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In cases of severe illness, debilitation and infection, it is essential to stimulate the body's defence systems. You may also want do this in a preventative manner. Guide the student as you practice together. Presuming that you have already done the previous set of general healing, you can start with the coccyx.

1. Be aware of your Tan Tien and connect to the universe. Touch your coccyx with the fingers concentrating a beam of white or yellow light on to it. Picture the sacrum opening and the light streaming inside, flowing up the spine and streaming out over the whole bone structure. Feel the Chi rising up to the universe, multiply it and guide it down to your energy body.

2. Be aware of the Tan Tien and the universe. Attract the yellow light; spiral and condense the healing light into the tips of your fingers; move the fingers up to touch the sacrum. Send out a beam of yellow Chi into the sacrum, directing it up the spine. This will stimulate the production of red blood cells. Transfer the feeling of 'Bone-Chi' up to universe and down to your energy body.

3. Proceed to the crown, showering it with violet light. Then spread from the crown throughout the bones of the body. Repeat several times. Instruct the student to feel the bone structure breathing. Ask him/her to extend up from their crown to the Big Dipper and North Star, channelling down the red and violet light into the thymus gland.

4. Continue to the throat, stroking down with your palms, using green color to move the lymph down towards the backside of the heart. (Never stroke up towards the head! Only guide the lymph down).

5. Proceed to the lymph nodes under the armpits and across the sternum. Next activate the lymph nodes in the groin. From the groin you guide the lymph up to the navel center (Not down where it will get stuck in the legs).

6. Return to the navel center. Send the energy deep inside, energizing the lymph nodes at the back. Pull back, drawing green energy, flushing out any waste products that are stuck in them.

Activate the points at the inside of the elbows and the knees. Shower the whole body with healing light and energize the perineum with blue Chi. Always remember to ground any sick energy by sending it deep into the ground. Ask the student to do the same and it will be more effective. You should do this while giving the session as well as when closing it.

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