Activate Chi in the Bones of Hips Legs and Sacrum

1. Now touch your pelvic bone by energetically extending your fingers from the front area near the hips to the back. Feel Chi penetrate into your pelvic bones: funny, laughing, happy bones.

2. Touch the femur bones. Tan Tien and universe. Charge the fingers. Also, feel the funny, happy, laughing vibration inside the bones and in the bone marrow. Be aware of the Three Tan Tiens. Spiral from the universe. Spiral-ing charging your Tan Tien. Charge your hands and your bones.

Fig. 3.57 Touch the femurs - happy laughing bones!

Fig. 3.56 'Cut' open the Door of Life and send Chi to the navel and universe in front.

Gong Universe

Fig. 3.57 Touch the femurs - happy laughing bones!

3. Now we are going to slowly lower the sensation of Chi down through the bones to the earth. Opening up the sacrum. Move the hands down the legs as you bend down.

4. Lower yourself all the way down to the ground and sit on your feet. Move the Chi with your hands down to your toes, down through the earth and the universe below.

Earth Chi Martial

Fig. 3.58 A. Sink the Chi into the earth. B. Lower and sink the mind and Chi down to the universe.

5. Raise your sacrum up, keeping your hands at the toes. Smile to your Tan Tien and feel the Chi from the universe coming to fill the Three Tan Tiens. Opening up the sacrum.

Raise the sacrum and smile to the Tan Tien.

Raise the sacrum and smile to the Tan Tien.

6. Lower down again. Lower the Chi down to the earth and the galaxy below.

7. Once more, raise your sacrum up, maintaining hand contact with your feet. Smile to your Tan Tien.

8. For the third time, lower down. Open your palms, gathering the Chi from the earth below. Gather and scoop the Chi.

Fig. 3.60 Gather the Earth Chi.

9. Touch your heels and feel your bones as you slowly rise up. Fill your bones with Chi as you guide it up with your hands.

10. Fill the bones in the upper legs as you move your hands up.

Fig. 3.61 A. Fill the bones with Chi. B. Feel your fingers penetrate into the bones as you rise.

Fig. 3.60 Gather the Earth Chi.

11. Feel your bones, and fill them with Chi all the way up to your coccyx. Touch your coccyx. Leave your fingers there, then be aware of the Chi and feel the Chi raising up to the Tan Tien and the universe. Feel it charge the fingers and the spine.

12. Come up to the sacrum. Feel the sacrum open. Focus at the Tan Tien and the universe.

Fig. 3.62 A. Bring the Chi to the Coccyx. B. Move your hands up to the Sacrum and feel the Chi rise up to the Crown.

13. Come up to the door of life, and then back to the navel. You may sit down to continue the next step in the Cosmic Healing Practice.

Fig. 3.63 Bring the Chi to the Door Life and let it penetrate to the Navel. Practice daily till you feel the Chi.

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