Treating Chronic Fatigue

Fast Energy Routine

This program is centered on the ancient practice of the Chinese which helps in the circulation of blood in the body. This exercise is only performed in five-minute per day. With this program, you can get strong and healthy at any age. The program works by regulating the circulation of blood through your arteries and veins causing the respiratory system to connect with the blood flow. The program also boosts muscles, releases the blood vessels, and relaxes the nerves. The content of this program includes Ten Nei Gong exercises which are the ancient practices sometimes referred to as internal martial techniques, Detailed Instruction to Perform Exercises, and Seven Breathing exercises that focus more on boosting your breathing habit. This product helps to relieve physical and emotional stress, helps to solve the immune system problem, regulates the body's blood pressure, improves mental clarity, and maintains a healthy weight. It is always available in two formats: the video series and eBook. To gain access to it, you have to download the program from a trustworthy source. This product has been created for people who want to look healthier and younger, and for people who have blood circulation issues. It also targets people who crave a healthy weight. Read more...

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Clinical Manifestations

Main symptoms are dry coughing, tiredness, breathing difficulties when doing something with force, and catching cold easily. In the advanced stage, it may develop into emphysema and complication of pulmonary function. It is also possible to develop pneumothorax and tuberculosis at the same time.

Exploring Holding Forth

Practicing Forward Push is one way to explore this holding pattern. Paradoxically, it is what Qi Dao recommends in order to develop full appreciation of Holding Forth, since the direction of the shift in your energy field in this case is also forward. Exaggerating this pattern with Forward Push may expose some neglected or suppressed aspects of your consciousness that may seek your attention by causing discomfort or pain. Becoming conscious of your unconscious processes can enable you to integrate even those aspects of your being that you would initially want to suppress or get rid of. To recognize how counterproductive it is to attempt forcing yourself against your existing energy flow, feel free to experiment with trying to shift your energy field backwards using Backward Pull. After a little while, having encountered the edges of your comfort zone in both directions, you may choose to explore some other possibilities of directional movement Opening, Closing, Upper Cut and Downward...

Holding Forth pattern of tension

On the other hand, Holding Forth can be viewed as a necessary skill when it comes to asserting your position or projecting influence. Your voice becomes heard and your energy appears unstoppable. Consciously choosing when to apply one holding pattern or another will ensure fluid and skillful use of your energy in any situation. What is essential to learn first and foremost though is how to be Centered, which is an embodiment of equanimity.

Exploring Holding

A chronic shift of your weight to your left can enable you to perform an Opening with the left arm very easily, because your energy field is already morphed sideways. If you shift your weight to the right, you will find it quite easy to make an Opening with the right arm. You will probably find it still possible to make other directional movements while Holding Out, but not as effortlessly as an Opening on the weight bearing side. Making a Closing may turn out to be exceedingly difficult though, especially with the arm on the weight-bearing side. Qi Dao does not recommend fighting against the energy flow, but rather allowing yourself to learn as much as you can about being on the edge of your comfort zone. Instead of forcing your energy field to morph back to the center, allow it to expand in all directions using all the other directional movements thereby making you more Centered and energetically balanced.

Realm of Consciousness

Holding Out corresponds to a state of mind that may be generous and, at the same time, skeptical or even cynical Td rather hold out for something better. Visualize a typical teenager striving to be cool and accepted, yet rebellious at the same time. What posture do you think best represents this mental attitude As soon as you assume a cool stance you may feel more approachable yet skeptical or even somewhat defiant. In many cultures throughout the world, the body language expressing this attitude would consist of shifting more weight on one foot and cocking the head to the opposite side. Guess how your energy field would need to morph to produce such a holding pattern

Postural Characteristics

In addition to exploring your comfort zone by trying to push your energy field forward, experiment with other possible directions of movement Opening, Closing, Upper Cut and Downward Press. Once again, feel the energy resonance and allow it to guide you in the direction that will restore your balance. With practice, you will find a new alignment with your energy field and transcend whatever holding patterns you have.

Mental Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

Studies have proven that the more you use your brain, the sharper it remains, much like a door hinge If the door is in constant use, the hinges remain functional. If the door is never used, the hinges rust and refuse to move. The T'ai Chi and Qigong movements, while basically simple, do require you to think about them, at least in your beginning practice. Later, you think about your breathing, and later still, about your energy flow.

Taking Care Ofyourself

There are a number of practical steps you can take in everyday life to help keep your energy system balanced and healthy. It is important to prevent disease, not merely to wait until you have an ailment and then try to cure it. The traditional approach of Chinese medicine was to pay the doctor to keep you healthy and if you became ill the payments would cease until you were well again The fundamental reason for doing the exercises in this book is to strengthen your internal power, immunity, and stamina so that you live a life of health as long as possible.

Q What do you do if you just feel bored while smiling like nothing is really happening

Being present to the Life Force totally transforms boredom because it really means all of you, all of your internal spirits and all your energy channels and all of your collective higher being is present, and coming into one moment of collective focus. That is what is meant by the present moment . Lots of people talk about being present, which is good. But in my experience many are not aware of the practical internal communication-energy pathways available to them, that are clearly mapped out in Daoist internal alchemy.

Repeated from pages and pages

This session can be used for any kind of ailment and carried out with any number of students. It is important to remember that if there is no energy in your Tan Tien, then there will be no energy to work with. When you are aware of your Chi, you can direct heavenly light straight into your energy body and then into the student's.

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Ladder Climb Stretch

GOOD FOR * Coordination * High blood pressure * Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) chest and benefit your heart and lungs. Before you drop your hand and leg, pause and balance on one leg for a very short moment before going back to the starting position. Keep the eyes looking forward as you raise and lower the hand. As you lower the hand and leg, make sure that you move slowly in order to control your energy and your weight. As you lower the raised leg, you should also bend the standing leg until you end back up in the starting position with both legs bent slightly. The weight should be on the thighs and back straight. You should also pause slightly before continuing with the movement. Pay attention to the acupuncture points that we use, that is, the Laogong and Huantiao points, because these points are doors for Qi to enter the body.

Qi Exercises to Generate more Qi

Qi What is it Qi, now where did that word come from Qi (pronounced Chee ) is also known as chi, and to the Japanese it is called Ki. Chi is your life force, your energy. It is vital for without Qi you would be dead for there would be no life in you. Most people gather Qi without even knowing it they gather it from the foods they eat and by sleeping. Others have discovered how to gather more Qi through meditation, martial arts like Tai Chi (Taiji), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and through deep rhythmic breathing from the stomach. There are several other ways but I won't list them all here. If one has a vast amount of Qi he will live longer than others who have not gathered extra Qi will. Daoists believed through meditation and Qi training one could become immortal. There are several legends of very old Tai Chi masters being able to fly because of this amazing energy. But aside from Qi there are a few other energies I will list them. Yi Yi is intention. You will. You use Yi everyday to talk to...

