lassitude of the extremities.

. Examination Physical examination found thin, white tongue coating and deep, thready and feeble pulse. Flat-palm detection revealed thin and slightly cold sensation of qi at the chest and head. Electrocardiographic and electro-encephalographic examinations showed no abnormalities.

Diagnosis Insomnia (Functional disturbanc of vegetative nerves).

Treatment Emission of qi was conducted to Tianmen (Extra), Yintang (Extra 1), Taiyang (Extra 2), Pishu (UB 20) and Xinshu (UB 15) with flat-palm and middle-finger-propping hand gestures and pushing, pulling, leading and quivering manipulations.

Course of Treatment On receiving outgoing—qi, the patient presented involuntary forward and backward bending and turning of the body. Recovery took place after 5 times of treatment.

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