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The doctrine of yin (negative) and yang (positive) is a summarization of the opposition of all things. Neijing - Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun (Canon of Internal Medicine - On Conclusions of Correspondence of Yin and Yang) says, " Yin—yang is the law of the universe, the principle governing all things, the parents of changes, and the origin of life and death" . Generally speaking, all that are hyperfunctional, exciting, hot, dynamic, strong, bright, invisible, light, upward, outward, clear and the like, belong to yang (positive). On the contrary, all that are waning, restraining, cold, static, weak, turbid, and the like, belong to yin (negative). The same opposition exists in Heaven and Earth, sun and moon, day and night, hotness and coldness, male and female, superior and inferior, outside and inside, motion and rest, fire and water,exhale and inhale, and excess and deficiency. So all things of the natural world containing two opposite components can be divided into yin and yang.

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth And Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery. Cut up on the old stone drums of Republic of China, inscribed in books handed down through thousands of years, traced on ancient saucers and on saucers made today, is a sign and a symbol. It is woven into textiles, stitched into embroideries, emblazoned over house gates, wrought into shop emblems, a circle, locked together inside it yang and yin yang, light, yin, dark, each carrying inside itself the essence of the other, each shaped to the other

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