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Meridian Points Hui Yin

The functional channel (meridian) runs down the front of the body and is yin, female, or cold in quality the governor channel at the back is yang, male, or hot. When joined, these two form the Micro-cosmic Orbit which links with all the vital organs of the body. By completing this route, the yin and yang mix in harmony, enabling you to increase your energy flow, and send energy, hormones, and vitality throughout your body. In this way energy can be collected, transformed and absorbed where necessary.

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can concentrate.

Holding the Beautiful Ball

Ball Qigong

Therefore, you should not let other people use your ruler or use theirs as you might pass on or take on other people's negative energy. This is very true. Any tool or weapon you use will have your energy stored in it. Either you will have good or bad energy, and that energy will connect together with the weapon. If you are not well, anything you regularly use will have your negative energy. However, if you are healthy, then whatever you use will have your good energy. So if someone uses your things when you are healthy, they will benefit.

Multiple Sclerosis MS

As my energy level rose, so did my confidence. Once, when I expressed fear about something to Master Lin, he told me to have confidence. Have confidence. As if he were offering me a cookie from a tray, which I could just take up and eat. And he was. Confidence is a form of energy, and I was learning from Qigong how to use the energy around me. I started to trust my ability to be active without becoming overly tired, and to believe that tiredness was nothing to fear.

How To Root In Tai

Energy Gates Qigong Images

The first essential Chi-kung skill to be developed is that of the energy root. There are several things that effect the quality or depth of the root The stance or posture, the level of relaxation in the body and mind, and the practitioners ability to intend his energy down into the earth. The energy root is basically an energy version of a tree's root structure. You develop it through learning to sink your energy into the earth much the same way as a tree sinks its roots into the earth. When done well the practitioner will seem very solid and heavy to any that are trying to move him.

Becoming a Qigong Master

However, what I learned through my more than two decades of Qigong training, research and practice is that the ability to heal, the ability to use your energy, your Qi, to heal yourself and to help others to heal is something you can learn to do right away. What you will learn in this

An Introduction to Qigong

How do you feel after a good night's sleep When your energy is well-balanced, you feel great. When you don't have a good night's sleep you don't feel so great. Your energy is out of balance. Sleeping is a passive way of practicing Qigong. By learning more and practicing Qigong in an active way you can learn to maintain that balance. Qigong can help you to sleep better and feel great, rested, relaxed and balanced.

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

A The majority of what is prohibited in Buddhism cannot be carried out by us, but we have a different perspective. We are not monks or nuns. We live among ordinary people, so therefore, it is different. If you take some things lightly, it will suffice. Certainly, as your energy potency continues to grow, and when it has reached a very high level, what is required of your Xinxing will be very high, too.

Small has no inside big has no outside

Tai Yang Acupoint

Some people go to discos and dance until three or four in the morning. They think they are full of energy actually it is not energy but over-excitement, which will affect the heart. If someone in the East is healthy and full of energy he will be calm and relaxed, he will smile and feel secure. Western people's attitude is different if they do a lot of work, laugh a lot and are very active, they call themselves 'energetic'. In fact they are using a lot of energy, and the day might come when all that energy has been burnt out and they then become ill. Save your energy is the best advice.

Movement and stillness

When a person is in tune and balanced with nature, it means nature can recharge your energy and help to restore harmony to the body and mind. When the mind is calm, it is very good for the health. With a calm mind, you will become very clear about everything around you and you will see not just what is in front of you, but will know your direction for the future. Meditation can help you to become a wise person.

Falun Zhuang Fa The Falun Standing Stance Exercise Principle

This is the second set of Falun Gong exercises. It is a tranquil standing exercise composed of four wheel-embracing movements. The movements are monotonous, and each posture is required to be held for quite a long time. Beginners may feel their arms heavy and sore initially. After the practice, however, their entire body will feel relaxed without feeling any tiredness that comes from working. As the frequency and length of practice increases, practitioners can feel a Falun rotating between the two arms. Frequent practice of the Falun Standing Stance will enable the entire body to completely open up and enhance the energy potency. Falun Standing Stance is a comprehensive cultivation method to increase wisdom, upgrade levels, and strengthen divine powers. The movements are simple, yet much can be achieved from this exercise and what it practices is all inclusive. During practice, do the movements naturally. You must be aware that you are practicing. Do not sway though it is normal to...

Never use a lock or hold as your main fighting method

But if the attacker is serious about doing you harm, and he knows what he is doing, he will probably make use of his yang energy to rip your hands and arms to shreds before bringing the knife back to kill you. (Photo No. 5 ). & (Photo No. 6 ). In the case of an edged weapon remember the three words evade, bump and attack. Without writing a whole book on knife defence it goes something like this. Evade He perhaps attacks using a lunge. (The same methods work for any type of weapon attack from anywhere). Using a 'hinge' type of weapon, you move your body out of the way by slightly turning to the side as you slam his arm so hard that it damages his arm bumping his weapon arm out of the way for that split second. (Photo No. 7 ). Notice that my right palm is already up ready to strike to deadly vital points. In doing this you have done the first two of the words, 'evade' and 'bump'. You have also stuck to the above rules of never backing of and never using a one two type of method. Your...

Using Qigong To Make The Face More Beautiful

Facial massage can promote the blood circulation and lipa secretion, eliminate wrinkles and get rid of fatigue. There are various ways of massage. Generally an effective massage should include the following three factors. First, the massage should be directed against the expressional wrinkle lines. In this way it can prevent those transverse wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge, neck and so on. Second, it should promote blood circulation. For the radial wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, a circular massage is advisable. And third, it should press the nerve plexus. The pressure can relax the nerves and eliminate tiredness. 2. Getting Rid of Tiredness of the Eyes A pair of glowing eyes plays an important role in cosmetology. Overuse of the eyes result in tiredness of the eyes and the loss of their beauty. Qigong massage can be used to get rid of the tiredness of the eyes.

