Activating the Chi Belt Dai Mo

The Chi Belt or Belt Channel (also called the Girdle Vessel) is the only channel in the body that runs horizontally. It encircles the body at the waist level, connecting together all the vertical channels running through the torso. Thus, the Belt Channel plays an important role in maintaining a good energetic communication between the upper and lower body. In women it strongly affects the uterus and the menstrual cycle in particular.

In Taoist Chi Kung, the Belt Channel is not limited to the waist region. It encircles the entire body, almost like weaving an energetic cocoon around you from head to foot. Activating the Belt Channel strengthens the aura and helps to defend and protect you from outside negative energies.

Fig. 8.93 Belt Channel

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  • daniel huffman
    How to activate the belt channel?
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    What is the qi belt in qi gong?
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