Chi Knife

1. Hold the knife in right hand (left, if you are left handed). Hold the other hand near your body with the thumb and index finger touching. Project the Chi Knife as big as the universe, 'long and big - reaching to Heaven'. The bones in your arm are hollow and the 'bottom' is sealed at the shoulder. Feel them 'fill and pack' with the power coming from above.

2. Then give the command: "Power comes from the east. This Chi Knife has the power to dissolve all the negative energy, sickness and bad fortune. By my request, please carry out the order now." Wait until you feel that your arm and the knife are heavy and full of Chi.

Carry out energetic surgery, cutting and slicing the affected area with cool yin energy. When you feel that the Chi Knife is full of sick Chi, spiral counterclockwise and discard it down into the ground. When you feel that the knife is 'empty', charge it with Chi from the universe. Continue until you feel that the area has been cleansed.

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