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Sinew-transforming exercise (Yijin Jing) is one of the set of dynamic qigong exercises. Here it is taken as the foundamental exercise for guiding and emitting qi in outgoing-qi therapy. Literally, "yi" means "transform", "jin" means "sinew" and "jing" means " method". As the term implies, "sinew- transforming exercise" is the method to train the h tendons and muscles. The exercise is designed according to the course and the characteristics of qi circulation in the Twelve Regular Channels and the Du and Ren Channels. It has been passed from generation to generation without recession at any times. Qigong emphasizes coordinative practice of dynamic exercise and static exercise so that qi activities of the channels and the extremities can be kept smooth. During practice of sinew-transforming exercise, qi and blood usually circulates appropriately with proper speed and no sluggishness or stagnation. The exercise is a highly salubrious one of its kind. 1. Form One Wei Duo Presenting the Pestle Pithy Formula Keep erect when standing, Hold the hands before the chest as if praying. Set the breath even and keep the mind calm, With the heart clear, soft and warm.

Posture and Essentials

First, step out with the left foot to set the feet apart at shoulder-width, hands hanging naturally, head and neck upright, eyes slightly open and looking straight ahead, tongue stuck against the palate, shoulders relaxed with elbows dropping, chest drawn in and back straightened, abdomen contracted and buttocks relaxed, knees at ease and slightly bent, and feet set steadily on the ground. Relax all over.

Second, turn hands into yin palms (palms facing the ground) and lift them slowly to shoulder-level.Turn hands into yin—yang palms (palms facing each other) and draw them towards each other and close them before the chest. Bend the elbows slowly to get the fingertips pointing upward, the point Shaoshang (Lu 11) on the two thumbs touching each other gently. Relax the shoulders and drop the elbows (Fig. 4-10).

Fig. 4-10 Wei Duo Presenting the Pestle

Respiration and Mind Concentration

Fig. 4-10 Wei Duo Presenting the Pestle

Take natural respiration when performing the first step, with the mind clear and calm and concentrated. Take abdominal respiration during the second step, with qi guided down to Dantian. When you feel the flow of qi, have your mind follow the flow of qi and, during inhaling, guide qi to flow out of the fingertips, enter the nostrils and go down to Dantian. During ex haling, guide qi from Dantian to the chest and then to the palms along the Three Yin Channels of Hand to fill the fingertips. Do the exercise for 6 or 12 respiratory cycles.


The Lung Channel of Hand-Taiyin is 3 chi and 5 cun (about 117 cm) long, along which qi circulates from the chest to the hand. The qi activities induced during the practice of this form can be felt most apparently in this channel, then it diffuses gradually to the Channels of Hand-Jueyin and Hand-Shaoyin. At the first stage of practice, the practitioner may have a slightly tingling sensation along the medial side of the arm, and an itching and worm-crawling one along the external side, indicating that qi has been activated. After long term practice, the effect that the lung governs qi, connects all the vessels and can spread qi to various parts of the body can be realized. The practitioner may feel that he is holding a hot inflated ball, his ten fingers distending and slightly throbbing as if something thready was being released from them. The sensation is usually accompanied with mental activities.

This form is the foundamental step for training flat-palm pushing and pulling manipulations in emitting waiqi (outgoing-qi).

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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