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To reinforce the deficiency and reduce the excess is a radical' curative measure used in every field of TCM. In outgoing—qi therapy, satisfactory effect can be anticipated only when the doctor adheres to the principle of " treating asthenia-syndrome with tonification, sthenia-syndrome with purgation and non—asthenia-non—sthenia syndrome with regulation along the channels". Introduced here are the major methods of tonification and purgation adopted in outgoing-qi therapy.

(1) Tonification and Purgation with Respiration

This is a definition in which tonification and purgation are classified according to which respiration methods (exhalation or inhalation) the therapist adopts in emission of qi. Tonification means that the therapist exhales when he guides his own qi and emits it into the channels» points and the internal organs and tissues of the patient, purgation meaning that he inhales when he guides and emits qi to lead qi of the patient to flow following that of the therapist or pull the pathogenic evils out of the body of the patient. During treatment, the pa-

tient should cooperate with the therapist by means of respiration. He should first assume a proper posture, expel distractions, relax all over and concentrate the mind on the location which the therapist will emit qi to. When the therapist exhales and emits qi toward him (tonification), he should inhale to take in the therapist's qi naturally from the designated location, and when the therapist does the opposite (purgation), he should exhale to get qi out in the same way.

(2) Tonification and Purgation with Emission of Qi along and against the Course of the Channels

Zhen Jiu Da Cheng(A Complete Works in Acupuncture and Moxibustion) states, "The classics say that puncturing along the direction of the channels yields tonifying effect,while going against it induces purgation". This is also a principle of outgo-ing-qi therapy, i.e., emitting and guiding qi along the course of the Fourteen Channels means tonifying, and against them, reducing. In TCM, the Three Yang Channels of Hand run from the hands to the head, the Three Yin Channels of Hand from the chest to the hands, the Three Yang Channels of Foot from the head to the feet, and the Three Yin Channels of Foot from the feet to the abdomen and chest. So the deficiency and excess of the Twelve Regular Channels can be readjusted according to the course of them, while that of the Two Extra Channels-

the Ren Channel and the Du Channel can be done according to the course of the "small circle of qi" described in qigong exercises.

During treatment, the patient should assume a proper posture, relax the whole body, expel distractions, concentrate his mind on. the manipulations of the therapist and regulate his —300—

breath to cooperate with the treatment by exhaling qi toward the focus of the disease mentally.

(3) Tonification and Purgation with Rotative Hand Manipulations

According to the attributes of yin and yang, the upper part of the body is yang and the lower is yin; the left is yang and the right yin; the back is yang and the abdomen yin. But concerning sex, there is some difference in circulation of qi, blood, yin and yang: in male, the left is yang, the right yin; the back is yang and the abdomen yin; while in female, the right is yang and the left yin; the abdomen yang and the back yin. In short, male and female have three pairs of yin and yang each , which determine the difference in turning clockwise and counterclockwise for tonification and purgation.

As for the direction of rotation, for a male, making cycles with the hand against the trunk from the top to the left and bottom to the right following yang is tonification, and the opposite direction against yang and along with yin is purgation; and for a female, making circles from the top to the right and bottom to left along with yang is tonification and the opposit against yang and along with yin is purgation. And because the body gathers yang—qi from the extremities and yin-qi from the five zang—organs, and the outside is yang and inside is yin, guiding qi from outside into inside means tonification, and vice versa, purgation.

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