Absorb the Earth Force and the Other Side of the Galaxy

Rotate the arms until the hands are palms down.

Raise the index fingers slightly and extend the thumbs first towards each other and then toward the ground. Be 95% aware of the Tan Tien and the Universe, and 5 % aware of the index fingers and the big toes. Wait until you feel the Chi enter. Fill the joints of the fingers and up to the wrists; feel 'tense but not tense' and let the Chi continue to fill the joints up to the elbows, up to the shoulders and gradually up to the neck and the head. Go from the toes up the legs to the hips and on into the spine and the rib cage completing all the joints of the body.

Be aware of the Tan Tien and the universe and only slightly aware of the palms (Laogong), the soles of the feet (Kidney 1-Bubbling Spring), and the perineum (Conception Vessel 1-Hui Yin) bubbling. Activate these points, feel the earth energy and continue smiling through the earth to connect with the galaxy, Milky Way, and the universe. Draw this light in through the palms and soles and let it wash up through the center of your bones from the feet up. Let it steam and cleanse your marrow. Picture any impurities or illness dripping out of your bones and draining down into the earth, where they will be recycled and purified.

Fig. 8.14 Open the index fingers.

Fig. 8.13 Hold the Big Dipper.

Fig. 8.14 Open the index fingers.

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