Bridge Channels Yin and Yang Chiao Mo Function

Yin Channel Flow

The Bridge Channels, also called the Heel Vessels as they originate at the heels, regulate the amount of energy being used by all the other meridians in the body. They act like a bridge linking together the stored Chi in the body and the areas in need of Chi. Usually if any meridian uses more energy than it needs to flow properly, then other meridians become deficient as a result. Thus the Bridge Channels seek to assure that your energy is distributed in a balanced way. The Yin Bridge Channel runs along the front or yin side of the body, while the Yang Bridge Channel runs along the back of the body.

Summary of Focus Points

Policia Nacional Mediacion

As important as the energy root is, it does one little good if he is unable to move with it. A dynamic or moving root is essential because fighting is the art of moving. The next progressive step from the stationary rooting skills is to make them dynamic. I remember seeing an old Tai Chi master demonstrate just how powerful it is to move your body with your energy. He was in his 80s, and had practiced the characteristic slow movements of Tai Chi for most of his life. But I didn't see how much the energy was moving his old frail body until he moved quickly. As part of a demonstration he showed the classical Tai Chi form and then to help dispel the myth that Tai Chi is only done slowly he made a series of very quick turns, much like the stance turning in the Chum Ku form. His body whipped around from one side to the next, yet he stayed perfectly balanced and still. I knew even a younger man could not turn like that, and here was a frail looking old master doing it, how He wasn't using...

The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation

Twelve Points Microcosmic Orbit

To activate and circulate your energy in two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians - the Governor Meridian Du Mo up the center line of your back, and the Conception Meridian Ren Mo down the center line of your front. the same number of breaths. Later, as you develop sensitivity, you will develop the ability to read how your energy is doing at any given point, and to hold it there for greater or shorter periods of time as needed. You can vary the amount of time you practice, or hold your attention for a specific number of breaths at each point as a way of timing yourself. As you breathe out, use your mind to send your energy down the front mid-line of your abdomen to your sexual point. For women this point is approximately 2 inches 5 cm below the navel, or 3 fingers width. For men the sexual point is at the top of the pubic bone. Hold your energy there with your mind. Breathe in and out at this point for three or more times. Notice how this feels. As you breathe out, use your mind to...

Robin Rubenstein Qigong

Black And White Vietnam

Your creativity is a natural expression of your energy. When you cultivate your inner power, you are opening up your ability to work with the tremendous energy that surrounds you. This is the secret of the living arts, from parenting and cooking to singing, dancing and all the other performing arts. imagery in his poetry reflects his own creativity. Whatever you do, remember that the possibilities of your energy are limitless. In the words of Grand Master Wang

The Qi Energy and Peak Performance

Whenever I hear this I always think the players should be practicing Qigong. Qigong is all about energy, all about peak performance. You simply cannot have peak performance in sports, in health or any other aspect of your life when you have energy blockages in your body and your energy is not balanced and flowing freely the way it was intended to do. Had I known about Chunyi and Spring Forest Qigong back when I was playing I'm sure it would have lengthened my time in sports. It certainly would have helped me physically. Also, it would have helped me with concentration. It would have helped with my attitude. It would have helped with my whole take on how you compete, healthy competition as opposed to unhealthy competition. It definitely would have changed my lifestyle away from basketball. It would have increased my understanding of how certain activities really deplete your energy and others build your energy and strengthen your body. So, I know that I would have played longer. This...

Latesummer Sympathy Singing Stomach

Khung Canh Than Tien

As you slowly breathe in and out, hold your smiling energy in your spleen-pancreas and send them your love. Let them fill with your energy. Hold your mind there. Finally, bring your energy from your Spleen-Pancreas to your Navel and hold it there. Now, slowly 'wind' your energy in to your navel, as if you were winding in a kite on a reel. Return back to the beginning with the corners of your mouth and relax there so that your mouth becomes neutral. Then continue through the brow point and tongue, and when you have emptied your tongue disconnect it from the roof of your mouth. Then, continue to draw in from, and empty, your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen-pancreas - clearing each organ as you go, until your energy is finally all gathered in your navel.

Moving with the Energy Ball

When you switch to practicing Upper Cut as your primary movement, imagine your targets positioned directly to your right and to your left so that you make 180-degree turns with each step. To make your energy field balanced, I suggest you alternate practicing Upper Cut and Downward Press as primary movements with the same arm while doing the secondary movements with the other arm. This will test your coordination and sense of alignment, because you will be turning almost 180 degrees from the higher target for the Upper Cut to the lower target on the other side for the Downward Press. If you want to become an embodiment of being in the flow, you may need to fine-tune your energy awareness. You will find it fairly easy to start perceiving Qi while enjoying the first guided meditation called Lucid Daydreaming from the meditation CD entitled Qi Dao Initiation (which can be ordered online at cd101) guiding you to imagine experiencing whatever you can dream of. You can just...

Circulate your Chi in the Microcosmic Orbit

Microcosmic Orbit

It is much easier to cultivate your energy if you first understand the major paths of energy circulation in the body. The nervous system in humans is very complex and is capable of directing energy wherever it is needed. The ancient Taoist Masters discovered that there are many channels of energy flow. However, two energy channels carry an especially strong current.

Sensations And Body Reactions

Energy Gates Qigong Images

In zhan zhuang exercises stress is put on relaxation. But tiredness and some pain are something natural, especially at the beginning stage, when you are not accustomed with this kind of practice, and you are still not able to do the exercises properly. Gradually muscles work will change. You will learn using body structure in such a way, that strength (mainly related to opposing gravitation) is transferred through body in relatively comfortable way. You are eliminating unnecessary effort. This way you will avoid pain and too much tiredness.

Cultivating The Virtues

Microcosmic Orbit

The Virtues are the natural and spontaneous state of health in the organs. Cultivating the Virtues, by cultivating your energy, develops your moral qualities and ethical standards. It is the foundation of all higher level practices for developing what are called in the West, the Soul and the Spirit. Pay attention to how this feels. Remember it. Put it into your energy memory library.

Practicing standing post

One advantage of standing post is that immediately after your strenuous standing exercise you can experiment, while holding your standing posture, various internal changes that may appear in your body as you progress, until unbearable level of tiredness in shoulders, pains or sensations of tingling swelling urge you to interrupt this exercise. At this moment, lower your hands stretch back slightly or even completely your legs to rest. Beginners can start with 5-10 minutes of practice during each session then gradually increase to 20, 30, 40 minutes up to a maximum time of one hour. In the first one or two weeks, your shoulders, knees, legs, all joints, waist, back, etc.may reveal some different reactions of tiredness or pain which should progressively disappear after two or three weeks of daily training. There are principally 24 forms in standing posts which can be divided in three groups Assisted standing post, Basic standing post, Four limbs standing post.

