Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

(1) Iron Crotch Exercise (Tiedang Gong)

Pushing the Abdomen-. Lie supine, overlap the hands with the right above the left, and push with them from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis 36 times.

Pushing the Abdomen Obliquely-. Lie supine, and push with the palms from the xiphoid process separately and obliquely to the sides of the abdomen 36 times.

Kneading the Navel-. Lie supine, overlap the hands and

knead with pressure the navel clockwise and counterclockwise 36 times respectively.

Twisting the Spermatic Cords-. Take a sitting posture, pinch-knead the spermatic cords with the thumb and the index and middle fingers 50 times each.

Kneading the Testicles-. Sit and grasp both the testicles and penis at the root with the right hand. Put the left palm on the left testicle and knead it 50 times. Change hands and knead the right testicle 50 times.

Rubbing the Testicles-. Sit. Hold the testles between the thumbs and the index and middle fingers of both hands and rub—twist 50 times.

Proping the Testicles-. Sit, with the tips of the thumbs supporting the testicles of the respective sides. Prop the testicles up toward the groins and then lower them. Do this 3 times.

Swaying the Sand Bag-. Stand erect. Make a slipknot at one end of a piece of gauze (33 cm wide, 85 cm long) and tie a sand bag (1.25 kg) to the other end. Get the slipknot looping at the root of the penis and testles with an optimal degree of tightness. Sway the sand bag forward and backward 50 times.

Pounding the Testicles-. Stand erect. Make hollow fists of both hands, and pound with the back of the fists on both testicles alternately 50 times each.

Pounding the Renal Regions-. Stand erect and pound alternately with the back of the fists on their respective renal regions 50 times each.

Activating the Back-. Stand erect. Make hollow fists, relax the joints of the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Sway the waist to lead one fist to pound the chest (palm facing the chest) and the —366—

other (the back of the fist) to pound the region inferior lo the scapula simultaneously and alternately 25 times for each side.

Turning the Knees-. Stand with feet close together. Rest palms on the knees. Turn the knees clockwise and counterclockwise 25 times each.

Rolling the Stick-. Sit straight. Put on flat-sole shoes. Step on a round stick and roll it with both feet to and fro 50 times.

Ending of the Iron Crotch Exercise-. Sit quietly with palms on the thighs for a while, then stand up and move the body freely to end the exercise.

(2) The Yang—Strengthening Exercise (Qiang Yang Gong)

Hold the penis in one hand with the balanus exposed. Exert to make qi and blood to flow to the balanus several times, with the strength of gripping increased gradually. Slipping of the hand up and down should be avoided. The exercise should be done 2-4 times a day.


Bao, male, 29 years old, came for the first visit on May 19, 1983.

Complaints The patient complained of impotence for 7 years accompanied by dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, hypomnesis, soreness and weakness of the loins and knees and listlessness. He had a history of masturbation and seminal emission. His first marriage failed because of his sexual inability. He was in great agony when he failed to get his wife pregnant three years after his second marriage. After acupuncture and administration of traditional drugs in hospitals in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing failed to take effect, he came to try qigong.

Examination Physical examination found pale tongue with thin, wh^ coating and deep, thready and feeble pulse. The testicles and the penis were normal, with no tenderness. Flat-palm detection with outgoing-qi revealed thin and cold sensation of qi at the points of Mingmen (Du 4) and Shenshu (UB 23).

Diagnosis Impotence (Decline of fire from the gate of life).

Treatment Flat-palm and middle—finger—propping hand gestures and pushing, quivering and fixing manipulations were adopted to emit qi to Dantian, Zhongji (Ren 3), Mingmen (Du 4), Shenshu (UB 23), Zusanli (St 36) and Sanyinjiao (Sp 6). The patient was told to practise the Iron Crotch Exercise.

Course of Treatment The penis could erect voluntarily after 12 times of treatment but the erection was not desirable. Complete recovery took place after 30 times of treatment. He had a daughter in August, 1984.

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