Channeling the Earth Force Washing the Bone Marrow

Smile into the perineum, palms and crown. Then slowly raise the arms, palms facing each other, to chest height keeping the elbows relaxed and sunk. Rotate the arms slowly until the palms are facing down. Be aware of the mideyebrow and feel your breath and lightly contract your eyes and round muscles around the eyes. Connect the perineum bridge by slightly squeezing the sex organs and the anus; do this a few times.

Rest and smile to soles of the feet, feel the Chi bubbling and feel like you are standing on a hot spring starting to bubble up.

Be aware of your Tan Tien and expand your mind down past the earth to connect with the galaxy below you. Multiply and bring your mind back to the Tan Tien. Gradually feel the Chi being absorbed through the whole body and absorb it into the bones and body like a rising steam or mist. Feel the earth force move through the center of the bones and enter the bone marrow move up the calves and thighs (femur bones) through the hip bones, spine, scapula, arms, neck and skull. Finally swirl the energy around your brain. 'Focus at Tan Tien and Universe'.

Hip point

Tiger's mouth

Hip point

Tiger's mouth

Fig 8.8 Activate the Hip: Large Intestine 4, Pericardium 8 and Small Intestine 3.

Raise your index finger slightly upward to activate the Hegu Point (Large Intestine).

Tiger's Mouth

Then stretch your thumbs out to the sides and down, so that they end up pointing downwards toward the earth. This activates Large Intestine 4 (Hegu). Large Intestine 4 is found in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. It is called the "eye of the hand"; this area is also known as the "Tiger's Mouth."

Slowly draw the elbows back and lower the hands until your palms are facing down beside the "eye of the hip" (the iliac crest) with the "eye of the hand" (Large Intestine 4) aligned with the "eye of the hip. "Be aware of the Tan Tien (Yi, the abdominal brain) and expand your mind out into space, the Cosmos and the universe. Remember: The fingers and the energy point act just like a laser to help guide the universal force flow; as soon as you focus on the fingers or the palms you are starting to use your own energy. Feel your Tan Tien and the crown full with Chi. Just use your second mind intention, lightly aware of the area between the hips and LI-4 points. Focus at Tan Tien and the universe. This will activate the lungs and large intestines. Hold for a 30 second count and gradually you will feel the ascending colon and the sigmoid colon have been activated; you may feel some movement around this area.

Fig. 8.10 Activate the Organ Energy.

Use your Yi to rotate your hands so that the fingers first point out, then back, turn the palms up and finally point the middle finger in toward the eye of the hip. Tan Tien and the universe - 95 % aware of the 'Tan Tien and the Universe' and 5 % aware of energy flowing back and forth between the tips of the middle fingers (Pericardium 9); feel the Chi passing through the hips. This will activate the pericardium.

Rotate the hands again until the fingers are pointing forward with the palms facing up. Align the knife edges (Small Intestine 3) with the eyes of the hip. 'Focus at Tan Tien and the Universe'. Be lightly aware of the energy passing back and forth between the two hands. This will activate the heart and small intestine.

Fig. 8.11 Activate the Heart and Small Intestine.

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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