Changing the Taste of Food with the Qi Ball

Experiment using your favorite drink. First, make a concentrated qi ball in your palms your aim will then be to fill the glass with qi. Visualize qi spiralling into the drink clockwise. Compare the taste or aroma with and without qi, and ask others to do the same. You can also check your energy level relative to other people's with the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test.

Four keys Relax Root Breathe and Focus

Relax Breath Smooth

Even the opening of the hand from the chambered fist is done slowly. The thumb should be pulled in slightly, and the little finger elevated to create a very slight tension in the palm that will help to focus the chi for the ball. The attention goes to two places right away. You sink into your root attending and intending your energy feelings down deep into the earth. A focus of relaxing the energy beneath you, creating a vacuum that draws or sucks your energy root deep into the earth is useful. This enhances the natural sinking flow (continuum) of energy, which exists in the cosmos. At the same time your attention will go to the palm of your left hand. The pulling of the thumb and lifting of the little finger help to focus the chi in the palm. But do not tense the thumb and finger, just slightly and softly pull them, with a very soft pressure. If jerking occurs it is a manifestation of either incorrect posture or tension, or a lack of control over your energy. When you correct either...

Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

Standing Like a Tree harnesses your internal energy. Stand still, relax, let your central nervous system rebalance itself. Do not add other techniques, such as imagining the movement ofChi around the body or doing special breathing. These can create tension, obstruct the benefits of your practice and do internal harm. The inner work of Zhan Zhuang is uncontrived be patient, relax, don't move. Your energy will work its wonders naturally. Sealing your Energy This position seals your energy into a reservoir just below your navel, known as the Sea of Chi. In Chinese, it is called the Tan Tien (pronounced dan dyen ).

Introduction What is the Healing Energy of the

Having mastered many different systems of esoteric Chinese knowledge. Master Chia's perspective is different from most other teachers. For Master Chia, education begins with the awakening of this healing energy. It is the most important building block. If you master the circulation of your energy, growth in other disciplines proceeds more quickly. Opening the main channel of energy circulation in the body (referred to as the Microcosmic Orbit in this book) is analagous to a first grader learning to write the letters of the alphabet.

Butterfly Protection of your Body

Energy Gates Qigong Images

This exercise is often used in the Martial Arts. Because you are spiraling your energy all around you, your opponent can not find where the center of your energy is and can therefore not attack you. We use the Butterfly for the same reason in the higher practices to hide our center of energy so nobody can attack us. It is a very good psychic protection.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

The case reports were of people who had headaches for many years, others who had asthma and various other ailments such as allergies, insomnia, hypertension, stomach ulcers, constipation, heart problems, hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue, overweight and low back pain. Doctor Young feels quite confident that these methods will be taught here to doctors as part of their training within ten to twelve years. In fact, it has great promise in the field of preventive medicine and as a means of fulfilling one's potentials. Master Chia Sometimes your vitality or energy is too low and so your energy doesn't seem to do anything. Usually each month you have a week or two of lowered energy but the more you practice these dips in energy will be evened out. Gunther Weil When you do the first level in this system you begin to regulate your energy, opening the main channels. In saving and regulating the energy you're beginning to balance it, but you still can't do very much with it. When you're assailed...

Chapter Initial Preparations

Wushu Kung Pressure Vital Point

(3) Inhale about ten percent while contracting the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms. (Fig. 2.8 (e)) Pull up the sexual organs and tighten the anus to seal in your energy. Compress the abdominal organs in three directions above from the lowered daphragm, below from the sexual organs, and in front from the abdominal wall. The ribs and spine hold from behind. (Fig. 2.2(b)) Inhale ten percent. Contract the left side of the anus, thereby bringing the Chi to the left kidney. Pack and wrap the energy around the left kidney and the adrenal glands. At the same time, pull in more of the left stomach towards the spine. Pull up the right anus and bring the Chi to the right kidney. At the same time, pull more on the right side of the abdomen wall, flattening it towards the spine. Pack and wrap the energy around the right and left kidneys. (Fig. 2.8(f)) Hold this position for as long as you can.

Rising Up on One Leg the ninth position

This is the most advanced physical stage of the Zhan Zhuang training presented in this book. Do not attempt it until you are comfortable with the previous positions. There is no point in straining your muscles and exhausting yourself by trying out such advanced exercises without having carefully laid the internal foundations. There is an advanced stage to this last position (see facing page) this will greatly increase the benefits of the position to your energy system.

The Abdominal Breathing Method

If you are like most people, you are probably unaware of the extent to which the way you inhale and exhale affects your energy level. But breathing has long been considered essential to the exercises of the East. For instance, Yoga teachings include many different ways of breathing. One is Bhastrika, known in English as breathing of fire, whose aim is to stimulate the fundamental Kundalini energy. Likewise, Zen has its technique of Su Soku Kan (Japanese meditating while counting the number of breaths taken ).

Cleansing the Internal Organs Technique Healing Some Common Illnesses

It is important to remember that if there is no energy in your Tan Tien, then there will be no energy to work with. 'Connecting the Tan Tien and the Universe' means connect your center to the infinite source of the universe, the Tao. When you make the connection you access this power. Always hold on to your center it is the only thing that is truly yours. Keep the fire warm and spiraling. When you are aware of your Chi, you can direct heavenly light straight into your energy body and then into the student's.

Linking Personal Stars Energy Bodies and the Universe

World Link is a way for intelligent life force to return to the source inwards and upwards. Become aware of the 'personal stars' above the crown and below the earth.We link with our own personal stars and then with the stars of each person in a group. This links the energy bodies of everyone in a group together. Start to spiral your energy and connect to other peoples' stars and energy bodies. Make a left spiraling pattern, progressing around the circle in a clockwise rotation. Link all of these stars together and form one large energy body. Each meditator will become an individual unit in an integrated communication link. A link between the earth and the universe.

Energizing and Activating the Immune System

Feel the Chi rising up to the universe, multiply it and guide it down to your energy body. 2. Be aware of the Tan Tien and the universe. Attract the yellow light spiral and condense the healing light into the tips of your fingers move the fingers up to touch the sacrum. Send out a beam of yellow Chi into the sacrum, directing it up the spine. This will stimulate the production of red blood cells. Transfer the feeling of 'Bone-Chi' up to universe and down to your energy body.

The Qi Energy of the Spirit

In this way, the frequency and vibration of the energy of the universe, and your body can combine together and stay together longer. The energy of the universe will assimilate that of your body. Then, your energy centers, open, open, open All the power, the perfect, limitless, healing energy of the universe is open to you to use in your healing

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

However, if you meditate before going to bed, you will be in a relaxed state. In meditation there are two kinds of images created by the mind. The first will take our energy and affect our state of calmness and balance these are called distracting thoughts, for example thoughts about your work, your family, your plans etc. The others come naturally, and you might see pictures of trees, flowers, people and so on that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. Spontaneous thoughts of this kind will help your mind and your energy to develop. Further energy can be wasted through bad posture when sleeping. If your body is in the wrong position some of the channels or veins will be blocked, causing poor circulation. Your dreams may become very strange and even nightmarish. When you wake up in the middle of the night you might find that your hands are on your chest, putting pressure on your heart, or maybe that you have been sleeping on your side in a posture that compressed the lungs, causing a...

How Blockages are Created

There is nothing wrong with material things. There is nothing wrong in wanting a beautiful house or a fine car or wanting the best things in life for your children. All of these things are fine. But focusing on them, struggling to get them, fearing that you won't have them, all of this causes your energy to be out of balance. It can cause stress and other negative emotions that cause blockages and sooner or latter will result in disease. And, what is disease but dis-ease. your energy changes and starts coming in to balance, your perception of the things around you, the experiences you have, will also start to change. The way you react and respond to these experiences will also quite naturally start coming into balance. You'll find you are not living in the past or for the future but living fully in this moment. I think you will agree this is the most enjoyable and fulfilling way to live.

Your Natural Strength Protection

Natural Qigong

Down, fall or are hit, the first principle is to remain still immediately afterwards. You should only move if you are in actual danger. For example, if you are knocked off your bicycle and are not severely hurt, move to a safe spot nearby and then remain still. Any severe shock will automatically disturb your entire energy system. However, your energy naturally seeks to rebalance itself and will do this very rapidly so long as the entire body remains still. If it is at all possible, try to lie, sit or stand in a Zhan Zhuang posture. Then, before moving or while being transported, practice Sealing your Energy (page 15).

Breathing And Relaxing

The gently curved positions of Zhan Zhuang are based on that original state. They enable your energy to redirect itself properly through the curves of your major joints. But there are two other elements that are vital to the rediscovery of your original, natural energy. These are your breath, and the condition of your mental and nervous systems.

Advanced Smile left brain right brain center brain

Now shift awareness and smile to the right half of the brain. Notice that it is different than the left half. It may be cooler and darker at first. This right brain is supposed to control your spatial and geometric skills. It's also the inner artist, the inner dancer, where you paint and birth new movement patterns. Smile, then feel for the response. It may include a feeling of your energy body dancing beautifully with total freedom. One minute silent practice.

Outer Acceptance vs Inner Acceptance Outer Smile vs Inner Smile

Michael Winn

You might temporarily start by smiling to some aspect of your biology, but you quickly go past that to the energy or the spirit behind the physical object. Once you contact your center of spiritual gravity, the inner smile radiates back out through the layers of your energy body and your biology and eventually out into the world.

Points for Attention in Qigong Exercise

If Qigong exercises are to be practiced successfully, it is essential for beginners to clearly understand the movements, breathing methods, mental activities, and main theories of the exercises. Manipulation methods should be selected properly and the acupuncture points should be spotted correctly. Practicing Qigong with maximum effort should only occur after one is well acquainted with all of the basics. One must have clear goals, be confident and determined, and persevere. The Qigong exercises must be practiced step by step. One's work, study, and life activities should be arranged properly so as to avoid distracting thoughts and anxiety during practice. It is best to practice Qigong in a quiet place where fresh air is readily available. Avoid practicing the exercises in a draft, near a fan or air conditioner. In order to avoid any possible disturbance to the functional activities of Qi and the circulation of blood, one should first set his mind at rest, relieve oneself, loosen the...

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

Jean K. had suffered from the utterly debilitating condition of myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as ME or post-viral syndrome) for many years. Then one of my students introduced her to me, and after five treatments she was able to go back to her studies and her job at the BBC. She said that during the treatments she could feel my Qi running through her body, making her feel warm and comfortable. Afterwards she felt more energetic and much stronger. She also benefited from the exercises and meditation that I taught her. Qigong is especially effective in treating chronic and debilitating conditions such as ME as it boosts your energy levels. This is because during practice your body enters an energy storing phase, similar to that experienced when you are very relaxed or asleep. Oxygen consumption drops and the metabolic rate decreases so that if you remain in this phase for a reasonable length of time while still awake, you stop the loss of energy from your body and facilitate the...

Energy from the galaxy

FOCUS YOUR ENERGY Stand in the second position Holding the Balloon (see p. 35). Focus all your attention on your navel. Imagine that your energy has become a little point, a small satellite ready to go into orbit around you. It makes a single circle around your waist, moving anticlockwise. It travels at a gentle, natural pace and is ready to begin a second circuit around you, this time just a little further away from your body. As it travels around you, your body may sway a little this is natural, but don't mistake this slight physical movement for the real point of the exercise, which is the circulation of the energy around you.

Chapter Six Holding Patterns

If you find yourself wishing you could get rid of your tension, then you need to accept and learn the lessons presented by your holding patterns in order to integrate your new awareness into a more harmonious way of being. If you agree that everything that ever happened to you was supposed to happen, given your energy that was supportive of the way things unfolded in your life, then you may also consider that your holding pattern is exactly what you needed to experience in your body up until now. You can appreciate it as a catalyst for personal transformation providing you with a great lesson about experiencing life as you dream it up. As my friend, Lama Surya Das puts it, let go of the person you used to be, so that you can be who you dream of being. In other words, the grand dream of Dream Being can be revealed and manifested by living your dreams. the sum total of unmanifest movements that could potentially express the feelings associated with your habitual states of consciousness....

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A Falun can be developed through practice and cultivation. As your energy potency continues to strengthen, more and more Falun will be developed. All Falun are the same. The only thing is that the Falun located at the lower abdomen area does not move around, because it is the root. A As long as you regard yourself as a cultivator and follow the Xinxing (mind-nature) requirements that I have discussed, when you do not practice, not only does it not disappear, but it strengthens. Your energy potency will even continue to grow. But on the contrary, if you practice more often than anyone else, but fail to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Xinxing I require, I am afraid these practices would be a waste. Although you practice, it will not work. No matter what kind of practice system you do, if you do not do it according to the requirements, it is very probable that you are cultivating an evil practice. If you have only those bad things on your mind, thinking, How bad...

Qigong In Everyday Life

Watch Face

This describes a state where your energy is running correctly at all times. It is in your conscious awareness and under your control. Your energy operates all of the time from the moment of conception through every moment of your life. When it stops working, so will you. However, once you have learned these or other practices, they become part of how you know and experience yourself. They change the relationship between your mind, body, and spirit, bringing them into a more fully integrated whole. You know what your energy system is, how it works, what it is doing, how to read it, and how to bring it back into correct alignment and balance. Carrying out a specific practice for a particular purpose is a desirable and necessary thing. But there is a way in which you can also have your energy running, at a somewhat lower level, all of the time. This is called 24-hours-a-day Qigong. This does not require stopping what you are doing, but it does require paying attention so that your energy...

Step a Smile dissolve your entire physical body

Cells, and feel them shift into points of light that merge into your Energy Body's egg. You have now shifted your perceptual focus to the energy egg, the container for your energy body's many meridians, or to the dark open space of the next dimension from which the energy body arises. You still have a physical body, but it is in another dimension, and only vaguely perceivable from your current vibrational state. If this applies to you, focus on the part of your body that is giving you the most difficulty. Feel that you are inside that dark, numb, or resistant area, possibly an area of pain. From the deep, neutral inner space within that resistant area, smile to the insides of that physical area, bathing it with your unconditional acceptance. Invite it to dissolve with you as you expand out, to join you as you shift into the golden light of your energy body and beyond. If there is any part of you that still doesn't want to join your energy body, you can then accept that it may wish to...

Transcending Holding Patterns

Qi Dao Coaching often begins with learning that holding patterns represent archetypal emotional, psychological, spiritual and energetic perspectives. Not only the movements of your body (both manifest and unmanifest) constantly express your consciousness your habitual physical postures also reveal imbalances of your energy field when you are not Centered. Struggling against the energetic imbalances can really feel like a nightmare - the more you struggle, the more you suffer. Although tension and pain are natural responses of the organism to energetic imbalances, suffering is optional it depends on your choice whether to maintain the gap between the present and the future, onto which you can project the feelings about your pain. Closing the gap between the way you are at the present moment and the way you need to be to manifest your dreams can seriously enhance the quality of your life. With practice, you will discover a greater sense of equanimity, which is identical to being...

Time of Day to Practice

Generally, the morning hours are devoted to energizing the body, in preparation for the day's activities. So when you practice your T'ai Chi early in the morning, you are greeting the day and gathering up and focusing your energy and your spirit. This is why millions of Chinese T'ai Chi players exercise at the break of dawn in their public parks they know that they are attuning themselves to a universal energy source by practicing at those times. It just seems to make your whole day go better, with more energy and less conflict, when you do your T'ai Chi in the morning.

Step Smile into the Three Brains

If neither of these methods works for you, you can also imagine that you are smiling into a mirror, into your own smiling eyes. Then you shift into your mirror-image eyes, and smile back into your physical eyes and third eye. This mirror self represents your energy body, and like the other practices, feel the smiling eyes beaming golden light into your brain.

Chapter Three Exploration of Harmonious Culture of Movement

If you spend some time observing people unfamiliar with our Harmonious Culture of Movement, you may notice that they often move with linear, start-stop and jerky motions that require a lot of energy. Constantly stopping and restarting your movements can certainly consume more energy than continuous circular motion, because it usually takes just as much energy to stop a movement as it takes to initiate it. Any exercise routines that include disharmonious movements can easily deplete your energy resources and leave you exhausted and sore. Just imagine trying to travel across the country constantly starting and stalling your car

Downward Press with the right elbow

The principles of Orientation, Stabilization, Rooting and Streamlining are also relevant in Downward Press. When practicing Downward Press for a while, you may notice that your energy field shifts downwards. To avoid energy deviations, such as pain in your groin and tension in the thighs, do not overdo it or combine it with practicing Upper Cut.

Sample Case

Zhu, 28 years old, was very weak and often suffered from cold at the change of seasons and alternating cold and hot weather, often accompanied with headaches, dizzy, stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, tiredness, weakness, and anepi-thymia. Only after taking medicine did she feel a little better. Last spring, she caught a cold again, and began to practise Qigong, meanwhile taking some medicine. After one week, she recovered. She has been practising Qigong since then. Now she is in good health and has not caught a cold since.

Being in the Flow

Imagine coming to a crossroads and feeling the energies of different directions you could choose. You may notice that your energy resonates with some directions better than others. Where there is resonance, your energy is attracted to flow in that direction. If you pay attention to such resonance, you can allow the flow of life to unfold naturally and spontaneously. But if you do not pay attention to this resonance, you may feel compelled to take a path based on your preconceived ideas or stereotypes. Rather than following your own ideas, you may be indoctrinated to conform to traditional beliefs or stereotypes handed down from past generations. Letting go of such programming is not simply an intellectual exercise but rather a process of discovering mental alertness, spiritual openness and authenticity. These qualities can empower you to reconnect with the flow of life and promote freedom of choice. One of the central beliefs that promotes being in the flow is the belief that...

Holding In

While love is a process of expanding your energy field, fear is a process of diminishing or shrinking it. If you hold onto your feeling of fear long enough, it can become your habitual modus operandi (mode of operation or MO for short). Qi Dao does not preach to eliminate fear forever and be all love it rather recognizes fear as one of the natural human emotions. Taking into consideration that people have a tendency to create rigid identities out of their habitual states. Qi Dao teaches to transcend attachment to the old sense of self expressed through holding patterns. It is not really your holding patterns that you are working on - it is your sense of identity attached to the states of consciousness manifesting as your patterns of holding tension that you are learning to surrender. You can easily let go of any undue fears and anxieties by learning to be present. Right now, while reading these words, check whether you have anything to be scared of at the present moment. You can find...

Group Practice

When you practise meditation one on one with someone, it is more personal because you are opening yourself to them both consciously and unconsciously. However, practising alone is good and also necessary. If you always rely on a group for lifting and developing your energy, then your level of development will be limited.

Overlord Elbow Arts

To start with lay on your back on the ground. Bend your forearms at your elbows with your fists closed. The punching surface of your fists must be facing upwards. Straighten your legs with your feet flat on the ground. Lift your body off the ground with your elbows. Now direct your energy to your elbows and continue to hold your body up with them. You must hold this position for 15 minutes then take a break. While you are suspending your body in the air you must breathe regularly to aid you in concentrating. Do this 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night. The second stage is to use just 1 elbow and 1 foot to suspend yourself. Try your right hand side then when you need to rest go back to both elbows and feet. Now try your left hand side. Do this 10 times on each side. Do this for 1 year on earth then use smooth stone against your elbows and feet. Do this for 2 more years then do the same on rough stone. Do this for 1 year then dig a trench 3 feet in width and 6 feet in length...


Consider rooting in the same way as drawing a bow. As an example let us use the posture push (press) in 'Grasping the Birds Tail*. Your intention is to push your opponent, releasing your energy forward. Your back leg is used to support your upper body by lining both up into a straight line (see the article on bodv Dosture straight vs. uorieht

Focus At Your Center

Spirals That Move

This is a practice to increase the general volume of your energy, to 'ground' you, to 'check-in' with yourself, and to keep you 'centered' by bringing energy to your actual physical center. It quiets your mind and allows you to concentrate and focus your energy. To begin this practice, first bring your energy into your navel -your center. This is where the external energy first entered into you, through the umbilical cord. Your navel is 'home-base', and the safest place in your system. Do this exercise with half-closed eyes - half outward-focused looking at and watching what you are doing, and half inward-focused feeling the sensation that you are experiencing. Later, when you are familiar with the procedure, do it with your eyes fully closed so that you can concentrate on the sensation and experience. In this way, you will educate and train your mind about the experience and feeling, and learn how to control and direct your energy with your mind alone. You are going to create a Ba...


Natural breathing is centred on the Tan Tien inside your abdomen (see below). This way of breathing is very different from the shallow, quick action that is common in people who breathe only with the chest. Breathing from the Tan Tien refocuses your energy in the original centre of your body through which you were nourished before birth.

Tibetan Chi Kung

Awareness of energy will require shifting your attention from the outer forms to the inner essence of everything, starting with yourself. Sensing the resonance of your energy with different opportunities that life presents to you will enable you to choose what works best for you. With practice, you will learn to exercise your freedom, literally, with every step you take on Earth.

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Healing

The kidneys and bladder correspond to the blue color of the water element. Gentleness is contained within the blue healing light. Inhale the blue aura into the kidneys. Expel feelings of fear or stress on breathing out. Allow your energy field to expand, breathing in and out the blue energy 18-36 times, until it starts to radiate out from your kidneys to your ears, eyes, tongue, mouth and nose. Gather the blue mist on your skin enveloping you with a blue aura.

Liuzijue Qigong

Meridian Three Warm Acupuncture

Once Bruce Lee was finishing his sticking hands training, Yip Man was watching his movements and then said, Bruce, you should be careful, you always walk on your toes. This is not good for your energy and mind. Do more Sui Lim Tao to bring down your energy, otherwise you will have too much energy in your head and you will not live long.

Brain Stem Injury

People ask me how all this is possible. I believe it is possible by moving the energy in your body. Things happen in your life, little daily challenges or bigger challenges that cause stress. If you don't know how to work through them these stresses cause your energy to get stuck and cause symptoms of stress or illness. If you can learn to move your energy yourself or have someone move your energy for you, your energy moves freely again. You let go of those things that are causing physical or emotional discomfort. It just clears things up. It's healing. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.


The energy of love, kindness and forgiveness helps to remove energy blockages in your body, to balance your energy and keep your energy flowing freely and smoothly. Practicing Qigong helps to remove energy blockages in your body, to balance your energy and keep it flowing freely and smoothly. It works both ways.

The Future Of Qigong

James Macritchie

The impact and cost of sickness is an enormous factor that has to be seriously considered in Business. In the United States major companies are bringing Qigong teachers into the workplace, to teach their employees how to relax, de-stress, decrease their tiredness and increase their energy levels. Increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction are the result. As this becomes reflected in profits no doubt the business world will take every opportunity to utilize Qigong to increase business.

Roots And Branches

New leaves grow every year. Twigs grow longer at their tips. Trunks and branches become thicker. The roots, too, thicken and lengthen. Zhan Zhuang training will also affect all parts of your body. This is partly because of the effect of the increased flow of Chi through the network of meridians, partly because of the strengthening of your cardiovascular and nervous systems, and partly because of the impact on various muscle groups. The Zhan Zhuang system helps you to extend the flow of your energy it aims to fuse your whole being into a powerful, balanced force field.

Psoas Muscles

Spine Pelvis Muscles

Feel this same sensation of pulling in and up deep inside behind the front lower ribs when you walk and sit. This will keep your lower spine lengthened and comfortable without needing to suck in your gut . Pulling in the abdomen to flatten the belly or straighten the lower spine will hamper your energy flow and organ function. However, working the psoas properly will not only align the lower spine, but will also flatten the belly without tightening it.

Cell Breathing

The first thing is to keep your cells free of toxins. Eat nutritional foods. This helps the Chi to flow smoothly through your energy channels and aids greater assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Learn and apply Five Element nutrition principles, eating according to the seasons and to your own constitution.

The Inner Depths

Zai Feng Tai Chi Push Hands

Part One teaches you three new warm-up exercises to do before the six advanced standing practices that begin on page 28. The aim of these warm-ups is to relax your major joints, release the tension from your vital organs and open your energy pathways. Always begin with these warm-ups. To get the maximum benefit from this art, try practicing regularly daily if possible. To begin with, you might do only ten minutes a day. Gradually, as your practice deepens and you begin to feel its impressive benefits, you will naturally devote more time to your training. Morning practice before breakfast is best before dinner or bedtime is fine, but never immediately after meals. Try practicing outdoors in the fresh air if indoors, then open a window. Wear loose, comfortable clothing You may sweat as your energy expels impurities through your pores. Be sure to rub yourself down after training to clean the residue off your skin.


Michael I practice every day, almost without fail. I studied the Iron Shirt II a few months later and Iron Shirt III a year or so after that. I continued doing the Iron Shirt I, even when I did the Iron Shirt II or III. I did not continue with the Iron Shirt II practice because I found that the Iron Shirt I and the Iron Shirt III were sufficient. Iron Shirt III, of course, added another level to my practice. A lot of people do not practice Iron Shirt I long enough to get to the other levels. In fact, what I found out in going through the stages of Iron Shirt I is that it is related to all of the other meditation practices, but as your energy gets more refined and you start to pack the energy in your body more, you feel a different quality to the energy as it circulates around. When I really had it right, I could feel a kind of cool radiant heat emanating out of my body. It was not an electric energy. It was mixed with the Yin energy and properly refined. It left my body feeling that...

Visits the UK

Meditation Health

Last year my hospital consultant persuaded me to try a new course of treatment for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.) I didn't have much hope that it would work, and in order to prove the point I did a very stupid thing. I am ashamed to say that I stoped doing my Qigong exercises. I did this because I knew that it was Qigong that was keeping me going and didn't want this new treatment to get any of the credit. Of course, you can guess what happened -I had a relapse. As a result, I have had to take early retirement from work. To be honest, that may have happened anyway, as I have only been well enough to work part-time for the last couple of years, even with my daily Qigong, and my employers were looking to cut down on staff. I am still much better than when

Metal White Cool

As you slowly breathe in and out, hold your smiling energy in your lungs and send them your love. Let your lungs fill with your energy. Hold your mind there. Directing your energy with your mind, send the smiling, loving, energy to your liver. As you slowly breathe in and out, hold your smiling energy in your liver and send it your love. Let your liver fill with your energy. Hold your mind there. Directing your energy with your mind, send the smiling, loving, energy to your kidneys.

The Pump

Your training teaches you how to move and control the flow of Chi through the energetic geometry of your body. The first stage is to ensure the correct alignment of your body and to clear any obstacles you may have to the free flow of energy through your system. This is what you accomplish by the practice of Zhan Zhuang. When you have become stable in that practice, which also results in an overall increase in your energy levels, the focus of your training moves to your feet. Imagine the sole of your foot is divided into six sections. Focus your attention on the section shown here with a red ball.

Power Circles

Drawing Geometric Patterns

You can think of this energy response as the action of a catapult that is fully drawn and about to release a stone. It is also similar to a bow about to release an arrow. Your energy is in a perpetual state of readiness, capable of being released at any moment. This is the practical meaning of the words of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai, when he told his students Preserve your strength like a bow that has been fully drawn.

Energy Body

Tan Tien Chi Kung

Relax the senses, and form the energy body. Count the years of your age and with each year your energy body is growing. Form the energy body in the way you like. Note The energy which the pearl energy body is absorbing, is nourishment for your physical body and especially for your energy and spirit body, which are formed in the practice of the Immortal Tao.

Rooting Practice

Universal Tao

Assume the stance for Embracing the Tree and pack with Chi energy as described. Your partner stands to one side of you, placing one hand on your shoulder and the other on your hip. Your partner pushes you lightly, gradually increasing to full force. If you are well-rooted, the force of the push will flow right through your bone structure, down to the feet and into the earth. (Fig. 3.74) If you have learned to direct and absorb energy through the bone structure and into the soles of the feet, you will be able to receive the powerful healing energy created by the blending of your energy, your partner's energy and raw earth energy. Your practice should have acquainted you with the flow of energy that goes down through the feet into the earth and then back out of the earth, up through the feet into you, while at the same time you are using the rest of the foot to claw against the floor.


Jaw Dislocation

The two central points of the body that reflect and determine your tension level in daily life are your face and lower abdomen. During your daily activities, practice smiling with the eyes and face, and keep your lower abdomen relaxed. Remember always to relax as much as possible, no matter what you are doing. You will feel much happier, your organs will work better and your energy will flow more easily.

Energy In Daily Life

Energy is always circulating throughout your body. It permeates all living tissue and all organ systems. But the pressures of your day-to-day life, the physical hassles and mental stresses, can cause energy to stagnate. It can become blocked and, over time, cease to flow to vital organs. Tense, contracted muscles produce stiff and abrupt movements that block the natural, sustained flow of your energy. These hard, hasty movements ultimately slow you down because they inhibit and then exhaust your energy. By contrast, gentle rhythmic movement can be continued with greater effect over much longer periods of time.

Outline of Practice

Transfer Energy Wing Chun

Be aware of your Tan Tien and connect to the universe. Direct the Chi down to the fingers. Touch your coccyx with the fingers concentrating a beam of white light on to it. Picture the sacrum opening and the white light streaming inside, flowing up the spine and streaming out over the whole bone-structure. Transfer the feeling of Chi in the coccyx up to the universe, multiply it and guide it down to your energy body.


Wc can change the energy of our house and environment by practicing Qigong, which strengthens our body's magnetic fields. If your body's magnetic field is stronger than that of your house or other aspects of your environment, nothing can affect your energy. Instead your energy will affect everything and everyone around you. Your family will benefit by your energy as will your pets animals are sensitive to energy. Even at work, different people will be attracted to you, because they feel safe being with you. They need your love energy, and because your energy is so comforting, they will not make trouble for you.

Domestic work

When lifting and carrying, remember to use your energy', not your muscle. See how lightly you can grasp and hold things without dropping them you will quickly see how much unnecessary muscular force and tension you waste on daily tasks. When you want to take a break from household chores, or if you feel exhausted when you get home from shopping, don't just throw yourself down on a sofa. That is bad for your posture, bad for your breathing, and bad for your energy. Take a few minutes to renew your energy and refresh yourself with a little Zhan Zhuang. You'll be amazed at how good you feel.


Many common ailments arc signals that there is a temporary fault in your internal central-heating system. In the Chinese medical tradition, many complaints are dealt with by paying careful attention to the patterns of energy circulation through the system. Pain, for example, is treated as a signal of a blockage or stagnation at some point in the energy flow. Since Zhan Zhuang exercise is designed to enhance the flow of your energy and help regulate your internal balance, it can help deal with certain types of common ailments. The effect of these simple exercises is first to build up your energy, then to use it to calm down the rebellious Chi rising up in your chest and throat.

A ripe old age

Basic Qigong Exercises

Even if you take up Zhan Zhuang at an advanced age, you will feel the benefits. Your digestion will improve, as will your bladder control, and your bones will strengthen. You are almost certain to feel that your energy is being restored, that you feel younger in yourself, and that you have an increasing measure of self-control. Many older people also report great improvement in their sleeping patterns. If you feel the need for some support while standing, you can rest your bottom against the edge of a high stool or use the type of walking stick that opens out into a little seat. Holding the arm positions alone will stimulate your energy circulation.

Stress Relief

Just about all of us know that stressed feeling. It's like your energy's sort of pushing out six different directions and you can't get enough sleep and you come home and you just want to sit in front of the tube and not think about anything. I didn't have that anymore. I just didn't have that stressed feeling anymore. It is humbling to look back and see the level of mental health I was accepting as normal. That is no way to live.

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